Once, my friend, I was young, like you. Free to live life without the burderns of old age. My bones did not always ache like they do now, and, even though I expect you find it hard to believe, my nickname was not always Crusty. Yes, I know about that. I would ask you to stop, but I think Dandelion started it, and I cling onto everything to do with him. Did I love him? Yes, yes I did. I loved the young, golden tom with the bright eyes that were always sparkling with humour. I guess I loved the old Dandelion too, but whenever I think about him, he’s always young. No, not as young as you, but still young. No, it’s fine. You can never ask me too many questions, little one. Never. My days are too full of boredom, and questions help me. Probably make me live longer to. Oh, you want to hear a story now? About when I was young? A kit you say? Really? You want my life story? Well, I suppose I could give it to you. Just come along now and touch your nose to the Moonstone. Lets travel back in time together, way back to when I was just a kit.

Chapter One

Adderkit stumbled from the nursery, eyes wide

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