Hi Hazelflame,

Am I able to add a cat if so...

Name- Flameblaze

Gender- F

Rank- Warrior
Ginger Cats Front

Appearance- Flameblaze has a fire-like pelt. She is long-haired with darker ginger stripes on her pelt. She had one white sock on her right front paw. Reference on the right,

Strengths- Hunting and Battle Techniques.

Apprentice- If you want Flameblaze to have an apprentice then I don't mind.

Personality- Flameblaze is a feisty she-cat. She can get very defensive towards her fellow FireClan cats. 

Mate- I am open if you want her to have a mate.

Kits- None yet

Family- Unkown 

I think that is it. Thanks, Hazelflame19. :)

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