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A series of stories by Owlglider and Silvermoonlynx, set in the world of two warring clans; FlowerClan and MistClan. Customs/culture here! Warrior Cats belongs to Erin Hunter and the roleplay these characters come from belongs to Dreaming-Dragon (formerly known as Oreocookiekitty11) on Scratch!


The Colony of Caves Series/Allegiances

this part might seem a bit boring but don't worry! after the main allegiances there is a section where you can learn about your favorite characters and go into a deeper depth than what is explained in the books!

Rainstorm's Fight or Flight

[Spoiler Alert]

Four apprentices in FlowerClan, the cruelest of the two clans, must navigate their personal lives, along with their apprenticeships and friendships. Can they find a way out of the life they were born in to, or will they be doomed to live out their lives in FlowerClan?

Crystalblaze's Journey

[Spoiler Alert]

Moons have passed since their escape from FlowerClan, but Crystalblaze isn't happy. Even as deputy, she knows no one really wants her there. So when she's given the chance for an out, she jumps at it. But leaving just might make things worse for the Colony...

Darkcloud's Destiny

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Darkcloud is satisfied. He has a mate who's expecting kits, and peace has blessed the Colony. But he can't shake the feeling that something's off...

Fernwish's Hope

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Fernwish is loving colony life and taking care of her kits, but what happens when one of them dies at birth and another starts having strange seizures with visions of a dark battle ahead? Are these just dreams or a prophecy for the future?

A Battle for Destiny

[Spoiler Alert]

The conclusion to an epic series. The battle for good and evil, the end of a war or the end of hope? Will the clans, and thus the colony, find peace? Or will they be doomed to forever live in fear?


Rainstorm's Birthday - Rainstorm celebrates his second birthday!


Believer songfic


We love to see our readers having fun in our little world! After the last book we will be continuing mini stories with their characters that aren't really touched upon in the main story! If you would like to make a character in this universe we would be happy to incorporate them into these!

your characters will most likely be background characters as i already have main characters chosen


The colony now has an official wiki! It is far from finished and is very much under construction but it is here, if anyone would like to check it out. Copies of the novellas are available now on the wiki!

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