A story idea I had. And it's a little game- your job is to find out what the perspective is, and how I'm telling the story. Good luck~! Oh, and no prize for the winner. Sorry.


What now?! Do the cats in my dreams even hurt me again?! No? Oh. Well, okay then. I guess it'd be nice to have a friend.

What's your name? Ooh, that's a pretty name. I like it. Sunfire. It's really warm and comforting to me. You're welcome! It's nice to have someone to talk to. Oh, me? I'm Blizzardpaw.

You really think so? Thanks! No one's said what a nice name Blizzardpaw is, and they've never told me I looked pretty. But thanks! I guess dreams are a start for everything.

Do you like this little meadow, Sunfire? It's a little place I made up. A little place where I can play in, where the real world can't bother me. Where do you live? I bet it's really nice. A nice cat like you has gotta come from a nice place!

Oh, really? Would that be too much to ask for? Thanks! I'd love to see your home!

Oh, mouse-dung! Sorry, Sunfire! I think I'm waking up. I'll see you tomorrow night, okay~? Bye!


Oh. Oh, hey Sunfire. What? Oh yeah, everything's just fine. Sunfire, I have a question. What do you do when some cat starts talking meanly about you? Yeah, Silverpaw's been saying that I'm just mouse-brained and that I'm half-clan. I mean, I know I'm half-clan, but it can't be that bad!

Yeah, the gray tom. That one. Really? Thanks. He won't listen to anything I say.

When can I see your home? Sometime later? Sounds good to me! Let me show you around my meadow! I call it..... Blizzard Meadow! Yes, I came up with it on the spot.

So here, this is the Flower Patch! I know there are flowers everywhere, but this Flower Patch is different from the others. This flower patch has a really pretty flower. See, look, it's over there! The purple-blue one that fades into white later on. I haven't named it yet. Indigo? Yeah, that's a good name! I like it! Indigo........

And over here is the Beyonder Woods. I haven't gone there yet cause it's dark and stuff, so I just stay in Blizzard Meadow. Maybe I'll go there later.

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