Stareh Kitteh! Roses are red, but violets aren't blue...
THIS. This was my very first signature ever. I think it was around February of 2011, about a month after I joined. I caught on to coding quickly. :D

Choco Kittteh! $25 of chocolate is more than you think...
lol, I made this, like, two days after the one above. I was really getting into it. Anyways, the story for this one is that while at Kalahari, the water park, my dad and I went down to the chocolate shop and I guess he was having a sweet tooth or something because we spent $25 on chocolate. It came out to, like, three pounds. It was gone by the next night.

Lucky Clover Spring is coming!
Not much of a story behind this, I made it in March of 2011 around St. Patricks Day.

Hoppy Spring! Vote now!
Ha. This was obviously made around Easter time of 2011, and I was holding a poll for my first-ever story Gingerpaw's Prophecy...I think the poll was asking whether or not the reader liked the story. idek. I deleted it. xD But after a while of using the sig I realized the colors were horrendous, which resulted INNNN...

Hoppy Spring! Vote now!
This! :D I liked the colors much more. Much more Easter-y than orange.

Star Shattered to fix it?
MmmHMMM. I do believe this was around February of 2012 (all of my siggies are out of order from this point on, I'M SORRY) which was a particularly difficult time for me, so I assume I was in one of my various levels of depression when I made this. Can't recall the exact story to it.

The Game You just lost it.
Wee! Everyone loves the game! :D :D :D ...except you just lost it, so.

To infinity... ... AND BEYOND!!!
I wanted a little something different in my sigs (this is probably from the summer of 2011) so I googled something around the lines of "Popular Disney/Pixard movie quotes" and got Toy Story xD

I dream... ... OF ZAFFIE!!!
This siggie has one of my favorite backstories. One night, I believe over the summer of 2011, I had THEE single strangest dream ever. Zaffie was in it. She was a black guy but in the back of my mind I knew it was her. idek. But she suggested this siggie, so bam.

It's the Heathly Hollows... Mmm... magic candy bars!
lol, I was talking with Wetty on the IRC about the Deathly Hollows, and typoed it to Heathly. I was lol'ing cus I immediately thought about the candy bars called Heath, and Wetty goes "Magic candy bars!" It was amusing.

We are FREE!!! R.I.P. Osama bin Laden...uh, JK!!!
This is one of my noob-ier sigs. I made this in May of 2011, the day that Osama Bin Laden was found, shot, and turned into shark food. I originally had it as R.I.H Osama Bin Laden, but Fork made me change it :<

This is song lyrics from The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco :D

Shattered hearts... Can never truly be fixed... </3
Again, another one of my Depressed Stareh sigs. Found this one by scrounging through someone's talk page, I forgot I even made it, so idk what it is xD

Justice for Caylee! Casey Anthony is a murderer!
I made this around the time that Casey Anthony was proved innocent for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. I, obviously, though her guilty. xD

"You're addicted to conflict." *Looks at Vicodin* "They changed the name?"
This is a quote from the TV series House. :D A very good show, I love it, and this is one of my favorite quotes. Portrays House pretty much in one line. xD

Stareh Love Love Love
This was pretty much my default sig for a while. I had the same sig probably four times, all with different colors.

All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks... Better run, better run, outrun mah gun! :D
Lyrics from the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. :D Good song

Stargazer The smart, the brave, the intelligent, the- SQUIRREL!
I honestly don't remember this sig /at all/, I found it by scrounging through someone's talk. And as Red so kindly pointed out, I used the word smart twice, just with a different synonym. xD

Star The leaves are starting to fall...
This is pretty much my current default sig for fall/Thanksgiving

Stargaze Gobble gobble! :P
An older Thanksgiving sig

Lonely star In a snow-filled sky... Merry Christmas Bluesnowflake
My default Christmas/winter sig

Stareh Love Love Love
Oh, look! My old default sig with a variation in color! :D

I am Billy the Mexican and I am your Class Dog.
Daw. This was from Maple's (not Maplewing, Maplefern, our loveleh Steve) Class List. I am Billy, the Class's Janitor Dog :D I don't remember where the Mexican part came from, actually, LOL

3-23-12. The world will be watching.Mockingjay
I. LOVE. This siggie. It was for the premier of The Hunger Games movie in...March of 2012. idk I just really love it. <3

Hmm, not much of a story to this, just yer average sig.

To love is to destroy. I believed that. And then I met you.
I lub dis sig <3 it's a quote from...City of Glass, I think, from the Mortal Instruments series. Said by Jace to Clary. :D

Outta control is how we roll
This is a quote from Lizard Lick Towing. Loooove dat show. Vry ossim show. <333

I figure life's a gift, and I don't intend on wasting it.
Titanic quote! Weeeeee~!

Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't mind spending it by your side
Song lyrics from the song I Wouldn't Mind by He Is We :)

Pretty much my default sig now :3

Is this all we get...  to be absolute?
This is lyrics from the song Absolute by The Fray, aka The Best Band In The Whole Wide World. :D

Jace  I was born amazing.
Well. Jace refers to Jace Lightwood/Morgenstern/Wayland/Herondale/whatever from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The pink text is a quote by him and I couldn't help but agree :D

Clary  Love takes your choices away.
Another TMI siggie. Making a whole series of TMI siggies, woohoo! This one is for Clary/Clarissa Morgenstern/Fray/Fairchild, and obv the gray text is a quote by her. xD

Isabelle  Don't you know better? Hearts are breakable.
Izzy/Isabelle Lightwood. Hopefully by now you've noticed a pattern and can figure out what the sig means on your own.

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