-This is a Short Story for my fanfic series; Shadows in Our Blood

-Blood and death warning

“Shadowfoot, you don’t need to devote your love to me so soon. Windnose was killed only a moon ago.” Swoop tried his best to persuade her.

          “But I do. Windnose wants me to be with you. He came to me in a dream.” Swoop suppressed a sigh. All this StarClan and dreams of the future. It’s nonsense if you ask me.

          “Is it what you want?” He asked her. Swoop loved Shadowfoot more than anything, but because of that, he needed her to be sure.

          “Swoop, are you listening to me?” She prompted, “I want to be with you. Do you want to be with me as much as I love you?” Swoop let out a little gasp.

          “Of course! More than anything, don’t you ever think different.”

          “Then we can be together?”

          “Yes. Shadowfoot, I promise you that I will never let harm come to you again. When VineClan stole you from home the last time, I was worried sick. I never ever want that again. You will be safe now, I promise.”

          “Swoop. I know you do. But,” she paused, looking uncertain, “I’m expecting kits.” Swoop felt his fur prick with anger.

          “So you are having kits with a different tom. I’m not enough?” Shadowfoot looked bewildered.

          “Swoop, sometimes I wonder how big of a mouse brain you can be. The kits are yours! Yours and mine! You are going to be a father!” Swoop suddenly understood. His pelt flooded with joy and embarrassment.

          “That’s wonderful! Our kits! They will be so beautiful like their mother.”

          “And strong and brave like their father.” Swoop purred. If StarClan really exists, this is the best thing they could ever give me!


Swoop looked at the fox in front of him. There was no time to think. He shoved Shadowfoot behind him and reared, slashing his foreclaws across the fox’s muzzle. Blood spattered the ground and the fox thrusted it’s head into Swoop’s belly and clamped it’s jaws down, tearing his stomach open. Swoop screeched in pain and terror as he hit the ground. The pain was nothing compared to the love he felt for Shadowfoot. He looked up at her.

           “Shadowfoot,” Swoop croaked weakly, “help… me.” It was becoming a struggle to breathe. He heard pawsteps thrumming though the forest and the fox turned and ran for cover. A MoonClan patrol had found them! Swoop could hear Shadowfoot’s desperate cries as his vision faded. Then silence. He could feel the life draining out of his limbs. I love you. He wanted to say to his mate. I’m so sorry that I can’t help you raise our kits. Grief swept through his whole body, causing him to shudder. A pain so unbearable that Swoop wished he was already dead came over him and an eerie silence fell on the black mist that was closing in on his mind. And then he knew no more.

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