This is a series page for many things. I have many OCs, and I've decided to write about them! Before I took a test to find out which clan I'd be in, I decided I wanted to be in either RiverClan or ThunderClan. I made myself names.... and created a family.  Here are the stories of my OC's from RiverClan and ThunderClan: (By the way, these are more of a 'free time' thing)


The links will come soon, since I haven't created any pages, but the titles are still here.

(This space is so you don't accidentally press a different link that you don't want)

  • Hollyshine's lesson - This is about another OC from RiverClan.

  • Spottedfur's will - This is about my last main OC from RiverClan. 

By the way, this doesn't include stories of their mates' lives.


Like RiverClan, I have three main OC's from ThunderClan. 

  • Stripedleaf's trial - This is about my most main OC from ThunderClan.

  • Ivytail's choice - This is about another of my OC's in ThunderClan

  • Stagstripe's hope - My last main OC from ThunderClan
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