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Warriors Fanfiction
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This page contains a song written by the pop group "Brokenstar's Rogues".

Album - Rule Song #Special.

Author's Note

w:c:warriors:Warriors Wiki talk:Charart/Accepted 15#Blackfoot (Ro) - Approved

Hey there people, how's it goin'?

For us it's not so smooth

Along the bend we're rowin'

It's a killin' booth

Well this isn't about all that

'cause that could go on 'n' on

What this is about

Is Brokenstar's childhood

Evil though he may be now

He started innocent

Sucklin', cryin', and all that

Is how it begins

Born to Foxheart, they say

But we know the truth

Yellowfang was the one who gave to him birth

How she did it, ain't widely known

It won't be

'cause she was really woebegone

She snuck outta camp

Hid in a hollow

Pain, oh pain, was she felt

But the kits were still to follow

There were three, one was already dead

Stillborn, that kit was

But the others had to be fed

One o' them died, caused her much grief

Her breathing got shallower

What was left was he

Face was twisted, with anger 'n' hatred

It wasn't the only thing

His mother let out a wail

"He's got a bend in the tail!"


How's it?

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