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The Army Series
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The Army Series: The Drafting

This story is rated Moderate. Just a little fighting not anything too bad.

Key and Map

New Lake Territory

My version of the Lake Territories








Leader: Bramblestar; dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, 7 lives left, Squirrelflight's mate

Deputy: Brackenfur: long legged golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes, Sorreltail's mate, filling in for Squirrelflight

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather; mottled gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Med. Cat App: Applepaw


Darkmoon: pure black tom with a cresent moon mark on his head with blue eyes

Bloodclaw: black tabby tom with piercing yellow eyes

Lightningleg: black tom with a lightning bolt shape on his leg with brown eyes

Badgerfur: black and white tom whose colors make him look like a badger with amber eyes

Bluefire: blue gray she-cat with firey green eyes

Lionblaze: golden tabby tom with amber eyes, Cinderheart's mate

Berrynose: cream colored tom with a stump for a tail and light brown eyes, Poppyfrost's mate

Toadstep: heavy black and white tom with light green eyes, Ivypool's mate

App. Molepaw

Ivypool: silver and white tabby she-cat with white paws and dark blue eyes, Toadstep's mate

Bumblestripe: very pale gray tom with black stripes like a bumblebee's with light blue eyes

Foxleap: fluffy, reddish brown tabby tom with green eyes

App. Cherrypaw

Applefur: mottled brown she-cat with dark green eyes

Snowbird: pure white she-cat with green eyes

Tawnypelt: mottled, pale tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Rowanclaw: dark ginger tom with green eyes

Tigerheart: dark brown tiger-striped tabby tom with dark amber eyes, Dovewing's mate

Rainheart: brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, and paws and a white heart on her chest with electric blue eyes

Bramblepath: brown tabby she-cat with one white paw and dazzling green eyes(from Arti)

Brightshadow: black and white tom with storm blue eyes(from Arti)


Applepaw: tortoiseshell she-cat who resembles Spottedleaf with amber eyes

Cherrypaw: ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Molepaw: cream and brown tom with amber eyes


Sorreltail: tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes, Brackenfur's mate

Poppyfrost: pale tortoiseshell and white she-cat with ice blue eyes, Berrynose's mate

Squirrelflight: dark ginger she-cat with brilliant green eyes and one white paw, expecting kits, Bramblestar's mate

Cinderheart: gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, expecting kits, Lionblaze's mate

Dovewing: pale, smoky, gray she-cat with brilliant blue eyes, expecting kits, Tigerheart's mate


Dustpelt: dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Sandstorm: pale ginger she-cat with large, luminous, pale green eyes

Graystripe: solid gray tom with a stripe of darker gray fur running down his back and big yellow eyes


Leader: Onestar;mottled light brown tabby tom with amber eyes, 4 lives left, Whitetail's mate

Deputy: Emberfoot;gray tom with two darker gray paws with yellow eyes, Ashfoot's mate, filling in for Ashfoot

App. Moorpaw

Medicine Cat: Barkface;brown tom with a short tail and hazel eyes

Med. Cat App. Kestralpaw


Darkshadow;brown tabby tom with black stripes and dark brown eyes

Silverclaw;blue-ish,silver-ish tabby she-cat and silver paws with light blue eyes

Blackfire;black tabby tom with fiery orange eyes

Crowfeather;smoky-gray, almost black tom with blue eyes

Ferretclaw;cream-and-gray tom with green eyes, Pinenose's mate

Starlingwing;ginger tom with green eyes

Leaftail;dark tabby tom with amber eyes

Antpelt;brown tom with one black ear with amber eyes

Heathertail;light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

App. Furzepaw

Sedgewhisker;pale light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Sunstrike;tortoiseshell she-cat with a large white mark on her forehead and blue eyes

Harespring;brown-and-white tom with green eyes

Gorsetail;very pale gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes

App. Whiskerpaw

Weaselfur;lithe ginger tom with white paws with green eyes

Ashcloud;ash colored she-cat with gorgeous green eyes


Moorpaw;very pale lithe she-cat with very light brown eyes

Furzepaw;gray and white she-cat with blue eyes

Whiskerpaw;light brown tom with amber eyes

Kestrelpaw;mottled,brownish-gray tom with white splotches like kestrel feathers and green eyes


Ashfoot;broad-faced gray she-cat with blue eyes, expecting kits, Emberfoot's mate

Pinenose;black she-cat with green eyes, expecting kits, Ferretclaw's mate

Whitetail;small white she-cat with sage green eyes,expecting kits, Whitetail's mate


Webfoot;wiry, dark gray tabby tom with a torn ear

Tornear;wiry, lithe, gray tabby tom


Leader: Mistystar;blue-gray she-cat with thick, glossy, dense fur, and clear, ice-blue eyes, 7 lives lives left

Deputy: Reedwhisker;slender black tom with small, neat ears and blue eyes

App. Hollowpaw

Medicine Cat: Mothwing;dappled, golden she-cat with rippling tabby stripes and amber eyes

Med. Cat App. Willowshine


Riverstone;blue gray she-cat with white paws and gray eyes

Owlwing;tan tabby tom with amber eyes

Owlfeather;brown tom with a white chest and muzzle with yellow eyes

Oakfur;small, dark brown tom with amber eyes

Crowfrost;black and white tom with light green eyes

Olivenose;tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Icewing;pure white she-cat with blue eyes

Minnowtail;sleek, dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

App. Mossypaw

Pebblefoot;mottled gray tom with green eyes

App. Rushpaw

Robinwing;tortoiseshell-and-white tom with blue eyes

Grasspelt;light brown tom with dark blue eyes

Petalfur;gray-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Fishleap;silver tabby tom with jet black stripes & 1 eye that is blue & 1 green


Mossypaw;brown-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Rushpaw;light brown tabby she-cat with light green eyes

Hollowpaw;dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Willowshine;dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Duskfur;brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes, expecting kits, Robinwing's mate

Mosspelt;tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, expecting kits, Grasspelt's mate


Dapplenose;mottled gray she-cat with amber eyes

Pouncetail;ginger-and-white tom with blue eyes

Prologue: Firestar's POV

"Rainheart! Bramblepath! Brightshadow!"

Even from StarClan I could hear ThunderClan chanting the names of their newest warriors.

I turned to Leopardstar and Tallstar, "I know what's coming and I want them to have the powers." They simply nodded.

Leopardstar then turned and flicked her tail at RiverClan territory where Reedwhisker and Fishleap were celebrating as well.

"Fine but I want them. Also I want Reedwhisker as deputy. Someone needs authority in the clans for this to work," she said.

I looked at Tallstar and he nodded. "We agree," I said. "Who from WindClan Tallstar?"

He nodded toward WindClan, "Ashcloud. She is shy but determined and already is connecting with us."

"Of course," Leopardstar agreed.

"We should all tell our medicine cats and tell the leaders tonight. Leopardstar, while Barkface is there he can leave the sign for Willowshine to see as well," I said.

We nodded to each other and departed leaving the six cats to enjoy their ceremonies.

Chapter 1: Rainheart's POV

A/N From now until I change it, the POV is Rainheart. FYI!

"Rainheart! Bramblepath! Brightshadow!"

I was so excited! It was my time to shine, mine and my best friends in the whole forest. My mentor Tigerheart was sitting next to Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw, his parents, with his eyes glowing with pride. Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw were also filled with pride as they were the ones who mentored Bramblepath and Brightshadow. We were the first ThunderClan apprentices they had taught. Ever since they left ShadowClan after they broke up, they were not completely trusted due to the fact of ShadowClan blood.

"Tonight we will sleep in peace knowing that three strong warriors are guarding us tonight," Bramblestar said. We jumped off the Highrock and went to our old mentors. I led the way as I normally did.

I touched noses with Tigerheart, "I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it," Tigerheart said.

"Well, I had a great teacher," I replied.

He laughed. "I wouldn't say too great. I did kind of neglect your training for a little bit."

"That's only because of Dovewing. Besides the news of kits is great."

Just recently, Dovewing was told by Jayfeather that she was bearing kits. Tigerheart was so excited that one day he went off in the forest and was gone for three days. Dovewing was really worried so after he came back she didn't talk to him for a day. He said he needed time to think things through. He did hunt though so Bramblestar forgave him. He came back with two pheasants, four squirrels, three mice, and two thrushes so we all ate great for a quarter of a moon.

"Now, since you have some sunlight left go hunt some with Bramblepath and Brightshadow. I am sure Bramblestar and Brackenfur won't mind," Tigerheart said as he moved away. "I for one am going to the nursery. Bramblestar granted me permission to sleep with Dovewing tonight."

"Great!" I replied. "I will go hunt. Good night Tigerheart and don't worry. You and your family are well protected." He dipped his head and headed toward the nursery.

I turned to Bramblepath and Brightshadow and asked, "How about we get some hunting done? We have plenty of time and it would show that we do get work done."

"Sure," Bramblepath said. "We can all have a nice piece of fresh-kill before we have to stay up all night."

"I'll come," Brightshadow agreed. "I'll go tell Bramblestar where we are going."Brightshadow raced off leaving Bramblepath and I at the camp entrance.

"I can't wait for my first apprentice," Bramblepath said.

"We were just named as warriors. It will be a good few moons before that happens especially because of the war," I replied.

A moon after we were made apprentices, a large group of rogues had threatened all the clans to leave their homes or to die to defend them. Of course none of us were going to leave our homes because of a bunch of rogues. Everyday Bramblestar sent more cats to fight them with WindClan and RiverClan so we could get rid of them for good. But there were more rogues coming each day and they wouldn't go quietly. Our apprenticeship had been very hard because the rogues kept coming closer to the camp. Soon we would have to fight too.

Brightshadow came back and was about to speak when we heard a battle cry.

Chapter 2

Immediately, the clearing exploded into a war.
The Fight. Ash

The Battle

Ivypool, Tigerheart, and Lionblaze were covering the nursery. Cherrypaw, Molepaw, and Berrynose were in front of the elder's den. The rest of the clan were fighting rogues elsewhere.

Bramblepath and Brightshadow whipped around and went after the closest cat. I almost joined them but then a black tom pounced on me.

We rolled and he landed on top of me. I exploded my legs up to kick him off. He flew off but quickly got his bearings back. I sprang up and clawed his side. He bit my ear and then scratched my side. I flipped him on his back and clawed his belly. He started bleeding really bad so I let him up. He ran out of the camp and I turned for my next victim.

Before I could attack, Bramblestar yowled.

"Rainheart! Go to RiverClan for help!" I quickly ran out of the camp, dodging cats as I went. I sprinted as fast as I could to RiverClan. I hoped help wasn't too late.

I finally hit the RiverClan border and forced myself to go faster. I ran to the camp and stopped at the entrance. My side and ear hurt but I was just worried for my clan.

"Help!" I yowled. Mistystar came out of her den and came straight to me with another cat flanking her.

"Rainpaw! Whats the problem?" Mistystar asked.

I could barely breathe but managed words anyway.

"" was all I could manage.

"Reedwhisker, this is your chance to prove yourself. Get some cats together now. We are going to help as soon as we can," Mistystar told Reedwhisker.

Soon half of RiverClan was assembled and ready to fight.

"Okay RiverClan! Follow me!" Mistystar ran out of the camp with RiverClan following. I quickly caught up and went to the front with Mistystar.

"Do you know where you are going?" I asked.

"Yes," Mistystar replied. "I have been here many times before."

I nodded and continued running. Soon we got there and luckily we got there in time.

Mistystar yowled, "RiverClan, attack!"

I pounced on a gray tabby that had pinned Dovewing down.

I pinned the she-cat down and clawed her face. I ripped open her belly and made sure she didn't get away with less than a clawed face. I bit her ear for good measure and let her up. I went to check on Dovewing who was fighting even though she was expecting Tigerheart's kits.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks." She replied then went back inside the nursery

I turned around only to be pounced on by a pair of brown toms. I didn't know what to do because I knew I couldn't take both of them on. Just in time a handsome silver tabby tom bowled one off me and I managed to pin the other. I clawed his belly open but he pushed me off. I clawed his side and that sent him running. I heard a yowl of retreat and the rogues ran off.

I looked around and saw the camp was badly damaged. Luckily, there are no terribly injured cats. Then I saw Bramblestar on the ground.

Chapter 3

I sprinted over to my leader's body and stopped beside Bramblepath. He's her father, I remembered. Brightshadow came up behind us and lowered his head. I tried to comfort Bramblepath. Soon Bramblestar stirred.

"It's okay." He said. "I have plenty of lives left."

I left Bramblepath knowing that she was okay now. I went over to the handsome silver tabby tom that had bowled one of the toms off of me.

"Thanks," I said. "For getting the tom off of me. What's your name?"

"No problem," he replied. "My name's Fishleap. What's yours?"

Rainheart and Fishleap talking after the battle

"Rainheart," I told Fishleap. The tom who I heard was called Reedwhisker came over next to Fishleap.

"Who's this Fishleap?" Reedwhisker asked.

"Her name is Rainheart. She was thanking me for knocking a rogue off of her," he replied. "Rainheart, meet my brother Reedwhisker. We were just made warriors when you came to ask for help. Barkface was sent a sign saying that Reedwhisker was to be the next deputy."

"Congrats." I said as I dipped my head to Reedwhisker.

"We should be going," Reedwhisker said. "It was nice to meet you Rainheart. Maybe we will see each other at the next gathering."

"Goodbye," I said nodding my head to them both.

They turned and left following behind Mistystar as she called for RiverClan to leave. Bramblepath and Squirrelflight were helping Bramblestar up. He had lost a life and was still injured. They started carrying him to Jayfeather's den where about 5 warriors already were. I padded over to Tigerheart who was still standing in front of the nursery.

"Tigerheart!" I called to him. He turned his head towards me and I saw the wounds he got. His shoulder was the worst injury because it was long and deep. Other than that, he was okay but I still wanted to talk to him.

"Yes?" he asked.

"You should go see Jayfeather and Applepaw and get that shoulder looked at. It looks pretty bad."

"Not untill Dovewing is looked after," he growled his additude still fresh from battle.

"Why?" I asked suddenly worried.

"Before I got out here to the front a black tom got through and surprised both of us. The tom clawed her face and side but I grabbed his front leg and threw him out. Would you help me get her to Jayfeather? I didn't want to do it by myself so I wouldn't risk hurting her."

"Of course!" I quickly slipped into the den behind him and got on her right side and Tigerheart and I helped her to the medicine cat den. She could walk but she was unsturdy and I was afraid her leg had been hurt too. On her right side, not only was a side wound, but a bite mark on her leg.

"Um Tigerheart?" I said slowly. "I think her leg has been hurt too."

We set her down inside the den in the line of injured cats and he came over and looked.

He snarled then spoke with a growl, "I will hunt down that cat and break his leg."

Just before I could reply Applepaw came over.

"What got injured?" she asked. She had a kind tone but I knew that she was beside herself with excitment at the prospect of her first battle wound treated.

"Tigerheart has some scratches and a deep shoulder wound. Dovewing took claws to the face and side, and I have a ear bite, and a cla-"

"Take care of Dovewing first." Tigerheart interupted me.

"Don't worry Tigerheart. She will be taken care of first. Now Rainheart what were you saying?" Applepaw said.

"I also have a slightly clawed side. Nothing bad. Take care of everyone else first I can wait and carry out patrols for now."

Applepaw nodded and went to fetch the necessary herbs. I looked at Tigerheart and excused myself. I saw Brackenfur assigning patrols for those capable. I went to join one and ended up leading a hunting patrol with Bramblepath and Brightshadow.

"I guess we can do our hunting now." Brightshadow said jokingly.

Bramblepath shook her fur out, "Stupid furball."

I ran out of the entrance with my best friends behind me. I knew that we couldn't be too long because we still had to sit vigil. I quickly signaled with my tail for us to fan out.

I smelled a squirrel and got into a crouch and crawled towards the scent. I saw it nibbling on a nut. It was oblivious to the world around it so I pounced and gave it a bite to the neck killing it.

Soon we gathered back together at the entrance with Bramblepath carrying two mice and a vole, Brightshadow had a thrush, a squirrel, a mouse, and a vole, and I had two squirrels and three mice. We walked in proudly and put it on the fresh-kill pile. Cats murmured and I caught a few words.

"Wow...thats enough to feed all of us."

"Good job!"Brackenfur said from the Highrock. "Now that you have hunted, eat. You'll need your strength soon."

He padded into Jayfeather's den and we left to eat.

I grabbed a mouse and plopped next to Bramblepath and Brightshadow who were sharing a squirrel.

"Not long now!" I said excitedly.

"I know!"Bramblepath said. "No talking untill dawn. How will you survive Brightshadow!"

"Hey! I can be silent!" Brightshadow said.

"Yeah. When your sleeping or stuffing your face!" I said kidding with him.

"Yeah but you cannot stand 5 minutes without bossing someone around." Brightshadow countered.

"Whatever, furball." I countered.

"Rainheart, Bramblepath, Brightshadow! Its time for your vigil." Bramblestar said as he came over with fresh poultices on his body. "Defend us well tonight and leave nothing to chance. Sound the alarm if needed but do not sound it unless there is real danger. Good night young ones, and good luck." He padded away and then our mentors came over.

"Your vigil has now begun. No speaking until dawn. We will tell you when your vigil is over. Good night and may StarClan light your path." Rowanclaw said.

We dipped our heads in reply. They returned the gesture then turned headed towards the warriors den leaving us alone with our thoughts.

Chapter 4

We were all at different posts. I was sitting in the middle of the camp. Bramblepath was in front of the elder's den and the nursery. Brightshadow was at the entrance for an earlier warning. We were all slient but wanted to talk. We were hoping the sun would come up sooner but our hoping was to no avail. Bramblepath came over and broke the silence ever so quietly.

"Rainheart," she whispered.

"Sshh" I replied, but she continued.

"Do you like anyone?" she asked.

"Really? Now? Why not ask later?" I questioned barely loud enough for her to hear.

"Well, because I like a certain tom and I want him to like me too. I want you to ask him who he likes."

I sighed. "Follow me."

I led her over I bit away where no cats had a remote chance of hearing us.

"Now. Who is it?" I asked.

She started slowly, " like...Bright-"

"Brightshadow! You like Brightshadow!" I exclaimed barely remembering to lower my voice.

"Yeah. I know I am close to him and all but if he likes me then he wouldn't tell me. So will you ask him? Please?"

"Of course. I kinda have a crush on a tom too."

"Really? Who?"

At that same second, Brightshadow came over.

"What are you guys talking about?"

Bramblepath was not ready so I answered.

"Just talking about how pretty the moon is tonight and how excited we are to be warriors."

"I would love to talk more to you but I don't want to get in trouble. Come on. Bramblepath? What's wrong? You look terrified!"

Again I had to answer. I understood why but I dare not tell Brightshadow.

"She is worried she will mess up on her first day."

"It's okay Bramblepath. We all make mistakes." He leaned against her and they walked to the middle of the clearing.

I followed and told them what we should do,"We should sit vigil again and remain silent. We can talk again soon."

They both nodded their heads but this time we all sat in the middle of the clearing and huddle to give encouragement.

I knew Bramblepath and I would talk more about it later but I didn't know if I was ready to tell, even my best friend, that I, Rainheart of ThunderClan, was in love with Fishleap of RiverClan.

Chapter 5

Finally, the sun came over the horizon. We still waited though for our mentors to tell us to sleep. Soon, they came though and we very quickly went to our nests. Cherrypaw and Molepaw had made them for us yesterday. I slept next to Bramblepath who slept next to Birghtshadow. I had a good life. I was a warrior, I had the best friends a cat could have, and tomorrow was the Gathering.

I woke up and it was sunhigh. Bramblepath and Brightshadow where sitting up grooming each others' pelts. I grinned and joined them.

"Hey guys!" I said.

"Hi Rainheart! How did you sleep?" Bramblepath replied.

"Great! How about you?"


"Hey Rainheart! We were thinking of going hunting. Wanna come?" Brightshadow asked.

"Of course! I have to wash first though."

"I will help! Brightshadow how about you go ask Bramblestar or Brackenfur if we can eat before we go since we sat vigil all night." Bramblepath offered.

"Ok. I will. Be right back!" he said as he ran out of the den entrance.

Bramblepath came over and we quickly started grooming my pelt. Before Brightshadow even got back we had finished and walked out of the entrance of the den. I looked around the camp. By the nursery, all the queens were sharing tongues except Squirrelflight, who was following Bramblestar into his den. Brackenfur was sitting on Highrock giving out patrols. The elders were going out for a walk with Toadstep and Ivypool. A hunting patrol with Rowanclaw leading Tawnypelt, Tigerheart, and Applefur came back with five mice, two thrushes, and three squirrels. Soon Brightshadow came running back over.

" We can go! Brackenfur said it will be a hunting patrol but we can eat before we go. Only one piece though!"

"Thanks Brightshadow!" Bramblepath licked his cheek.

They headed over to the fresh-kill pile and they shared a squirrel. I grabbed a mouse and we ate by the warriors' den. Soon we finished and pounded out of the camp entrance.

We ran towards the lake and stopped at the ancient oak. We spilt up to hunt and agreed to meet back here right before sunset.

I smelled the air and secnted vole by the water. I crept up behind it as it was getting a drink. I swiftly killed it with a bite to the neck. I buried it away from the water and moved on promising to come back for it later. I scented a squirrel and went for it too. Soon I had found 2 squirrels, a pheasent, and that vole by the water. I retrived my prey and headed to the ancient oak. I found Bramblepath there but not Brightshadow.

"Hi Rainheart! Great catch!" she bounded over to me a took the pheasent from my mouth.

"Thanks! That thing weights a lot. Where is Brightshadow?" I asked as I buried my prey near Bramblepath's.

"I don't know. I am kinda worried about him. I think we should look for him."

"He will be okay. If he isn't back soon then we can go look for him."

"You're right. I am overreacting. For now, remember what we were talk-" she was cut off by a yowl of pain and anguish.

I raced toward the sound right away with Bramblepath right by me. The sound came from the direction of the halfbridge and sure enough soon I smelled Brightshadow, blood, I sprinted faster but somehow Bramblepath got there first. I got to the scene and was shocked.

Brightshadow was fighting a fox. He was really bloody but the fox seemed bloody too. I jumped into the fray after Bramblepath. I leaped on the fox's back and clawed him for what seemed like forever until I was thrown clear. Then I heard a battle yowl.

Bramblestar had brought a battle patrol. Bloodclaw, Bumblestripe, Rowanclaw, Lionblaze, Foxleap, and Applefur were right behind him. Bloodclaw and Applefur each grabbed a leg of the fox. Lionblaze leaped on top of his head. Foxleap pushed me off to save me while he gripped onton the fox's back. Bumblestripe and Rowanclaw grabbed Brightshadow and Bramblepath and dragged them away. They then leaped in next to Bramblestar to take the fox on headfirst. I ran to my friends to check on them and protect them.

" Bramblepath! Brightshadow! What happened?!" I yowled.

"I don't know but Brightshadow is losing a lot of blood!" she pressed her paws on his belly to slow the flow of blood while I grabbed cobwebs. We wrapped the wound as best as we could and picked him up. I went to tell Bramblestar we were saving Brightshadow while Bramblepath started the journey back to camp.

"Bramblestar! We are taking Brightshadow back to camp! I will bring reinforcements!" I yowled to him.

"Hurry Rainheart. Run for help. Bramblepath can carry him! Hurry!" he ordered then jumped on the fox.

I raced back to Bramblepath and tol her the situation. I then raced back to camp and told Brackenfur. He ordered that Tawnypelt, Snowbird, Berrynose, Toadstep, and Darkmoon to follow me back to the fight. We raced back and found that Bramblepath was halfway home. As soon as we got there, the patrol attacked.

I grabbed the fox's tail and pulled hard. It yelped and tried to turn around and grab me. Bramblestar, Bumblestripe, and Rowanclaw were doing there job though because it could get around because they were on his face. The fox was a fighter though because he still fought on. Bramblestar yowled out to everyone to leap on the fox on his mark. He yowled go and we all leaped on the fox at once. The fox finally gave up and ran away yelping its head off. I looked at Bramblestar as he nodded at me, flicking his tail and that was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

Chapter 6

I woke up and found myself in the medicine den. I tried to get up but felt pain so I stayed down. I looked to my left and there was Bramblepath talking with Jayfeather and Applepaw. To my right was Brightshadow who was laying down too.

"Hey Bramblepath. What happened?" I asked.

She turned and looked at me,"Oh Rainheart! I thought you were dead!" she raced over to me and quickly covered me in licks.

Then Brightshadow woke up too,"Hey! What am I? Chop liver?"

She immediately stopped and ran to him. She licked him and cuddled him close. She started crying too,"Oh Brightshadow! I thought you were gone forever. I couldn't have lived without you."

"Nethier could I. Which is why I didn't let you go that direction when we hunted. I smelled the fox and told you to go the opposite way."

Bramblepath had a look of shock on her face,"Then why didn't you tell someone! You could have died! I would forever blame myself!"

"Bramblepath. It's okay. Forgive me. I didn't want to lose you to the fox. Also I wasn't sure if it was a stale scent. I didn't want to worry you."

She looked at me. I slowly nodded and she looked back at him,"I forgive you but never again will you do something so stupid. Promise?"she asked put her tail out to him.

"I promise."he said as he grabbed her tail with his.

"I am glad you two made up but would someone please help me up so I can sit?" I asked a little impatiently.

"Oh Rainheart!" Bramblepath helped me up and I started washing my blood stained fur.

"Bramblepath and I got most of it. We couldn't get all of it though." Applepaw told me. "You aren't allowed to leave camp for at least three days and aren't allowed out of here unless you can walk by yourself. Got it?"

"Yes Applepaw. Thanks. What about Brightshadow?" I asked.

"Same for him. You can recover together!" she said with a grin.

"Are any of you hungry? I am going to the fresh-kill pile now if you want anything." Bramblepath offered.

"I would love to have a squirrel if you would please get me one. Thanks so much Bramblepath." I said.

She dipped her head,"Applepaw? Brightshadow? What about you two?"

"I will eat whatever you eat." Brightshadow said." In fact we can share."

I chuckled with Applepaw before she answered," A mouse please. I ate at sunhigh. I am hungry!"

" Ok. A mouse, a squirrel, and a thrush. Got it covered. All of you should rest, especially you Applepaw. You have been working on Rainheart and Brightshadow since before sunset. Its now moonhigh. See the problem here!" she left and I turned towards Brightshadow.

"I am going to talk to Jayfeather. Send Bramblepath to me when she brings food please." Applepaw said as she went to see Jayfeather.

"Do you love her?" I asked Brightshadow.

"What?" he asked confused.

"Do you love her?" I repeated.


"You and I both know who I am talking about. Now answer me. Do you love her?" I was getting impatient.

He sighed, "Yes. I do. With all my heart. I would do anything for Bramblepath. I would never hurt her. Is that what you are worried about? Me hurting her?"

"Good. To admit it, I was a little worried yeah. Have you asked her to be your mate?"

" I didn't want to rush things because we were just made warriors two sunrises ago. I don't want to lose her because of my impatientance. I was planning to ask her at the gathering with you present. I was going to ask you for advice and to have support from you on this. I know that you are like a sister to her. I wanted your approval almost as much as Bramblestar's. Which is my next step. Do you have my back on this?" he sincerely wanted my approval. It was very touching.

Then Bramblepath came in. Brightshadow looked worried for a second then was cool.

"Thanks so much Bramblepath." he said.

"Yes. It is very much appreciated." I said as I took a bite out of the squirrel dropped at my paws. "Applepaw asked if you could go give her the mouse. She went to talk to Jayfeather."

"Thanks. Be right back!" she bounded off to find her. I leaned over to Brightshadow and uttered a single word.


Chapter 7

I woke up the next morning with Bramblepath and Brightshadow curled up next to me. I got up and stretched so I could go see Jayfeather. I wanted to be back out hunting and patrolling and I already felt a million times better. I padded back to Jayfeather and Applepaw's nests and found Jayfeather sorting herbs with Applepaw.

"Good morning Jayfeather. I wanted to find out if I was cleared for duty." I asked.

He turned around and looked me up and down before he spoke, "You are good. You can go ahead and patrol and such again. Take it easy just in case."

"Of course Jayfeather. Thanks so much to both of you." I said nodding to Applepaw too. "How about Brightshadow is he good to go too?"

"Yes he is. After he wakes up. The snoring furball kept me up half the night. Anyway. Have fun but not too much fun. Goodbye Rainheart."

"Bye Jayfeather!" I said as I bounded out of the den.

I ran up to the Highrock to see if I could be on a patrol. I looked up at Brackenfur and he looked at me with surprize.

"Rainheart? What are you doing here? You aren't allowed to patrol." He said.

"Jayfeather cleared me already. Brightshadow is cleared after he wakes up." I replied.

"Well in that case you can go on Tigerheart's hunting patrol. They are over by the entrance about to leave." He said flicking his tail towards the entrance.

"Thanks Brackenfur. I will bring back plenty of prey to make up for the time I was injured." I ran off and stopped in front of Tigerheart.

"Hey Rainheart. I am going to assume that you are on this patrol." He said smiling.

"Yep. Who else is coming?" I asked.

"Lightningleg, Bluefire, Berrynose, and Snowbird. We are also a border patrol. Hunting is after we check the RiverClan border."

"Great! Let's go!"

Tigerheart turned and bounded off with me at his side and the patrol behind us. Tigerheart led us to the RiverClan border. I stopped and marked part of the border while the rest of the patrol did the rest of the border.

"What are you doing here?" I heard a voice say. I looked up and saw a RiverClan patrol led by Reedwhisker.

Tigerheart quickly answered, "Marking our borders. How is RiverClan, Reedwhisker?"

"We are fine. How about ThunderClan?"

"We have recovered and are ready for anything."

"Are Rainheart and Brightshadow okay? I heard they were in pretty bad shape so I figured I should ask."

"We are ready to go." I interupted. "Brightshadow was still sleeping when I left for this patrol. We will be at the gathering tomorrow."

"Thats great. I will see you then I guess. Rainheart, I need to talk to you real fast." Reedwhisker said the last sentence just loud enough for me to hear.

"Good bye Reedwhisker." Tigerheart said.

Reedwhisker turned to his patrol. "Go ahead without me. I have to make dirt. I will catch up with you." A mottled gray tom nodded and the patrol left. Reedwhisker went to a bush and I followed quietly.

"Whats wrong?" I asked fearing for Fishleap.

"Absolutely nothing." He sighed, "Fishleap asked me to check on you and to tell you to meet him at the edge of ShadowClan's old territory in the cave there. That way he can talk to you in neutral territory tonight at moonhigh. Alone. I will keep all of this a secret but make sure you don't tell anyone."

I sighed with content, "I will be there. I have to tell Bramblepath and Brightshadow though. They will keep it secret. Thanks Reedwhisker. I will remember this."

He nodded as he left the bush and ran to his patrol. I left the bush and followed my patrol to go hunt.

I walked back into camp at sunset with two squirrels, 2 mice, and a vole. I kept the squirrels and put the rest on the pile. I went to the nursery and dropped off a squirrel then dropped the other off at the elder's den. I padded over to Bramblepath and Brightshadow who were sharing tongues by the warrior's den.

"Hey you guys. Have you eaten?" I asked as I sat down.

"No we haven't" Brightshadow answered. "We were waiting for you."

"Thanks after we eat, we need to talk." I trotted over to the fresh-kill pile and grabbed a rabbit for us all to share.

"Eat up." I said.

We devoured the rabbit and I had them follow me out to the ancient oak where I knew there would be no cats.

"Now that we are alone, I need to consult you guys on something." I slowly started.

"What is it?" Bramblepath asked with concern in her voice as she came to sit by me.

"I kind of agreed to meet a cat at the HOA at moonhigh." I lowered my head.

"Who?" Brightshadow asked calmly.

"Fishleap of RiverClan. I am in love with him and here is the weirdest part. I didn't set up the meeting. He sent his brother, Reedwhisker the deputy, to tell me during a patrol earlier. I think he loves me too."

"I support you Rainheart. If you want me to come I will come with you." Bramblepath kindly offered.

"I normally would but he said to go alone. I trust him so I will go alone."

"Fine but if you aren't home by the time the moon falls I will come looking for you." Brightshadow said.

"As will I. Make sure to be safe. Good luck." Brambelpath agreed stroking me gently with her tail.

"Let's go back to camp now and relax. Everything will be fine." I said standing up.

We padded back to camp side by side. When we got back there was a big crowd around the nursery. I looked at Bramblepath with fear and we raced over. I pushed through almost positive it was Dovewing. She was due anytime now as of yesterday. I was right.

Next to Dovewing were three small bundles of fur. One looked exactly like Tigerheart, the second one was a light, fluffy gray, and the last one was dark gray with white legs. The proud father, Tigerheart, was sitting next to Dovewing with his chest puffed out.

"Tigerheart." I said gently. "They are beautiful. What are their names?"

He pointed them out in their turn, "This dark brown one is named Tigerkit. The fluffy gray one is Dovekit. The dark gray one is Cinderkit."

"Good job Dovewing." I told her as I licked her head. " Good luck. I will leave you in peace now." I turned to leave.

"Rainheart wait." Dovewing said rasing her head.

"Yes Dovewing?" I asked now curious.

"I want you to mentor Tigerkit when he comes of age. I will tell Bramblestar myself. Good luck to you."

"Thank you so much Dovewing. Its a honor. I will do my best." I dipped my head and left to find that it was nearly moonhigh.

Chapter 8

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to Robo and Rainy for constantly reminding and pushing me to write. This is for you.

As I ran towards the HOA, think about a multitude of things the mian thing being Fishleap. I figured he would already be there but I wasn't sure. I hoped this wasn't a mistake. The two things I was worried about though was if he was lying and just came to kill me and the big one. If he actually loved me. I passed through the final row of trees before the cave at the edge of ShadowClan's old territory. Then I saw him. His fur was glistening in the moonlight with his black stripes seemingly popping of his pelt.

I padded up to him and licked his ear silently. "Hi Fishleap." I said with a purr.

He turned around in surprize in his eyes and then his gaze softened. "Good evening beautiful. I was hoping you wouldn't ditch me tonight." He touched my nose with his and flicked his tail toward the mouth of the cave. "Care to join me?"

"I would never decide not to come. Yes I do care to join you which is why I came to see you in the first place." I said jokingly walking next to him.

We sat down and he slipped into the cave and came out with a squirrel. "I figured you wouldn't want fish. Squirrel, I hear, is pretty good though." He laughed and nudged it towards me.

I gladly dipped my head and took a bite. "Thanks. It must have been some trouble you went to to get this."

"It really wasn't as hard as you think. I learned to hunt in the forest in our territory with my brother and we are training the others too just in case."

"Thats good. How do you like squirrel handsome?" I asked sweetly.

"Honestly? I think ThunderClan has it pretty good." He chuckled and I joined in. Then he grew serious.

"Listen. I uh...really like you Rainheart. I know we don't get that long to see each other but you know..." He trailed off.

I leaned against him. "I like you too Fishleap. We have three moons to see each other before we get drafted though and then we have a chance to get drafted together. They don't usually put Clanmates with Clanmates."

"I know three moons before we have a much higher chance to...die. My father died in the war. He was up against the leader of the rogues. He almost won too, but in the end it was too much. Mistystar was devastated. Reedwhisker and I were with her all the time for a moon. We were just apprentices then. I hope we can finally end it soon. Maybe if we get the same squad, our squad will be the ones to finish it." He looked sad then was fine again.

"I am sorry about your dad Fishleap. I never knew Mistystar was your mother. Who was your father?" I asked calmly licking his head in comfort.

"His name was Troutleap. My warrior name was given to me in honor of him." Fishleap looked at his paws and I saw his eyes tear up.

"Fishleap." I started slowly. "Troutleap must have been very brave to have fought the leader of the rogues. I met him at a gathering once. He was kind and looked just like you. Wasn't he the deputy at the time?"

"Thank you Rainheart. He was the deputy but he left to lead his warriors into battle. I saw him for the last time the night of that gathering. He left the next morning." Fishleap was openly crying now.

"I am sorry I brought up the topic. Come on. We can finish this in the cave." I grabbed the squirrel and wrapped my tail around him, guiding him to the cave. We laid down and he spoke with less tears.

"I think it helps to talk about him especially to you. if you don't mind my asking, who are your parents?" He curled up around me and we twined tails.

"My parents were nobodies like me. My mom was the daugther of the medicine cat at the time and a rouge. My dad was a...kittypet. He joined the Clan for my mom and me. They both died right after I was made an apprentice. They were running away when a monster ran them over. I was there when it hit them."I said kittypet with disgust and cringed at the end. "I hope it doesn't but if you don't care about me anymore then I understand. I am a filthy cat with no real Clan blood."

Fishleap didn't even flinch. Not the reaction I expected. He instead touched my nose and looked my directly in the eyes. "I don't care about your blood. I care about you. I am so sorry about your parents and I wish I could have helped you through it. Rainheart, you are the most beautiful cat I have ever met and I will never stop loving you. Your eyes are an amazing blue and your pelt is as pretty as a cat can get. Rainheart I know this is really sudden especially because we just met but I love you with all my heart. I will always protect you and I promise that no one will ever hurt you." He said it so sincerely, sweet, and kind that I couldn't bear it. I stood up pulling him up with me and I licked him on the forehead and stared at his blue and green eyes.

"I love you too. I will never love anyone else and I promise to be there for you always."

We finished the squirrel in silence then left the cave, twined tails and stared at the moon leaning against each other full of love.

Chapter 9

I padded back into camp with a rabbit in my jaws. The cat on guard was Darkmoon and he glared at me as I passed.

"Where were you?" He snarled.

I dropped my prey on the fresh-kill pile. "I went out right before you starting the guarding. I like to hunt in the moonlight." I lied walking towards the den.

"Whatever. Be on time next time." He went back to staring out the entrance.

I padded into the den quietly thinking about our meeting on the way to my nest in between Bramblepath and Lionblaze. I curled up and couldn't stop thinking about Fishleap. Then I remembered our conversation about the war.

Three moons until we get drafted...higher chance to die. I also remembered that we could get drafted together. At least we would die together and happy. I put my tail over my nose and fell asleep. I dreamed about Fishleap. We had ended the war and we were happily living together. It was beautiful.

I woke up and looked around. There was only one cat in the den and it was Darkmoon. I stretched and groomed myself before padding out of the den. I walked up to Brackenfur who was giving out last minute patrols.

"Lionblaze. I need you to lead a border patrol to the WindClan border. Take Bloodclaw, Ivypool, Toadstep, and Rainheart." Brackenfur said.

Lionblaze dipped his head and flicked his tail for us to follow. We walked out of the entrance then ran to the border. I followed behind Ivypool with Toadstep behind me and Bloodclaw right next to Lionblaze. I had never trusted the yellow eyed tom but he was my Clanmate none the less. Honestly, Darkmoon, Lightningleg, and Badgerfur weren't that trust worthy either in mind but I respected them. We started to mark the border when I heard a meow. I looked up and there was a WindClan patrol on the other side of the border. Emberfoot was leading Sunstrike, Harespring, Gorsetail, and Ashcloud. Then I saw Barkface with them. I was sucpicious but I smiled at Ashcloud and then looked at Emberfoot.

"Hello Emberfoot. How is the prey running?" I kindly asked.

"Hello Rainheart. Good. How about you?" He replied.

"Pretty good. Do you need anything?"

"Actually yes. I need you to take us to Bramblestar. I need to talk to him, Brackenfur, Jayfeather and Applepaw. Its important."

"Okay. Hold on. I will go get Lionblaze." I ran to get Lionblaze and explained the short verison.

"Follow me." Lionblaze said after we got there. The WindClan patrol was flanked on all sides by our patrol just in case. We got back to camp making good time. We entered and were greeted by glares. Lionblaze ran into Bramblestar's den and came out with Bramblestar and Squirrelflight.

"Good afternoon Emberfoot. What brings you to ThunderClan?" Bramblestar asked padding to him.

"We have come to speak with your deputy, medicine cats and yourself. May we speak privately?" Emberfoot replied smoothly.

"Of course. Rainheart, please fetch Jayfeather and Applepaw for me." I nodded and ran to the medicine cat den.

"Jayfeather, you and Applepaw have been requested by Bramblestar. WindClan is here with something important."

"Applepaw!" Jayfeather yowled. "We need to go speak with Bramblestar. Come!" We walked out and went Bramblestar.

"Thank you Rainheart." Brackenfur was next to Bramblestar now too. "Squirrelflight, Brackenfur, Jayfeather, Applepaw, Emberfoot, Barkface, and Rainheart. Please join me in my den." I was surprized at the fact that I was coming too but I was obedient and followed. We all fit comfortably and began.

"Rainheart, please repeat what Emberfoot told you at the border."

I dipped my head. "Emberfoot told me that he needed to talk to you and that it was important. I was sucipious because Barkface was with them. He asked if I would take him to you. I told him I had to go get Lionblaze so I did and we walked back here. That is all I know. Emberfoot didn't say anymore."

"Thank you Rainheart. Now Emberfoot, why are you here?" Bramblestar said calmly.

Emberfoot dipped his head. "We have come today because Barkface recieved a message from StarClan and was told to tell all the leaders. Barkface, tell Bramblestar your dream."

Barkface cleared his throat. "I was having a normal dream. I was hunting a mouse. Then I was in StarClan's forest in a heartbeat. Firestar, Leopardstar, and Tallstar came up to me and said 'Tell this propechy to all the leaders. To end the war you fist must end the Blood. No cat can stop Blood but six. Brambles and Reeds will surround the Blood with never ending paths and hard whiskers, Brightness will dampen their power with shadows, Ash will suffocate the power with clouds, and Rain will wash it away with the power of the Fish leaping with all its heart.' Then they were gone and I woke up. I don't understand it nor can I translate it alone. I was hoping the medicine cats could get together at the HOA and try to translate it."

Bramblestar glanced at me but only briefly. "Thank you Barkface for this. I will consult my Clan and send a messenger. Good bye. I will send the same patrol back with you to escort you to the border." I turned to leave with them but was stopped. "Except you Rainheart. Brackenfur, get me Brightshadow and Bramblepath." I turned back to Bramblestar and looked at him with surprize. Now we were alone, soon with Bramblepath and Brightshadow.

Bramblestar repeated the propechy and then spoke. "I don't know anything about this except for one thing. You three are part of this propechy."

<p style="text-align: center;">The End

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