Hi, guys! This is the first book in hopefully a long-running series! Enjoy!

Here are the allegiances.

Blurb: One kittypet. Two mates. Three Clans. And when the storm passes, will the Clans survive?

Chapter 1 (Swan)

The wind blew slowly as Swan went outside to get some fresh air. She was a solitary kittypet, but her few friends were always encouraging her to go past the boundaries of Swan's Upwalker nest. She never listened to them, but today was different. Today, she felt something calling her to explore. It was still dawn, but her Upwalkers had carelessly left the cat door unlocked last night. Quietly as to not wake her Upwalkers up, she slowly crept to the fence and hopped over to the next nest. Her friend Lily was inside of it, snoozing without a care in the world. Swan went over and tapped on the invisible wall that separated them. Lily's ear twitched and she groggily opened an eye.

"Huh? It's so early, what are you doing here? Finally decided to listen to me and go into the forest?"

Swan nervously shifted and said with quivers, "I-I'm not sure. Maybe, but the stories of those, those clan cats. What if they're true?"

Lily laughed. "You really believe those myths? I've never seen one, and I go there tons of times!"

"But you barely are even in the forest! If you go deeper, you'd totally be creamed for sure!"

"Pfft. Now are we going, or not? You can't turn back now!" Lily exclaimed.

Swan sighed and followed her friend into the forest. "Let me show you the tallest tree in the woods!" Lily chattered, ecstatic that her close friend had finally given in to her pressuring. The two began to walk slightly deeper in the woods, but then Swan froze. She thought she had heard a voice, but it appeared Lily was oblivious. Then, a white tom leaped out onto Lily from the bushes. Swan gasped and rushed over to her friend, eager to help. Then, a cream-colored she-cat; older than the first, stepped out of the bushes as well.

"What do you think about them, Swirlpaw?" the older cat asked.

"Kittypets," Swirlpaw angrily spat. "We should teach them a lesson for trespassing."

Swan's eyes widened with fear and bolted as fast as her legs could carry her. Then she remembered Lily was still there. Oh no, what have I done? thought Swan.

Chapter 2 (Blazepaw)

Blazepaw pawed at his brother, Stormpaw, to wake up. His and Stormpaw's mentors had left camp to the training clearing, where the two would begin their second day as apprentices. The two had been assigned mentors the day before, but Stormpaw was still as lazy as when they were kits. Just get up already, Blazepaw thought, while Stormpaw kept snoring away. Blazepaw didn't want to yell, as Flickerflame was going to give birth any day now, and she was prickly in a bad mood. However, it seemed he didn't have any choice. He had spent quite a while waking Stormpaw now, and he wasn't trying to prolong his training. While the two had had a tour of the territory yesterday, that alone wasn't real apprentice training.

"WAKE UP!" he yelled. Stormpaw grunted and yawned. "It feels so early, are you sure it's time to get up?" he irritatedly asked.

"We're almost late! We need to get to the training clearing NOW," Blazepaw groaned.

"Fine, fine. You don't have to be so annoying." Stormpaw begrudgingly got up, and followed Blazepaw towards the clearing. When they arrived, their mentors Robinwing and Berryflower were waiting.

"What took you so long?!" asked Robinwing.

Stormpaw sheepishly looked away, but Blazepaw didn't hesitate to tell the truth. "SOMEONE took way too long to wake up." Stormpaw glared at him, then looked down at his paws.

"No need to bicker, the good thing is you are here and that is what matters," Berryflower sympathized. "Now, the first thing we need to teach is the hunters crouch. It is a key asset in hunting, and battle as well."

After their first training session, the two apprentices were allowed to eat, and they chatted about their great, new, apprentice life. They shared a vole from the freshkill pile. Blazepaw had ample free time, but Stormpaw was ordered by Berryflower to go on a border patrol with her. As Blazepaw began to take a walk outside camp, he figured he would try to hunt, even though he'd never done it before. A warm smell of mouse drifted through the forest air, and soon enough he saw the source of it. An unsuspecting mouse was nibbling on a berry, minding it's own buisness. Quietly, Blazepaw crouched and crept towards the plump mouse. He lept and killed it with his claws, but froze afterwards. Blazepaw scented... cat? But the smell was certainly not HydroClan, and he wanted to investigate. Sneaking through the bushes, he spotted a clearing and a... kittypet?

Chapter 3 (Swan)

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