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(All the cats have screen names, so here is a list of them)==

BlueOak= Bluestar

Crookedtree= Crookedstar

Sandyfire= Sandstorm

Fireysand= Firestar

iluvspottedleaf= Firestar's second account

Oakstar= Oakheart

iluvfirestar= Spottedleaf

Squirrelclaw= Squirrelflight

Bramblestar4eva= Bramblestar

Brightxclouds= Brightheart

BrightCloudsandflower= Cloudtail

Dustcloud= Dustpelt

Fernpelt= Ferncloud

Silverstripe= Silverstream

Graystream= Graystripe


BlueOak: I know for sure i left my credit card right here! WHO STOLE IT?!?!?!

Crookedtree: (hides) I just wanted to get a gift for Silverstream!

Oakstar: really brother, you should know better.

Crookedtree: but its Christmas!

Silverstripe: dad, its July.

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Sandyfire: hey Firestar, want some time together?

Fireysand: sure Sandstorm! (Smiles micheviously)

iluvfirestar: Firestar, how could you betray me! I thought you loved me!

iluvspottedleaf: Spottedleaf, that was Duspelt talking to Sandstorm!


Fireysand: um.. that was Brackenfur...

Squirrelclaw: dad, Brackenfur doesnt have Facebook...


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Dustcloud: I have the best thing ever to tell you!

Bramblestar4eva: You are leaving thunderclan???

Fernpelt: (glares at Bramblestar4eva)

Dustcloud: no, mousebrain, Im having kits!

Fernpelt: (facepaw) Im the one having kits mousebrain!

Graystream: its ok Ferncloud, Dustpelt has always been an idiot.

Brightxclouds: no need to be so obvious Graystripe.

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Brightcloudsandflower: check out this video game i just bought!

Brightxclouds: Cloudtail, you are no longer a kittypet!

Graystream: its ok Brightheart, let Cloudtail be ridiculos and lose his sight

iluvfirestar: ooh! can i play this game?

Bramblestar4eva: .........


(Brackenfur makes an account, Brackentail)

Brackentail: yo! what up dawg?

Sandyfire: Oh hi Brackenfur, glad u made an account, and DOG???????

Graystream: Sandstorm, its an internet thing.

iluvspottedleaf: WHAT!!!??? DOGS????!!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crookedtree: you guys are all idiots.

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Bramblestar4eva: so Squirrelflight, watcha doing tonight?

Squirrelclaw: think'n bout you!

(Ashfur makes account, SquirrelflightxBramblestarhatersunite)

SquirrelflightxBramblestarhatersunite: NEVER! I will find you Squirrelflight, then then i will rip every strand of fur from your lousy body!

iluvfirestar: Ashfur, remember, your'e dead.

SquirrelflightxBramblestarhaterunite: So are you Spottedleaf! And tell Firestar that you arn't allowed to have two facebook accounts!

(Hollyleaf makes account, Hollyleaf)

Hollyleaf: Who needs rules???? (Makes 10 facebook accounts that she never uses)

SquirrelflightxBramblestarhatersunite: Hollyleaf you're screen name can't be your name! Otherwise its too obvious who they are!

Squirrelclaw: Shut up Ashfur, you didn't invent Facebook, and It's a little to obvious who you are!

FacebookModerator: SquirrelflightxBramblestarhaterunite is correct. You cant have more than 1 facebook account!

Hollyleaf: nobody cares! (Kills FacebookModerator)

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(Leafpool makes account, Leafycrow, Crowfeather makes account, Crowpool)

Leafycrow: Brackenfur, is that actually Hollyleaf on here? I told her she couldn't have Facebook until she was 40 moons old!

Brackentail: Yeah its Hollyleaf. srry, i had no clue at all.

Crowpool: Great! Now that she has one, Lionblaze and Jayfeather will want Facebook! Not to mention Breezepelt and Nightcloud!

Leafycrow: Er... Crowfeather, Nightcloud has Facebook. and so does Breezepelt.

Crowpool: WHAT?!?

(Nightcloud is NightyNight, Breezepelt is Breezycheese)

NightyNight: Crowfeather, im an adult. I can make a headstory without ur permission

Breezycheese: mom, its Facebook not headstory

NightyNight: SHUT UP!!!!!!

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Sandyfire: Firestar, have you seen Dovewing or Ivypool lately? I've looked all around camp, but they arn't anywhere!

Fireysand: chill out Sandstorm. Dovewing is probably hunting and I sent Ivypool out on patrol.

(Dovewing makes account, Dovestar. Ivypool makes account, Ivystar)

Dovestar: actually grandpa, Ivypool and I made Facebook, so we can talk to all our friends in other clans! Like Mothwing.

Ivystar: stop talking Dovewing, you're gonna get us in biiiig trouble!


Dovestar: dont lie grandpa, you have them too

Ivystar: remember, Onestar could make facebook at anytime and be offended.

Dovestar: Ivypool, you are stupid! Firestar and Onestar arnt freinds anymore, 'member!

Sandyfire: You 2 are grounded anyway!

Dovestar: you arnt Whitewing, u cant control us!

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Dovestar: hey Graystripe! im gonna tell Millie that u like Silverstream, not her!


Dovestar: to late i did! hahahaha!

(Millie makes account, Millierulz)

Millierulz: u dont luv meh Graystripe? I shoulda known!

Silverstripe: dont cry Milly

Millierulz: ITS MILLIE YOU MOUSE BRAIN! and i shoud be mad at ya! u stole Graystripe from meh!

(Millierulz kills Silverstripe)

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(Tigerstar makes account, gonnakillfire)

gonnakillfire: hey! who wants meh! im open!

(Sasha makes account, Sasha. Goldenflower makes account, Goldenbramble)

Sasha: I lubs u! btw, join meh on farmville!

Goldenbramble: no! join meh on Gardens of time!

gonnakillfire: i just wanted to talk...

Sasha: (Posts pics of her and gonnakillfire)

Goldenbramble: (Cries) Tigerstar! y u no love meh!?

gonnakillfire: um... yeah your right I lubs Sasha! u and ur filthy clan stink Goldenflower!

Goldenflower: im dead u idiot

Sasha: im not!

Fireysand: Tigerstar, u know that Sasha became a kittypet right?

gonnakillfire: WHAT?!?!?!

Sasha: um.....


Crookedtree: hey BlueOak, when were u gonna tell me that u took a thunderclan cat on as a mate? ur my brother how coud u betray me!


Oakstar: im ur brother Crokkedstar.

Crooedtree: at least i can spell

BlueOak: u can't spell, Crookedstar.

Dustcloud: im awesome!

Bramblestar4eva: that had no place in the conversation Dustpelt. and ur not awesome

Fernpelt: PREPARE 2 DIE!!!

Sandyfire: ur dead ferncloud

Fernpelt: SHUT UP!!!!


(Lionblaze makes account, LionandCinder)

LionandCinder: hey Leafpool, why hasnt Jayfeather or Hollyleaf made facebook?

Hollyleaf: i did u idiot

Leafycrow: Jayfeather is blind, and i never said u 3 could have facebook!

Squirrelclaw: lol i did

Leafycrow: i hate u. maybe i should have raised them

Crowpool: but then Thunderclan wouldnt have a med cat because Cinderpelt died in the attack

Leafycrow: plz dont remind me of her its sad

(Cinderpelt makes account, istillovefirestar)

istillovefirestar: well now we can be facebook buds! im new

Hollyleaf: OMG ur new! WTF!

istillovefirestar: y would u say that!

Leafycrow: what does that even mean?

Hollyleaf: Welcome to Facebook

istillovefirestar: oh

Leafycrow: oh


Silverstripe: haha Millie im still here!

Millierulz: NOOOO!

Squirrelclaw: should i raise u too?

Millierulz: .........


Crowpool: hey leafpool. i got something 2 show ya.

Leafycrow: whats that?

Crowpool: LMFAO

Leafycrow: Crowfeather! There are kits around!

Hollyleaf: mom, LMFAO means, Look, my favorite apple orchard!

Leafycrow: oh

Squirrelclaw:lol leafpool ur stupid

Leafycrow: i hate u

iluvspottedleaf: Leafpool! Be respectful!

Sandyfire: i thought u loved meh! how could u betray meh firestar!

iluvfirestar: lol i rule! i am way more awesome!

Sandyfire: shut up spottedleaf

Fireysand: Sandstorm, um... someone hacked my facebook!

Sandyfire: y did u make that other account anyway?

Fireysand: i was still an apprentice, back when u hated meh.

Crookedtree: this got way off topic

Oakstar: you don't say


Dovestar shares a link: Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Ivystar: Dovewing, dat song suks

Dovestar: no, u suk!

Dustcloud: u both suk

Ivystar: ya know that we r ur kin, right?

Dustcloud: how....

Dovestar: Birchfall is our father. hes also ur kit

Dustcloud: NOOOOOOO!


Dovestar: hey! lets all play truth of dare

Ivystar: I dare Dovewing to eat Birchfall

Dovestar: ur boring

Dustcloud: i dare u to go away

Dovestar: this is boring.

Ivystar: ya dovewing this was ur wurst idea eva

Dovestar: well u like Foxleap. he stinks

Ivystar: well Bumblestripe is a *BEEEEEEEP*

Dovestar: (Cries) i hate u!!!!


Hollyleaf: check it out!

Crowpool: wat

Hollyleaf: i just descovered the best facebook game eva!

Leafycrow: and its...

Hollyleaf: FARMVILLE!!!!!

Sasha: I luvs farmville! wat level u on?

Hollyleaf: i was kidding sasha

Goldenbramble: I KNEW IT! de best game is gardens ob time!

Hollyleaf: no its...

Fireysand: u mean scrabble?

Hollyleaf: no its

Crowpool: its Bubble Saga!

Ivystar: no cityville!

Dovestar: castleville


Hollyleaf: i was talking about angry birds

Everyone: oh

Graystream: lol everyone loves angry birds!

Silverstripe/Millierulz: i dont



LionandCinder: hey Hollyleaf, i was reading through the past threads and i noticed u said

Who needs rules????

arn't u like obsessed with the warrior code and all...?

Hollyleaf: um.... (Quickly googles excuses for not following the warrior code) um... Bramblestar told me to!

LionandCinder: u died before he became leader.

Hollyleaf: um.... (Googles more excuses for not following the warrior code) Facebook was no connection the the warrior code! So I was not following rulz! i was following the warrior code!

LionandCinder: whatevs

Hollyleaf: dont make meh blackmail u.

LionandCinder: b-b-blackmail??!?!?!?!?!?

Hollyleaf: if i show these pics of u and heathertail 2 Cinderheart, she will kill u.

LionandCinder: fox-dung

Hollyleaf: Y U NO FOLLOW WARRIOR CODE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


(Cinderheart makes account, Stillpartmedy, Bumblestripe makes account, Fallin'4Dovey)

Stillpartmedy: I WANT A TACO!!!!!!!


Dovestar: Hi


Dovestar: I finished talking 2 u 5 minutes before u made ur facebook page.


Dovestar: okay......

Stillpartmedy: WHERE IS MY TACO?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dovestar: chill Cinderheart! just go to twolegplace and buy one

Stillpartmedy: I DONT HAVE TWOLEG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

Dovestar: Bumblestipre, go buy Cindhrat a taco

Fallin'4Dovey: Respell that sentence correctly and I will

Dovestar: (sigh) Bumblestripe, go buy Cinderheart a taco

Fallin'4Dovey: ok Cinderheart here id ur taco!

Stillpartmedy: Yay! Its a taco!

LionandCinder: I should have bought u a taco! (Goes and does so)

Stillpartmedy: wahh. Bumblestripe's was better.

LionandCinder: Fox dung


BlueOak uploads a photo of a taco

Dovestar uplods a photo of a smoothie

Ivystar uploads a photo of Foxleap

SquirrelflightxBramblestarhaterunite posted a photo of himself and tags Squirrelflight in the thin air

Squirrelclaw kills a photo

BlueOak: ur crazy

Squirrelclaw: u posted a photo of a taco

BlueOak: i luv tacos

Dovestar: TACO

Stillpartmedy: TACO

Everyone on Facebook except Crookedtree: TACO

Crookedtree: Smoothie

Everyone but Crookedtree: ...........

Hollyleaf: gmhy5otvyna65yn5a78b6y8byuhpi

LionandCinder: o.O

Hollyleaf: please ignore the idiot who hacked my facebook. (Stares pointedly at iluvfirestar)

iluvfirestar: (Whistles innocently)

gonnakillfire: (Kills everyone exect the awesome characters of your personal choice and deletes everyones Facebook)


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