Chapter 1

Firestar yawned. He couldn't wake up this morning. So he decided to go join the dawn patrol. The only other cats awake were Brambleclaw and Cloudtail. "Okay. Let's do the dawn patrol." he meowed.
They were just walking past Sky Oak when they saw 3 giant barrels.
Cloudtail flicked switch. A drop of brown liquid came out of it. Cloudtail stuck out his tongue to taste it. It landed right in the middle of his tongue. Splat! He sucked on it and said: "This tastes good. I'm going to see if there is any more."
"I'm think I'll try some," said Brambleclaw, taking a bowl. He poured in the brown liquid and took a sip. "Hey!" he said. "This is good!"
"Okay, I'll try some." Firestar took a bowl and some brown liquid. He lapped up every drop of that bowl. "Let's see if there are any more around the territory!"
Cloudtail, meanwhile, was having the caffine kick in. He accidently took a bowl and filled it with Expresso. Brambleclaw had De-caf, while Firestar had average strength. So they went around the territory, seeing if they could found anything like it. And they did. They found tea and hot water. They even found hot chocolate.
While they were walking up the ShadowClan border, however, Blackstar appeared out of nowhere. "Where did you get that Coffee?"
"That is what it's called?" Firestar asked.
"Yes! Of that is what it's called, Mousebrain! Trust me! But where did you get it?" Blackstar demanded.
"On our territory!" said Cloudtail suddenly.
"Well, okay, but if I ever find you on our territory, stealing coffee, I will get to you!" And with that, Blackstar stalked off.
Almost the same thing happened on the WindClan border. Except Onestar said.....
"...Is this some kind of prophecy from StarClan?"

Chapter 2

"Hey Sandstorm! Let's have kits!" Called Firestar. And they did. Their first litter was Coffeekit and Cocoakit. the second Decafkit, Hotkit, and Teakit. They grew up to be Coffeefur, Cocoafoot the medicine cat, Decafbrain, Hotwater, and Teabag. When Firestar lost his ninth life, Coffeefur became leader, and from then on was known as Coffeestar.
The End
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