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This is my series called the Bloodbath. It's about... you'll see. Hope you enjoy! (It's kind of like a show) I'll try to update this once a week. Sorry if I don't! It should come out every Saturday!

The situation is bad.

StarClan has given up on us.

They only send messages to us when the fighting begins.

Oh, will this bloodshed ever end?


Main Characters:

Foxfur - a red-brown she-cat with bright amber eyes. She is intelligent, and came from the Clan of BrushClan. Her family is gone, or doesn't care about her anymore. Her destiny now lies with someone else. Her enemy is Snake.


Stormgaze - a powerful gray tom with stunning blue eyes. He is hard to get along with, but does his duty well. He is the leader of the Underground. His enemy is Snake.


Snake - a brown tom with yellow eyes who threatens the survival of BrushClan, IceClan, BlazeClan, and FallClan. He has many enemies who wants to rebel against him.

Season One

Foxfur is a young warrior, who learns about a secret hideout. At first, she doesn't believe in StarClan, but then, after a tragic disaster. She finally believes in StarClan. But her father, Aspenstar, obeys Snake, a powerful, but dangerous leader.

The secret hideout, was a place called the Underground. She lived there with Stormgaze, a rebel. after a few days, Leafstorm was kicked out of BrushClan, Foxfur's old home. Together, the three of them survive the first Bloodbath, but then gets captured by the two other enemies.

In the end, neither of the three sides won, and the battle continues...


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