Leader: Lionstar - Huge golden tom with blue eyes.

Deputy: Wolftail - Dark grey she-cat with green eyes and a huge bushy tail.

Medicine Cat: Sharkfang - Blue-grey tom with amber eyes. Apprentice, Flowerpaw.

Warriors: Ravenfeather - Black tom with white socks and green eyes.

Rainfall - Light gray she-cat with amber eyes. Apprentice, Shadowpaw

Foxclaw - Ginger she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice, Snakepaw

Cowpelt - White tom with black spots and blue eyes.

Darkstorm - Black she-cat with green eyes.

Owlflight - Tortoiseshell she-cat with one amber eye and one blue eye.

Waspfur - Unusual golden tabby tom with black stripes and amber eyes. Apprentice, Rookpaw

Pinefire - Young brown tom with bright blue eyes.

Nightshade - Black tom with amber eyes and a vast scar running down left eye. Apprentice, Blazepaw

Brackenwhisker - Tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Snowfall - White she-cat with green eyes.

Breezefur - Black and white tom with blue eyes. Apprentice, Whitepaw

Apprentices: Shadowpaw - Black tom with white underbelly and blue eyes.

Snakepaw - Pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes and unusual black stripes on forehead.

Flowerpaw - Pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes, medicine cat apprentice.

Rookpaw - Grey almost black she-cat with amber eyes.

Blazepaw - Ginger tom with blue eyes.

Whitepaw - White tom with green eyes.

Queens: Mothtail - Grey with blue eyes, mother to Shadowpaw and Flowerpaw.

Echostep - White with black paws and green eyes, mother to Snakepaw and Whitepaw.

Boneclaw - White with black stripes, mother to Blizzardkit, Spiderkit and Hollowkit.

Elders: Missingleg - Black she-cat with missing left leg.

Blindeyes - Tabby tom with blind green eyes. Formerly a loner.

Birdflight - Dark grey she-cat with one green eye and one brown eye.

Tigerpelt - Tabby tom.


Leader: Pikestar - Light brown she-cat with bright green eyes.

Deputy: Leafstorm - Small tabby tom with white socks.

Medicine Cat: Hailwind - Tabby tom with bright blue eyes.

Warriors: Blackfeather - Black she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice, Goatpaw - White tom with brown patches and golden eyes.

Yellowpelt - Light-ginger she-cat, mother to Goatpaw.

Feathercloud - White tom. Apprentice, Leopardpaw - Spotted grey she-cat.

Rabbitfoot - Light-grey tom.

Elders: Ratfur -  Dark grey she-cat.

Cats outside Clans

Hound - Muscular brown tom with golden eyes. A rogue

Ridge - Scarred white she-cat. A rogue

Daisy - Plump ginger she-cat. A kittypet

Tilly - Black she-cat with golden eyes and a single white spot on her chest. A kittypet

Rambo - Scarred tabby tom with one missing green eye. A rogue

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