This is a collection of random and funny Warriors predictions which will, most likely never come true. It is not open for anybody to edit, and is a Fan Fiction written by Dawnfeather.

Dovekit's Fantasy

Dovekit will get annoyed at her history project and turn into Hulk. Then she will eat Birchfall, Berrynose, Nightcloud, Russetfur and Leopardstar for brainfood, to help her keep going on the project. When she hands it in to Brambleclaw, her history teacher, he gives her an A triple-plus and promotes her to Dovestar, the leader of Thunderclan.

Dovestar will then literally kics the evil Firestar/Voldemort out of the camp, and Ivykit will chase him until she catches him, and will draw a funny moustache on his face before letting him go. When she gets back, Dovestar will be lining up the members of the clan in height order because she is bored, and gets angry at Ivykit when she will not stand at the front of the line.

Honeyfern's spirit will then comes down from Starclan, visible to all the cats. She will say "Oh no, look what you've done Dovestar! Toadpaw is shorter than Whitewing, but you put him further up the line from her. If you do not get this right, you will turn into Darth Vader." She vanishes, and Dovestar will quickly fix her mistake.

Then Daisy will turn into Darth Vader in replacement, and Firestar will come back. It will be a battle between Hulk (Dovestar), Darth Vader (Daisy), and Voldemort (Firestar). Every ThunderClan cat will go to the Ancient Oak to watch the battle, which iwill be made into a blockbuster movie by Dustpelt. To everyone's dismay, Daisy will win. She then becomes Daisystar, and orders her clan to go live as kittypets.

At this point Sorreltail wakes up, realizes it was all a bad dream, stretches her wings, and flies away.

Tadpole's Warrior Ceremony

Tadpole was very angry when his family abadoned him after pretending to drown to amuse Moth and Hawk. They were going to pay for leaving him all by himself. He didn't even know how to hunt properly yet! They were going to pay...

So Tadpole makes a resolution to himself. He will make as much trouble as he could for the rest of his life! It was only fair - well, maybe not. But it would be fun anyway.

Only a day after he promises himself this, the young tom comes across a young tortiseshell hunting by herself in the marshes. With an evil grin spreading across his face, he tries to figure out a way to make some trouble.

A few options come to his mind. Quietly scare away all the prey that she tries to catch? No, that isn't really his style. Giggle at her from the bushes just as she is about to leap? No that doesn't work either. Throw moss at her? These ideas are only getting worse and worse!

Then the perfect idea came to him.

'YYYEEEEEOOOORRR!' came the rather high pitched cry from Tawnypaw.

'LOL! So what was your name, Thorny?' Tadpole had pounced upon the very popular-by-warriors-fans she-cat and had shoved her into the thornbush with his highly developed muscles.

'Tawnypaw' she hissed through her teeth. 'Now get out of my territory you mangy crowfo--

Tawnypaw didn't finish her sentence because Tadpole had leapt onto her and clawed a 'T' shaped mark on her white belly. He quite liked the effect and decided it would become his trademark, whatever that was.

Tawnypaw suddenly turned to him and said; 'I love you and you are awesome and even though you have not yet told me your name I will chant it. Tad-pole, Tad-pole, Tadpole! And I will create a fake me to make the journey and be cool while I become a rotten owl pod. Yay!'

Yes, the effect was rather interesting, Tadpole thought. So he went around to every clan and took all of the she-cats plus Graystripe (who changed his name), Gorsepaw (who faked his own death), a completely made up character called Wetwhisker, and Kinkfur, who hardly counts as a she-cat, with him on his journey. They all followed him for unknown reasons, but he had captured them all because of the mark (T) had had put on all of them and the random pranks played. Here are just a few examples:

Pushing into thornbush

Pushing into river

Dunking head in toilet (whatever that is)

Giving them moss soaked in a mix of fox dung, badger dung, and hippopotamus dung

Changing their names to Stupidhead, Nohead, and Cigarettebutt

Telling them to sing 'I Wish That I Had a Brain' (To the tune of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas')

Jumping up and down on their heads

Stealing their mates and then dumping them in style - a two-leg rubbish bin

Plus a variety of other random things.

Deciding that he now should start up his own clan with his own rules, he did. As he had never heard of StarClan (I mean, seriously?), he appointed himself leader, but first, he needed a warrior ceremony.

As he had also captured Mothwing, his sister, he had found out about warrior ceremonies, and decided imself important enough for one. Infact, he was so important that a few changes would have to be made to the ceremony to make it more... suitable. Here is the script for it.

Tadpole : Tadpole, do you think that you should become a warrior?

Tadpole : I think everything.

Tadpole : Then I now proclaim you the awesome-est warrior that the forest has ever seen! You are honoured for you handsomeness, awesomeness, coolness, brilliantness, perfectness, fantasticness, and excellency in every field of being a warrior that ever existed, and some that don't Your new name is Tadpoleawesomecatwhorocksyourbeingintonothingandhasanextremelybigevilgrinwhichpwnsyoursandeverything.

Then all the cats (mostly she-cats) surrounding him chanted his new name. Tadpoleawesomecatwhorocksyourbeingintonothingandhasanextremelybigevilgrinwhichpwnsyoursandeverything! Tadpoleawesomecatwhorocksyourbeingintonothingandhasanextremelybigevilgrinwhichpwnsyoursandeverything!


Then he continued; 'It is also time for me to become leader. I now proclaim my new name to be Tadpoleawesomecatwhorocksyourbeingintonothingandhasanextremelybigevilgrinwhichpwnsyoursandeverythingwithastar.'

Then the not-superior cats below chanted out his name again.




Tadpoleawesomecatwhorocksyourbeingintonothingandhasanextremelybigevilgrinwhichpwnsyoursandeverythingwithastar then died of awesomeness, and everything in the forest went back to normal. (Except for Hawkfrost who was now filled ith ambition to become more powerful than his brother once was)

Gravitynose's Story

Gravitynose is character who has been confirmed to be canon. She is a pale ginger tabby, with dark amber eyes. So you're wondering about her name? Well, she doesn't like people to talk about it much, but she has special powers. what sort of powers, you say. Powers sort of powers.

(To be continued)

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