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hello this is my playlist of good music

i am an uncool canadian kid

hey, i'm Gracyn. but please call me Ninja unless we suddenly use first names around here. any pronouns are chill w me. i actually joined WFW in 2012, don't be fooled by my info up there. i just needed a new account after i got over the weird edgy teenager phase my old username reflects. i'm nineteen years old so according to my last profile i've been inactive for two years. i've gotten over warriors but i haven't grown out of it and now i may be back in an attempt to start writing again. i'm an aspiring marine biologist, currently just a sad college biology student, but if that doesn't work out i also really like beetles.

please come to me for questions about whales and sharks for they are my loves!! also see photo of my adopted daughter Scarlet, what a beaut.

also if you want a userpage theme or just a navigation bar or something hmu and i can help you! if i tell you no then don't back down lol just ask again in a few days. for bigger projects i may expect something in return, probably a comment on a chapter or two on my fic. I can also do signatures or themes for your fanfiction pages :^)

Vancouver whale watch.jpg

the lovely Scarlet and big brother Mike!

▶️ current favourite song ▶️

The Virus - A Tribe Called Red

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