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The Army Series
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The Army Series: The Beginning
The Army Series: The Drafting Succeded by:
The Army Series: The Twolegplace



Leader: Bramblestar: dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, 7 lives left, Squirrelflight's mate

Deputy: Brackenfur: long legged golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes, Sorreltail's mate, filling in for Squirrelflight

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather: mottled gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Med. Cat App: Applepaw


Darkmoon: pure black tom with a cresent moon mark on his head with red eyes

Bloodclaw: black tabby tom with piercing yellow eyes

Lightningleg: black tom with a lightning bolt shape on his leg with brown eyes

Badgerfur: black and white tom whose colors make him look like a badger with amber eyes

Bluefire: blue gray she-cat with firey green eyes

Lionblaze: golden tabby tom with amber eyes, Cinderheart's mate

Berrynose: cream colored tom with a stump for a tail and light brown eyes, Poppyfrost's mate

Toadstep: heavy black and white tom with light green eyes, Ivypool's mate

Ivypool: silver and white tabby she-cat with white paws and dark blue eyes, Toadstep's mate

Bumblestripe: very pale gray tom with black stripes like a bumblebee's with light blue eyes

Foxleap: fluffy, reddish brown tabby tom with green eyes

Applefur: mottled brown she-cat with dark green eyes

Snowbird: pure white she-cat with green eyes

Tawnypelt: mottled, pale tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Rowanclaw: dark ginger tom with green eyes

Tigerheart: dark brown tiger-striped tabby tom with dark amber eyes, Dovewing's mate

Rainheart: brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, and paws and a white heart on her chest with electric blue eyes

Bramblepath: brown tabby she-cat with one white paw and dazzling green eyes(from Arti)

Brightshadow: black and white tom with storm blue eyes(from Arti)

Cherrytail: ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Moleclaw: cream and brown tom with amber eyes


Applepaw: tortoiseshell she-cat who resembles Spottedleaf with amber eyes


Sorreltail: tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes, Brackenfur's mate

Poppyfrost: pale tortoiseshell and white she-cat with ice blue eyes, Berrynose's mate

Squirrelflight: dark ginger she-cat with brilliant green eyes and one white paw, expecting kits, Bramblestar's mate

Cinderheart: gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, Lionblaze's mate

Kits; Cinderkit: gray she-cat with white markings and amber eyes. Rainkit: pretty dark gray she-cat with large blue eyes

Dovewing: pale, smoky, gray she-cat with brilliant blue eyes, Tigerheart's mate

Kits; Tigerkit: dark brown tiger-striped tabby tom with dark blue eyes, Pinekit: pine colored tabby tom with sky blue eyes, Sootkit: black tom with a single white paw and green eyes


Dustpelt: dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Sandstorm: pale ginger she-cat with large, luminous, pale green eyes

Graystripe: solid gray tom with a stripe of darker gray fur running down his back and big yellow eyes


Leader: Onestar: mottled light brown tabby tom with amber eyes, 4 lives left, Whitetail's mate

Deputy: Emberfoot: gray tom with two darker gray paws with yellow eyes, Ashfoot's mate, filling in for Ashfoot

Medicine Cat: Barkface: brown tom with a short tail and hazel eyes

Med. Cat App. Kestralpaw


Darkshadow: brown tabby tom with black stripes and dark brown eyes

Silverclaw: blue-ish,silver-ish tabby she-cat and silver paws with light blue eyes

Blackfire: black tabby tom with fiery orange eyes

Crowfeather: smoky-gray, almost black tom with blue eyes

Ferretclaw: cream-and-gray tom with green eyes, Pinenose's mate

Starlingwing: ginger tom with green eyes

Leaftail: dark tabby tom with amber eyes

Antpelt: brown tom with one black ear with amber eyes

Heathertail: light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Sedgewhisker: pale light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Sunstrike: tortoiseshell she-cat with a large white mark on her forehead and blue eyes

Harespring: brown-and-white tom with green eyes

Gorsetail: very pale gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes

App. Whiskerpaw

Weaselfur: lithe ginger tom with white paws with green eyes

Ashcloud: ash colored she-cat with gorgeous green eye

Moorbreeze: very pale lithe she-cat with very light brown eyes

Furzepelt: gray and white she-cat with blue eyes


Whiskerpaw: light brown tom with amber eyes

Kestrelpaw: mottled,brownish-gray tom with white splotches like kestrel feathers and green eyes


Ashfoot: broad-faced gray she-cat with blue eyes, expecting kits, Emberfoot's mate

Pinenose: black she-cat with green eyes, expecting kits, Ferretclaw's mate

Whitetail: small white she-cat with sage green eyes,expecting kits, Whitetail's mate


Webfoot: wiry, dark gray tabby tom with a torn ear

Tornear: wiry, lithe, gray tabby tom


Leader: Mistystar: blue-gray she-cat with thick, glossy, dense fur, and clear, ice-blue eyes, 7 lives lives left

Deputy: Reedwhisker: slender black tom with small, neat ears and blue eyes

App. Hollowpaw

Medicine Cat: Mothwing: dappled, golden she-cat with rippling tabby stripes and amber eyes

Med. Cat App. Willowshine


Riverstone: blue gray she-cat with white paws and gray eyes

Owlwing: tan tabby tom with amber eyes

Owlfeather: brown tom with a white chest and muzzle with yellow eyes

Oakfur: small, dark brown tom with amber eyes

Crowfrost: black and white tom with light green eyes

Olivenose: tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Icewing: pure white she-cat with blue eyes

Minnowtail: sleek, dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

App. Mossypaw

Pebblefoot: mottled gray tom with green eyes

App. Rushpaw

Robinwing: tortoiseshell-and-white tom with blue eyes

Grasspelt: light brown tom with dark blue eyes

Petalfur: gray-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Fishleap: silver tabby tom with jet black stripes & 1 eye that is blue & 1 green

Mossyfoot: brown-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Rushtail: light brown tabby she-cat with light green eyes


Hollowpaw: dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Willowshine: dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Duskfur: brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes, expecting kits, Robinwing's mate

Mosspelt: tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, expecting kits, Grasspelt's mate


Dapplenose: mottled gray she-cat with amber eyes

Pouncetail: ginger-and-white tom with blue eyes

Prolouge: Firestar's POV

"They got the prophecy. Now what?" I asked Tallstar.

Tallstar shrugged, "I really don't know. I guess all the leaders and medicine cats could make connections. I mean for once the prophecy is pretty straight foward. Leopardstar, your thoughts?"

Leopardstar stood up and nodded towards the training area for all new recruits, "They will meet there. All six of them together with a captain and a sergeant in their squad. They will meet their match at the Twolegplace and finally end this."

"Well said both of you. I just hope that they figure out what it means soon or they will be doomed." Firestar dipped his head to Tallstar and Leopardstar before they left.

A/N (Sorry for the short prolouge. I wanted to get to the story)

Chapter 1: Rainheart's POV

I was at the last gathering I would probably ever see. It had been three moons since we had recieved the prophecy. The medicine cats translated it and decided that Ashcloud of WindClan, Reedwhisker and Fishleap of RiverClan, and Bramblepath, Brightshadow, and myself were the chosen ones. We were allowed to meet a lot because they assumed that we would get a plan going or something. I got to see Fishleap a lot more though. We met every other day and nobody suspected a thing. Fishleap and I right now were sitting in the back of everyone with the four others in the prophecy to allow us to twine tails without sucpision. They all knew about us now anyway. Fishleap and I have a theory about Reedwhisker liking Ashcloud though. Bramblepath and Brightshadow were closer too so yeah. Bramblestar called for attention.

"If you don't mind I would like to go first." Bramblestar said. The other leaders dipped their heads and backed up.

"ThunderClan is very strong. We have two new warriors Cherrytail and Moleclaw!" All the Clans cheered.

"Also Cinderheart had her kits Rainkit and Cinderkit last moon!" The Clans cheered again. "Your turn Onestar." Bramblestar backed up.

Onestar padded forward. "WindClan is strong. With greenleaf comes more rabbits. We also have two new warriors, Moorbreeze and Furzepelt!" The Clans cheered. "Also we have three queens which will all have kits in the next moon. Mistystar." Onestar nodded and backed up.

Mistystar padded forward proudly. "RiverClan is ready for anything. Mossyfoot and Rushtail are new warriors and will sit vigil tonight. That is all." The Clans cheered and dispersed to talk to their friends.

Fishleap and I stayed where we were enjoying each others company. Then someone called from atop the tree.

"Clans listen! I come with a war report!" Every cat stopped and looked at the tree to see a black cat. We all knew that the army only allowed black cats to send reports but they also drafted cats. Fishleap and I got closer as did all six of us.

"My name is Ravenheart. I come with a report of those dead and wounded. I also came to draft those of age. But first the wounded." Ravenheart repeated a list and there were gasps amongst the crowd. He then repeated a list of the dead. There were sobs, yowls, and gasps everywhere. Then the most dreaded thing happened.

"Would those cats who have been warriors for three moons please step forward and the rest step back?" Ravenheart called. We all sadly stepped forward. I looked around us and relized that we were the only cats going.

"Thank you for your honesty. You will leave with me at the sunrise after tomorrow. Until then you have a day to say good bye to your Clanmates. Meet me here then and we will leave. Good bye." Ravenheart leaped out of the tree and left leaving everyone confused and sad.

The six of us turned around to the Clans and saw them dipping their heads and bowing. We had done the same for all cats before us. They were honoring us and saying goodbye. Only the closest cats actually said good bye. Usually if the recruits had closely knit friends they spent the day at the HOA with each other. We would do the same. The Clans left after that. All in silence except us six. We commited to each other that as soon as we woke up we would meet at the HOA. We told each other good night and left. But right before I left Fishleap caught me.

"I will be guarding the camp tonight. If you want come see me tonight." He whispered.

"Of course." I replied.


Fishleap's POV

Reedwhisker and I left with heavy hearts that night. He could only think about Ashcloud. I thought only about Rainheart. We trailed behind everyone with our heads and tails down sadly. I knew we were almost guarrantted to be in the same squad but still.

Rainheart's smile, Rainheart's fur, Rainheart's tail, together with me. All I could think about was Rainheart but I knew I had to say good bye to Mistystar and my Clanmates. After all, they didn't know about my mate.

We finally got to camp and immeadiately we followed Mistystar to her den.

"I want you to know that I love you both and I am very proud of both of you. Reedwhisker, you have been a great deputy but I have to replace you. Fishleap, you have been a very loyal warrior and a great son."

"What are you saying?!" I said almost yowling. "You are acting as if we are sure to die! We might live! The prophecy is about us so we will defeat the rogues!" I was angry but I was a little guilty for yelling at her like that. "I am sorry. I love you." I added.

"Its okay Fishleap. I understand. I saying this because even though I believe you will survive I have to assume the worst. Reedwhisker?" Mistystar said putting her tail around me.

Reedwhisker looked at her. "I love you too. Thank you for allowing me to be the deputy. Please make Minnowtail the deputy. I have thought it over and I know she will be great. We are done now. I need some time alone." Reedwhisker padded out of the den.

"I have to go too Mistystar. I am sorry. Forgive me." With I left and curled up in my nest thinking about one thing, Rainheart.


Rainheart's POV

I padded into the camp behind everyone else, tail and head down with Bramblepath and Brightshadow. I padded quietly into Bramblestar's den with my friends while the rest of the Clan bowed their heads in slience as we passed. We slipped into the den and Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, Ivypool, Toadstep, Dovewing, and Tigerheart were there waiting for us. Bramblepath went to Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. Brightshadow padded slowly to Toadstep and Ivypool. I padded to my foster parents and started crying.

"Its okay Rainheart." Dovewing said kindly stroking me with her tail. "You will do great and will come back. You are just that great."

"Thank you Dovewing. I have always loved you like a mom." I said leaning into her.

Tigerheart nuzzzled me and I pulled away to push into my mentor and foster father. "You will be fine Rainheart. I have thought of you as a daughter and I hope I have been a good father figure. Now I have plenty of practice for my own kits." Tigerheart said smiling warmly.

I licked him and backed up. "Can I see the kits one last time?" I asked almost breaking out in tears again.

"Of course, after I talk to you." Bramblestar said padding over. "Squirrelflight, Toadstep, Ivypool, Dovewing, and Tigerheart, you may leave now. I need to talk to them privately."

Tigerheart dipped his head and led the way out.

"I realize that you are grown warriors but I was there myself. Its pretty bad. I put in a request for you six to be in the same squad so if you can, end this war. Once and for all." Bramblestar said seriously. "If you want to say good bye to the rest of the Clan you may but if you want to gather your friends from the other Clans and stay at the HOA thats ok too. You choice. Good night Bramblepath. I love you. Good night Rainheart. You are a great she-cat. Good night Brightshadow. I know about you and Bramblepath. I approve. Take good care of her."

"Thank you Bramblestar. I will I promise." Brightshadow said touching Bramblestar's nose.

"Thank you Bramblestar for everything. You have been a great leader." I said touching his nose.

Bramblepath was crying now. "Thank you Bramblestar. I love you too. Brightshadow will be there for me I know. Good night." She said touching his nose and licking his face. Then we left with me in the lead.

Chapter 2

We padded out of the den and most of the cats were gone into their dens but Dovewing and Tigerheart were out with their kits Tigerkit, Pinekit, and Sootkit.

"Hello kits!" I said perking up. "How are you tonight?"

"Rainheart!" They all cried running over to me and tackling me.

"Tigerkit get off of Rainheart's back. Pinekit get off her face. Sootkit stop jumping up and down on her!" Dovewing said running over and pulling them off.

"Its okay Dovewing. They are being nice. Now kits do you want to hear about the gathering?" I ask getting up and dragging Bramblepath and Brightshadow over. "We will tell you all about it if you sit down and be good."

They all got off and sat down next to Tigerheart and Dovewing who were laying down.

"When we got to the gathering there were so many cats! We were all talking and being nice then the leaders called the Clans together to report news." I started.

"Bramblestar started and said that we had two new warriors and Cinderheart's kits. Then Onestar reported and Mistystar reported last. Then Ravenheart ran into the gathering. He came with a report from the war." Bramblepath added.

"Ravenheart told us the casualties and who were being drafted next. Well Rainheart, Bramblepath, and I have to leave and go fight in the war tomorrow." Brightshadow said the part that made us all sad.

"No!" Tigerkit said. "You can't leave Rainheart! I want you to be my mentor!"

I smiled at this. "I can be Tigerkit. If I come back Bramblestar can still give me an aprentice and I am sure that he will pick you to be mine. I love you all but I am tired. Good night little ones." I said licking each one in turn.

"Good night Rainheart! Good night Bramblepath! Good night Brightshadow!" They all chorused as they went to the nursery. Dovewing nodded and flicked her tail in a last good bye.

"Good night and good bye Rainheart. To you too Bramblepath and Brightshadow. Good luck." Tigerheart said turning and retiring to the warriors den.

After they left we all went to the entrance of the camp.

"Do you want to stay for the night Bramblepath?" I asked.

"I do. Last night in camp. Brightshadow?" She asked looking at her mate.

"I agree. I am staying here. What are you doing Rainheart?" He responded.

I sighed, "I am going to see Fishleap. We will spend the night in the HOA. I love you both but I need some time to think properly. Good night." I turned and left waving my tail in good bye.

I ran through the forest and leapt over fallen trees. I soon made it to the RiverClan border. I knew where the camp was so I crept quietly towards the camp just in case there were cats out. I saw the entrance and very quietly went towards the entrance.

"Fishleap. Its me." I whispered stopping.

"Rainheart?" He said leaning over. "What are you doing here?"

"You said that if I wanted to I could see you tonight. I said my good byes already." I replied.

He nodded. "Let me go get Reedwhisker. He will cover for me. I will be out soon." He turned around and I laid still.

Soon Fishleap came back with Reedwhisker next to him.

"Have fun you two. I have you covered. Meet you at the island with Ashcloud, Bramblepath, and Brightshadow at sunhigh tomorrow." Reedwhisker whispered taking up guard at the entrance.

"Thank you so much Reedwhisker." I said licking his ear.

"Of course."

"Thanks Reedwhisker. I will pay you back sometime brother." Fishleap said nuzzling him.

"Now leave before you get caught. Good bye." He replied.

"Come on. Follow me." Fishleap said turning to me before sprinting off.

I sprinted after him smiling the whole way. I realized we were racing towards the HOA. Suddenly we stopped a little bit past the HOA border.

"Why did we stop?" I asked padding up to Fishleap.

"We are here." He flicked his tail at a tree. I padded closer and looked at it.

Underneath the tree was a large hollowed out den. The ground was covered in rabbit ear moss. It was nicely hidden too. The entrance to inside the den had moss hanging over it so unless you knew it was there, you wouldn't see it.

"Fishleap..its beautiful." I said licking his cheek and nuzzling him.

"I found this a few days ago. I hollowed out the den more to make it bigger and I added the rabbit ear moss. I wanted to make it a surprize." Fishleap led me inside and we curled up together.

"It defintely is a surprize. Its perfect. I could lay like this forever." I said twining tails with him.

"There's one more thing." He flicked his tail towards a wall and got up. He dug a little bit and there was another small hollowed area. I looked again and there was a rabbit and a squirrel in it.

"You really thought of everything didn't you." I said smiling.

"Yes. Yes I did. Do you want to eat one now?"

"Only if you want to."

"I am pretty good right now. I feel like a run though." Fishleap padded back to me and licked my ear.

"Then let's go!" I dashed out of the den and ran to the twoleg nest.

I stopped and turned around and saw Fishleap. He tried to stop and slid a few extra mouse-lengths.

I laughed. "Fishleap you are a silly cat."

"So are you Rainheart. At least I can slide." He said flicking my ear with his tail.

"Race you back!" I said.

"Ok! Ready! Set! Go!" He raced off.

I slipped before I sprinted after him. I raced through the trees and caught up to him.

How did I catch up to him? I asked myself. Oh yeah. I was born in the trees.

I stopped right outside the den with Fishleap at my side.

"I win!" I yowled.

"Fine. Next time we swim for the race." He said laughing.

"Tomorrow. I am tired now. I need sleep." I said padding into the den.

I padded in and curled up. Fishleap came in and curled up around me and twined my tail with his. We fell asleep together at last.

Chapter 3

I woke up and felt Fishleap still curled up around me. I didn't want to wake him so I slowly stood up and left the den. I was about to go hunting for breakfast when I remembered the squirrel and rabbit that were stowed away. I stretched and groomed my brown tabby pelt. I ran towards the river knowing that Fishleap would probably follow my scent when he woke up. I got there quite quickly and stopped to take a drink. I saw a RiverClan patrol heading my way but I wasn't worried, I was on my own territory after all.


I looked around expecting the voice to be Fishleap's but it came from in front of me. It was the RiverClan warrior, Riverstone. I had seen her at gatherings before but she was never nice. I was surprized she knew my name.

"Oh hi Riverstone!" I said being polite.

"What are you doing here?" She asked not so nicely.

"Just getting a drink. I went for a morning run."

"Stay off our territory!"

"I was never on your territory Riverstone! This is ThunderClan territory!" I said staring her down.

Riverstone stared back, "Last night I smelled you. On our territory all the way from this river to our camp and back!"

"Riverstone? What are you doing? Oh hi Rainheart!" Mistystar came up behind Riverstone with Mossyfoot, Pebblefoot, and Crowfrost next to her.

"Hi Mistystar!" I said waving my tail.

"Mistystar! I was just telling Rainheart to stay off of RiverClan territory. Her scent went all the way to camp and back last night." Riverstone said facing her leader.

"Yes I know. I smelled her too. What were you doing Rainheart?" Mistystar asked.

"I was talking to Reedwhisker and Fishleap about the prophecy. Fishleap and I think we made a break through so we talked about it all night at the HOA. All six of us are meeting at the island at sunhigh." I skillfully explained.

"That makes sense. Its still not right to come onto another clan's territory without permission though. You should know that."

"I know Mistystar and I am sorry. I just really needed to talk to someone about it. It will never happen again." I promised nodding my head.

"Thank you Rainheart. We need to get on with our hunting patrol. Good bye and good luck." Mistystar and the patrol disappeared but not before Riverstone snarled and smiled evily at me. I shook it off and ran back to the tree hollow. I stpped inside and saw Fishleap finally awake.

"Good morning sleepy head." I said jokingly.

"Good morning. Where were you?" Fishleap asked padding over and licking my ear.

"I took a morning run down to the river where I met Riverstone." I smiled.

"Don't ever go near her." He snarled. "She is trouble. Owlwing and Owlfeather too. They are like an evil group who don't talk to anyone but themselves. Riverstone is their leader though. They never do something without her permission."

"Calm down Fishleap. We had a nice chat and then Mistystar came along." I said sarcastically.

"Good. Did they leave?"

"Yes. They were hunting so I left and came back. Are you hungry?" I changed the subject.

"I am starving. Squirrel or rabbit?" He said opening the food hole.

"You choose." I layed down.

"Squirrel it is." Fishleap grabbed the squirrel and put it in front of me.

"Thanks." I licked his ear and took a bite. I nudged it towards him.

Fishleap took a bite then laid down next to me. We twined tails and finished the squirrel.

I stretched, "Its probably time to go. I don't want to be late." I stood up and padded outside with Fishleap at my side. I looked up at the clear, sunny skies and saw thst it was nearly sunhigh.

"Come on." I said. "We need to go get Bramblepath and Brightshadow. I assume Reedwhisker got Ashcloud." We both knew that something was going on between them but there was no clear proof. We made sure the tree hollow was nice and covered up before we ran off towards the ThunderClan camp. We tore throught the forest side by side, tails no longer twined. We stopped and slide right before the entrance and padded in calmly.

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight were sharing tongues outside of the leader's den. Dovewing and Cinderheart were watching their kits play together while Sorreltail and Poppyfrost were sharing tongues. Dustpelt, Sandstorm, and Graystripe were sunbathing in front of the elders' den. Cherrytail and Moleclaw were setting their prey on the fresh-kill pile before slipping into the warriors' den.

"RiverClan!!" Someone yowled out.

In a spilt second the entire camp went from peaceful and serene to all the warriors and apprentices out and everyone else in the dens. Right after the immeadiate panic was over, Fishleap was pounced on and as I yowled out I was pinned too. I realized who pinned me before anything else.

"Tigerheart!" I yowled.

"Rainheart?!" He scrabbled up and pushed Bumblestripe off of Fishleap.

"Who yowled RiverClan?" Bramblestar yowled from the top of Highrock.

"I did Bramblestar." Bloodclaw strode foward. "I smelled RiverClan and I thought it was an invasion. I am truly sorry." As he spoke though he glared at me and I saw pure evil in his eyes.

"Bloodclaw I am surprized that you didn't let your better judgement take over. We have been at peace with the other clans for many moons. Especially now in our time of need. I must punish you. You will do apprentice duties for a moon." Bramblestar's voice boomed through the clearing.

Bloodclaw dipped his head. "Yes Bramblestar." He turned and went back to sitting in front of the warriors' den.

Bramblestar faced us now. "Rainheart and Fishleap, why did you come in like that?"

"Um Bramblestar sir, I don't mean to offend but how did we come in? We padded in quite calmly." Fishleap stepped foward and dipped his head.

"Fishleap, you came in like a apprentice after he killed his first prey. You both bounded in here."

"I am sorry sir but I don't believe we bounded in. We came to retrieve Bramblepath and Brightshadow because we agreed to meet at sunhigh on the island. All six of us Reedwhisker, Ashcloud, Bramblepath, Brightshadow, Rainheart, and I."

"Very well. Bramblepath and Brightshadow go with them. Good bye to you all and good luck." Bramblestar stepped off of Highrock and slipped into his den.

Bramblepath and Brightshadow joined us at the entrance and we were leaving when I heard a wail. I looked around and saw nothing. Then Jayfeather and Applepaw raced into the nursery with herbs and a stick. I raced to the nursery and helped herd the kits out. I saw Squirrelflight on the ground in terrible pain. Her kits were coming.

"Do you need anything?" I asked after all the kits were herded out with the queens.

"I need wet moss. Other then that, no." Jayfeather answered.

"I am on it." I raced outside and saw Bramblestar sitting impatiently with Bramblepath trying to comfort him and Brightshadow next to her. Then I saw Fishleap laying down solemnly under Highrock. I saw a mixture of emotions in his eyes before I slipped into the medicine cat den to grab moss and wet it down. I sprinted back to the nursery and laid it down in front of Squirrelflight.

"Here. Do you want me to sit outside the entrance?" I said.

"Yes. I might need more help." Jayfeather answered.

I nodded and left. I summoned Poppyfrost. "Could you please sit here for me and help Jayfeather if he needs it?"

"Of course. Go ahead." Poppyfrost sat down and watched the kits. I dipped my head in gratitude and padded over to Fishleap.

"What's wrong?" I laid down next to him and nuzzled him a little.

"It''s nothing." Fishleap turned his head away.

I flicked him on the head with my tail, "It is not nothing. Don't lie. What's wrong?"

"It's just...well this is a happy moment for ThunderClan. I shouldn't be here. I feel...out of place. I should leave.." He got up and started running to the entrance.

"No!" I yowled and chased him. He stopped about three fox-lengths outside of the entrance.

"Fishleap you are very loved and wanted. I don't know what I would do without you. Kits is a time of excitment for all the Clans. Now tell me, what is the other reason you are like this? I can tell that you are hurting. Let me help you." I pleaded with him.

"I ..just..I love you Rainheart. I was just imagining if that was me and you. You the queen and me the expectant father. Then I realized, it will never happen. I am a RiverClan cat and you ThunderClan. I can't ever be with you fully and completely." Fishleap was crying now and laid down and buried his face in the ground.

I thought about this for a minute before I answered, "Fishleap, we can have kits if you want. It's not forbidden to have mates in other Clans. It's not recommended but that doesn't mean forbidden. Besides we have to go to war first. Let's take this one step at a time. Come on Fishleap. I love you, and that's all that matters." I nudged him up and we walked back to camp.

"They are beautiful!" Bramblestar's voice came from the nursery. Fishleap and I raced in excitment prickled my paws.

I saw Squirrelflight laying down with two bundles at her belly. There was a dark ginger one and a mottled silver one.

"The ginger is a she-cat and the silver is a tom." Applepaw announced excitedly.

"What are their names?" I asked looking at them closer.

"Flamekit for the she-cat and Fogkit for the tom. I have no idea how he is a silver tom though. There are no desendents to my knowledge that are that color." Bramblestar answered.

"Maybe Firestar had a grandparent or something that was silver." Squirrelflight replied.

"Oh well. Congratualtions Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. We must be going now though. Good bye and good luck!" I padded out with Fishleap at my side. Only then did I realize it was well past sunhigh.

Chapter 4

We were sprinting through the forest as fast as we could because we were really late. We all knew it too. I just hoped that Reedwhisker and Ashcloud could see reason. When we finally reached the island Fishleap and I raced through the water while Bramblepath and Brightshadow sprinted across the tree. We all got to the island clearing at the same time and saw Reedwhisker and Ashcloud with their tails twined. We all stopped mid sprint and hid in the bushes. I grabbed Fishleap's tail with my own and whispered in his ear.

"I told you so."

"I know. Technically we were both right." He silently replied.

I flicked his head with my tail. Then I let go and made rustling like noises. I signaled for Bramblepath and Brightshadow  to go now that they knew we were here. I didn't want to startle them and have them think we were here the entire time. Then Fishleap and I padded foward still wet from the river.

"About time you get here!" Reedwhisker said acting cross.

"Squirrelflight had her kits. Calm down bossy pants." I retorted with humor smiling.

"Fine but that doesn't mean that you had to get here at moonrise! I said sunhigh. Huge difference there!"

"Reedwhisker calm down. We were having a little fun." Fishleap said padding up to his brother.

"Anyway, why are you both wet?" He refered to Fishleap and I.

"We went through the lake that makes this an island." I answered confindently.

"Whatever. This is our last night with the Clans. We should spend it together." I don't think anyone noticed but Reedwhisker looked at Ashcloud when he said this.

"Hold on mister. You are assuming that we won't survive the war! Who says we can't end it like the propechy says?" Brightshadow fired back.

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