The Clan Savior is the first series in a group of novels surrounding Cloudfeather and the four clans, SummerClan (lead by Mudstar), WinterClan (lead by Tanglestar), SpringClan (lead by Monkeystar) and AutumnClan (lead by Nightstar).The books are written by the user Tanglefrost101.


1.The Clan Savior: Arrival

Mudstar is the leader of SummerClan, where everything is running smoothly. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down by the vision of a tortoiseshell cat, followed by the prophecy: The Clouds will come.... And destroy the threat that endangers us all.

Soon after, Mudstar finds a tortoiseshell kittypet, Dixie, and invites her in to the clan. Is Dixie the cat Mudstar and all of SummerClan depend on, or is Mudstar leading her clan in to an inevitable downfall?

2. Strike Two

Cloudfeather has been exiled from SummerClan. She knows she is not the killer. Can she find the right cat before they strike again?

3. A Fox's Bite

Now that Cloudfeather is a full warrior of SummerClan; she begins her most dangerous task yet; to find and kill Fox. After Leaftai's treachery, can she trust anyone else in the Clan?

Eagle has joined SummerClan, much to the delight of Ashpaw. Will Eagle stay with her or return to his rogue ways?


  • Cloudfeather is based on my cat Dixie, hence, the kittypet name.
  • Ashkit and Brownkit are based on my other cats, Misty and Coco, hence, the kittypet names.
  • Blackstripe is based on a cat I used to own called Murphy.
  • Mudstar is based on a cat I used to own called Tessa.
  • Meggs and Jane are also real life, and their real names and descriptions are used.
  • Monkeystar was based on a cat I saw in a dream once.
  • Ravensky is based on Warriors' Ravenpaw.
  • Rainflight was originally called Rainclaw and was a tom.
  • Angelstrike, Lizardheart and Featherdrop were never meant to be a part of the series
  • Tanglestar is based on my account name, Tanglefrost101
  • Mudstar's warrior name was Mudstripe
  • Tanglestar's warrior name was Tanglefrost
  • Monkeystar's warrior name was Monkeyfoot.
  • Nightstar's warrior name was Nightriver
  • The leader before Mudstar was Goldenwisp.
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