This is the first book in my The Flowing Petals  arc. Some cats are from different timesor not official. Brown is Tawnyspots, white, Brindlewing.

Part 1

The Prophecy

Chapter One

Tawnykit pounced out of the nursery, looking for Redkit. He had never seen snow, so he was intrigued by the way it burned his paws. A moment's distraction, and CRASH! 

The deputy, Starflower, glared at Tawnykit. "TAWNYKIT! Be careful!!"

"Where's Redkit?"



"Go! Now!"



Tawnykit bounded up to highrock, feeling excited. Wildstar stood on the majestic structure, staring at Redkit, who was............touching noses with Wildstar? Wildstar was Redpaw's mentor! But Tawnykit was barely up when a cat appeared, saying, "A sickness will strike and the forest will fall. Unless... You must seek the Ending Pearl."

Chapter Two

"Tawnypaw! Redpaw!"

Tawnypaw felt happiness rush through him. He had a prophecy to fulfill, but he was an apprentice! How could he do it?

(I am skipping 12 moons here.)

"Tawnyspots! Redtail!"

Tawnyspots knew his time had come to go to seek the Ending Pearl, so he waited for dusk. Then, he crept out of camp, knowing his quest had begun.

Part 2

The Quest

Chapter Three

Tawnyspots felt a pang for leaving Redtail without so much as a goodbye, but he padded on, hoping to find the Ending Pearl, but he was stopped by a menacing snarl. He dropped into a crouch instinctively,  hearing the words. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

It was Brindlepaw, a WindClan apprentice. There was fury clouding her blue eyes, but she was still beautiful.


"BrindleWING," she corrected him. "I'm a warrior."

"Congratulations, Brindlewing! Brindlewing! Brindlewing!"

"Why are you here?"

"I'm looking for something called the Ending Pearl. StarClan sent me."

"I can help you."

Chapter Four

Tawnyspots walked in front of Brindlewing, guiding her.  

"You sure about this?"  

Suddenly, a shriek split the air. Tawnyspots made a mad dash for the source.  

A tiny kit was on the ground, obviously in pain. "I'm Thistle!" it squeaked.  

"I'll take care of you."  

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