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New Announcer: Welcome to Tallsta-


Announcer who is revealed to be Jayfeather: BWAHAHAHA! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, COPPERS! *runs into crowd, crashing into various cats*

Cinderpelt: Hey!

Lionheart: Jayfeather!

Foxheart: What the heck!?

Leafpool: Heeeeey!

Jayfeather: *after crashing through the crowd, stumbles and falls at the paws of Ashfoot and Crowfeather* OH NUUUUUUUU! D:

(Ashfoot and Crowfeather drag Jayfeather away)

Jayfeather: *hissing and spitting*

Tallstar: Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, this is Tallstar Adverti-

New New Announcer: -ses television shows!

Tallstar: Who is it now!?

Greywing (WC): *le gasp* Thunder! My foster son! :D

New New Announcer who is revealed to be Thunder: Daddeh! :D *runs toward Greywing*

Greywing: *huggles Thunder*

Dustpelt: NUUUUUUU!

Greywing and Thunder: *both look at him* What?

Dustpelt: Too emotional! D:

Everyone except Dustpelt: -__-'

Tallstar: *points at Dustpelt* Security!

(Russetfur and Rowanclaw tackle Dustpelt and drag him away)

Dustpelt: *struggles* NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

Tallstar: ANYWAY! This time, I am announcing...


(All cats in crowd are asleep)

Tallstar: *speaks into megaphone* TV SHOWS!!!

(All cats jerk awake, looking around in bewilderment)

Onewhisker: So, how will this be set up?

Tallstar: So, I'll play a section of the show on the screen behind me.

Onewhisker: Ah, okay.

Tallstar: The first TV Show iiiiiiis... being shown on the screen behind me! *TV appears behind Tallstar*

Harry Paw-tter

Main Cast Bluestar - Dumbledore

Lionheart - Hagrid

Rusty/Firepaw - Harry

Greypaw - Ron

Sandpaw - Hermione

Tigerclaw - Snape

Mousefur - McGonagall

Dustpaw - Malfoy

Nutmeg - Aunt Petunia

Jake - Uncle Vernon

Rusty's brother whom I will give a name to/Duke - Dudley


(Nutmeg, Jake, and Duke are in a big, warm cat bed, while Rusty is sleeping on the cold floor.)

Rusty: Ugh, why can't they remember my birthday for once?

(A banging sound from outside alerts all of them)

Lionheart: *breaks down the cat door*

Nutmeg, Jake, and Dudley: *all frozen with fear*

Rusty: *slinks behind a support beam for the house*

Lionheart: Sorry 'bout 'at. *pushes door back into place*

Duke: *scrambles away to sit between Nutmeg and Jake*

Lionheart: *looks at Duke* Well, Rusty. You're fatter than I expected, but-

Duke: I-I'm not Rusty...

Rusty: *comes out* I am.

Lionheart: *faces Rusty* I knew 'at. Oh, I've got somethin' fer ya'. *takes a tightly-woven bramble box-like thing out of his collar fur* Happy birthday, Rusty.

Rusty: *claws the brambles, tearing a hole in them* *sees a large sparrow, supposedly a birthday cake* Thanks. *puts the sparrow aside* Can you tell me who you are?

Lionheart: M' name's Lionheart.

(Duke drags the sparrow a tail-length away and starts to eat it)

Rusty: Why are you here?

Lionheart: You're a warrior, Rusty.

(TV cuts off to static)


(Yowls of complaint rise from the crowd)

Tallstar: Quiet, quiet, quiet! *waits till all of the yowls die down* The next show iiiiiiiiiiiis...!

(TV flashes on)

Circle of Fortune


Redtail as your host!

Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze (Lionblaze: Yay! I'm on TV! :D) as the contestants!

And Bumblestripe (Bumblestripe: *is forced onto Circle of Forture stage in a pink, sparkly dress* I'm mortified for the rest of my life...) as your letter... revealer... thingy... ANYWAY, TO THE SHOW!


Redtail: Welcome to-!


Redtail: Revealing the contestants!

(First contestant, a black pelted she-cat, steps behind the first desk)

Redtail: *stuffs microphone into her mouth* Tell us your name!

She-cat: *pushes microphone away* Ahem. I'm Hollyleaf, and I come from ThunderCl-

Redtail: *throws Jay and Lion behind the other two desks* Let's get started! HOLLYLEAF! Would you like to spin theeeeee-!


Redtail: -or buy a vowel?

Hollyleaf: I'll spin the-

Crowd: *cuts her off* -CIRCLE! OF! FORTUUUUUUUUUUUNE!

Hollyleaf: Yeah, that. *spins the Circle*

Circle: *lands on a Vacation spot*

Hollyleaf: YES! :D

Circle: *turns one time and lands on the 'Lose a Turn' card*

Hollyleaf: D::::

Redtail: TOO BAD! Lionblaze, spin the-


Lionblaze: *grits teeth and spins the circle*

Circle: *lands on $1,000,000 spot*

Lion: YEAH! The letter I choose iiiiiiis... G!

Redtail: Any G's, Bumblestripe?

Bumblestripe: NOPE.

Lionblaze: *throws paws over head*

Redtail: Jayfeather, spin the-


Jayfeather: *paw smacks Lionblaze in the head*

Lionblaze: OW!

Jayfeather: Oops. *spins circle*

Circle: *lands on UBER EPIC VACATION spot*

Redtail: Would you like to take a guess, Jayfeather?

Jayfeather: Hmmmmm... is it 'You are all idiots.'?

Redtail: YEEEEEUP!

Bumblestripe: *reveals the sentence*

Redtail: COME AGAIN, ALL OF YO- Um, H-Hollyleaf, Lionblaze? Why do you look so mad? Sheathe your claws! SHEATHE THEM!

(Curtain closes as Redtail's screams are heard, and then the TV turns to static)


Tallstar: I'd SO join that show! Some of the satisfied stars are here! First, Ferncloud!

Ferncloud: *comes onto stage, waving like paid TV actress* I was on Circle of Fortune, and it was... um... *whispers* What was my line again?

Tallstar: *whispers* It was awesome! I won!

Ferncloud: And it was awesome! I won!

Tallstar: *throws her offstage* LAST SHOW!

Judge Millie

Judge - Millie


Millie: *slams a mallet on the desk* Order, order in the court!

(Talking dies down)

Millie: What is the problem?

Goldenflower: *points at Tigerstar* He left my Clan and became mates with *voice turns scornful* her! *points a claw at Sasha*

Mllie: Hrm, so you still have feelings for Tigerstar, is that right?

Goldenflower: Yes.

Sasha: So you're accusing me!?

Goldenflower: Yup!

(Sasha and Goldenflower slap-flight)

Millie: Order! ORDER!!

Sasha: *pushes Golden away and crosses arms, sulking*


Tigerstar: Wha- wait, I have a contract! *is dragged away by two cats*

Millie: *thumbs-up pose*

(TV static)

Tallstar: IF YOU WANT TO BE ON ANY OF THESE SHOWS, DIAL 1-800-NOT A REAL-NUMBER TODAY! *curtains close in front of him*

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