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This is a poem written by Brams. (I love poem writing <3333) My other poems are here.

NOTE: This contains spoilers for Tallstar's Revenge - read this at your own risk if you haven't read it :)

Enjoy <33333

Sworn Revenge

You killed my father,

Useless rogue,

You fled without him,

Forced him to drown

In the shadowed tunnels.

I will find you, and swear revenge.

Away from the moor I go,

To find you, for revenge,

You will die - and I am sure of it,

Come here - and I will get you now -

Or when I recover, in fact,

From these jabs and bites of a live rat.

I'm still coming to find you,

And I've got my companion,

You would never guess who he is,

He's nothing like you.

Along the Twolegplace, past the Clan of shadows,

I'm coming to swear revenge.

I've found the perfect place

For you to die.

A cliff

Right by the Thunderpath.

I'll corner you there -

And shove you to your death.

This is where I make my move.

Get right there - yes!

Now you're falling - wait!

You're caught - still no mercy.

Oh, really, that's how it is?

Okay, okay... you win.

Run, run! You're forgiven.

Now I have to go,

Wait - I'll never see you again?

I suppose you must say so.

Goodbye forever, that is -

I'll still remember you.

... You really did tell the truth.

I made the right choice.

I didn't kill you.

... Sparrow, he was a hero...

Why didn't I see that before?

I was cut off....

... but I made the right choice.

And now, as I walk in the stars...

... I still remember...

My name is Tallstar,

And this was the time I had sworn revenge.

Author's Note

This is the first of my poems I made up on the spot. XD I love the ending to this - it's so beautifullllll <33333

Links to my other poems are above.

Comment please - I like comments :) - but please be nice! :)

Until next time,

--Happy Halloween 06:12, November 2, 2014 (UTC)

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