Authors Note: This story is the second story about Hiddenkit and Summitpaw. In this story, Hiddenkit's apprentice ceremony is coming up, how does Summtipaw feel in the wake of the celebration?

Summitpaw watched as Hiddenkit sat eagerly at the foot of the Echo Ledge. He couldn't get her out of his mind. Her glossy black coat, her gracelful stance, and her brilliant sun-like eyes made his head spin. He swallowed hard. Did she feel the same way about him? His train of thought was cut off by Kestrelstar's mighty yowl from the Echo Ledge. "By naming apprentices, we show that Riverclan will survive and remain strong. Hiddenkit, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?" Hiddenkit's eyes sparkled as she struggled to reply in a respectful manner. "I do" she finally answered. "Then by the powers of Starclan, Hiddenkit, you will now be named Hiddenpaw. Blacktail," Kestrelstar turned his gaze to a small black she-cat, "You will mentor Hiddenpaw. Be sure to follow her every step of the way" Blacktail dipped her head in response. Kestrelstar planted his muzzle on the top of Hiddenpaw's head and she hastily licked his shoulder. "Hiddenpaw! Hiddenpaw!" Hiddenpaw's clanmates cheered, Summitpaw's yowls could be heard over the crowd. He breathed in the excitement and silently whispered Congrats my angel

After the ceremony, Summitpaw approached Hiddenpaw with a nervous smile. "Uhh, congrats on becoming an apprentice, I can't wait to bunk with you in the apprentice's den" "Er, thanks" she answered. An awkward silence followed and after a few heartbeats Summitpaw broke the silence. "Well, if you need help finding a place to sleep, there is a nest next to mine" Hiddenpaw's eyes sparkled. For a heartbeat, he could have sworn he saw her return his feelings in that look in her eyes.

The End

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