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This is The Clan Leader. It is a mix between Warrior Cats and The Lion King. (I own neither.)

Th plots may not line up for the reason that the Lion King and Warrior Cats are not the same in many ways, but just enjoy it. That's why I wrote it!

Somehow recreating this iconic scene

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants ingonyaaaaaaaaama baaaagithi babaaaaaaaa!’ (You get the idea.)

A blue she-cat with blue eyes stood on highrock, a pretty she-cat stood by her side. A small flame-colored tom sat at her paws.

ThunderClan cats from all over looked up and made their way to High Rock.

At the rock, the Blue cat, Bluestar and the other one, Spottedleaf watched the incoming cats.

Beyond the crowd, a dark tom with dark eyes decided not to come, and it wasn’t like Bluestar didn’t notice.

So, Spottedleaf rubbed herbs on the kit's head and called to the clan.

Bluestar stepped towards the end of the rock.

“Cats of ThunderClan!” She yowled “Today, we welcome Rusty to our clan! From this day forward, we will call him Firepaw. He will be my apprentice and possibly our future clan leader!”

The clan cats cheered and bowed to their leader.

Light from StarClan poured on the new apprentice and at that moment, ThunderClan knew that his young warrior was like no other…

Bad to the Bone

The tom that didn’t come sat in an empty cave, toying with a mouse.

“Life’s not fair, is it? You see, I will never be a leader, and you will never see the light of another day!”

That was Tigerclaw.

He was jealous because he had always wanted to be leader, but was sure that Firepaw would be next instead.

“Didn't your mother tell you not to play with your food!” a white tom sneered from the entrance to the cave.

“What do you want, Whitestorm?” Tigerclaw moaned.

“I am here to tell you that Bluestar is on her way! You better have a good excuse for missing the ceremony for Firepaw!” Whitestorm replied, calmly.

“I quiver with fear.” Tigerclaw spat and lunged at the white tom.

“Tigerclaw! Let him go!” Bluestar yowled from the doorway.

“Ahhh, Bluestar. Seems now you care about your mere warrior.” he said, mockingly.

“Where were you today?” Bluestar challenged.

“I forgot. I feel simply awful!” Tigerclaw gasped, lying.

But Bluestar knew that he didn’t really care.


“Tigerclaw, you are the deputy! You should’ve been first in line!” Whitestorm hissed.

“I was! I was until you took in the kittypet.”

“The kittypet is my apprentice and will one day become deputy if anything happens to you.”

“Or if you replace me.” Tigerclaw growled.

Fool. Bluestar thought. But he was right, Bluestar was planning  to replace the old deputy with the new apprentice once he became a leader.

Tigerclaw turned and stalked off.

Bluestar sighed.

Our territory

“Come on Firepaw! Don’t lag behind!” Bluestar purred.

Struggling to keep up, Firepaw raced towards his mentor.

“Look Firepaw, everything the light touches is our territory.”

“Wow! What about that shadowy place?”

Bluestar shook her head and replied “That’s beyond our borders. Never go there.”

“Oh. But I thought a warrior could do what they like!” Firepaw squeaked.


“You are an apprentice now. You’ll understand when you’re older.” Bluestar replied.

“Firepaw, remember:

defend your clan, even with your life, you may befriend cats from other clans, but you may not mate with them and remember hat you may have to fight them on day.

Don’t trespass on another clan’s turf.

Queens and elders will be fed first.

Prey is killed only to be eaten and thank StarClan for its life.

A kit must be six moons to become an apprentice.

After an apprentice is made a warrior, they must be quiet all night, during a vigil.

You can’t be a deputy unless you’ve had an apprentice or told otherwise.


The deputy will become leader after the leader dies, retires, or is exiled.

If a new deputy has to be chosen, it must be before moonhigh.

A gathering must hold a truce, no battling during this time.

Boundaries must be respected and marked daily and challenge all trespassing cats.

No warrior should neglect a kit in need no matter which clan it’s from.

The word of the leader is the warrior code.

An honorable warrior does not need to kill a cat to win a battle.

A warrior rejects the life of a kittypet.

In hard times, clans are expected to help each other.

This, Firepaw, is the Warrior Code. We are all connected by these rules and you must respect them in order to be called a warrior.”

“Okay. I’ll remember.” Firepaw replied.

“The patrol has returned!” Whitestorm called. “Shadowclan on our borders!”

“Go home!” Bluestar instructed Firepaw.

Running home, Firepaw felt sad that he couldn’t come along.

Tigerclaw’s plan

“Tigerclaw! Guess what!” Firepaw mewed to the snoozing deputy.

Tigerclaw picked up his head. “I despise guessing games.”

“I learned the code!”

“Oh goodie.”

“Yeah! Bluestar showed me the whole territory!” Firepaw mewed with a jump.

“Did she? She didn’t show you the darkness, did she?” Tigerclaw asked, a plan forming in his mind.

“No. She said I can’t go there.”

“And she’s right! Only the bravest, toughest warriors go on to ShadowClan land!” Tigerclaw meowed, knowing that he would be able to convince the apprentice to go there.

“Well, I’m tough and brave! What’s out there.”

“Can’t tell you. When you grow up you’ll find out!” Tigerclaw replied.


“Don’t ever go. Promise me that now!”

“No problem!” Firepaw replied.

“There. It’s our little secret.”

Tigerclaw smirked as the young tom ran off, obviously to go to the place he’d been instructed never to go.

Finally the apprentice would be gone and Tigerclaw able to be Tigerstar.

Try to convince… A lot harder than it looks...

Two she-cats sat on a rock talking to each other.

Brindleface and Willowpelt were their names.

Both cats were grooming kits.

Brindleface’s daughter was Sandpaw and Willowpelt’s son was Graypaw.

“Hey Firepaw!” Sandpaw meowed.

*Ehhh* Hi Firepaw. Mom! I’m clean, okay?!” Graypaw moaned.

Both apprentices raced towards Firepaw.

“I heard about this great place!” Firepaw said.

“Where is this great place?” Willowpelt asked.

“Errrr, around Sunning Rocks!” Firepaw lied.

“Uh. What’s so great about Sunning Rocks?!” Sandpaw replied.

“Show you when we get there.” Firepaw whispered through clenched teeth.

Dustpaw, Sandpaw’s brother rolled his eyes and put his head on his paws.

“Mom can I go?” Sanpaw asked.

“Me too?” Graypaw piped in.

“Well…” Brindleface started.

“We have been seeing signs of RiverClan over there.” Willowpelt mewed.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Brindleface decided.

“Pleeeeeeeeease!” all three begged.


“Okay… Fine! Only if Whitestorm comes with you!”

“Uh oh.” Firepaw moaned.

Just can’t wait to be leader

“Come on ‘paws! Let’s go faster so we can get there faster!”

“So where are we really going?” Sandpaw asked.

“ShadowClan.” Firepaw mewed.

“Wow!” Graypaw said.

“Shhhhhhhh! Whitestorm!” Firepaw warned.

“Right.” Graypaw said.

“So how are we gonna ditch the dodo?” Sandpaw asked.

“I know.” Graypaw whispered.

“Now look at you two.” Whitestorm purred to Firepaw and Sandpaw.

“Yeah?” Firepaw asked.

“Yup, two future mates in the making.” Whitestorm declared.

“Ewww!” all three cats grimaced.

“Sorry, it’s tradition, plus you two are pretty close…” Whitestorm laughed.

Graypaw stood there, awkwardly.

“Well when I lead the clan, that’ll go.” Firepaw replied, puffing his chest.

“Yeah.” Graypaw mewed.

“By then I hope you have some sense.” Whitestorm sneered, playfully.

“In that case, you’re fired!” Firepaw spat.

“Only the leader can do that!” Whitestorm laughed, amused.

“We’ll he is the future leader!” Sandpaw insisted.

“You’ll have to do what I tell you!” Firepaw yowled.

“Not yet I don’t! With that attitude, you’ll be a pretty pathetic one indeed!”

“Not the way I see it!” Firepaw declared.

Singing a playful song, the kits ran through the territory and eventually lost Whitestorm.

“We did it!” Graypaw meowed.

“I am a genus!” Firepaw declared.

“Hey Genus! It was my idea.” Sandpaw said.

“But I pulled it off!” Firepaw argued.

“Did ya?”  Sandpaw asked.

“Oh yeah?!”

The two cats wrestled until Sandpaw pinned Firepaw on his back.

“Pinned ya.”


Then Firepaw attacked again.

“Pinned ya again!” Sandpaw declared.

“Wow!” Graypaw mewed.

They saw deep dark woods and stood still in silence.



“C’mon! Let’s explore!” Firepaw decided.

All three cats looked around.

“We could be in big trouble…” Graypaw whispered.

“So?” Firepaw growled.

They didn’t hear the sound of something creeping behind…

“Hey! We’re way beyond the border now! Come to me now!”

Whitestorm stood inches away.

“Too late.” Sneered a voice.


A large tom with a crooked tail slunk out of the bushes.

Two toms followed.

“Brokenstar.” Whitestorm hissed.

“What are you doing on our land?!” the tom snarled.

“It was by mistake.” Graypaw replied.

“ThunderClan… how interesting. I haven't sunk my teeth into ThunderClan flesh for moons!” a dark tom sneered.

“Hello Darkstripe, how is life as a traitor working for you?” Whitestorm hissed.

“Do you know what we do to trespassers?” a white tom with black paws asked.

“You can’t do anything to me.” Firepaw hissed.


“Actually they can, we are on their land.” Whitestorm replied.

“Kill ‘em.” Brokenstar instructed.

 Trying to escape, the cats had no chance against the ShadowClan warriors.

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