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Brighthollow padded inside the damp, mossy log, three kits jolting inside her belly. She would not give birth yet, no. She would wait, it was the only thing to do. 

It seemed like it had been hours before she realized her mate would not be coming. Brighthollow's kits would not meet their father. They would be raised in Shadowclan. Rain splattered down, it was now or never.

She forced her eyes open. Three kits lay before her. She had hoped to be naming then with him, but that wasn't an option. She felt no anger towards him, but rejected. Heartbroken. "Darkkit... Sandykit..." She couldn't think of a name for the last one. All she could think of was him. He was supposed to name her. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the rain, and the dark misty haze seemingly evaporated. She stood as tall as she could in the broken down log, protecting her new newborn kits from any harm, but then she stopped. It was him. 

He did not apologize for being late. He did not seem happy his kits were born. He just asked which was his and what she named it. Brighthollow felt heartbroken. "She's not an it!" She cried out. He looked unimpressed. She wanted to scream, don't you love me anymore?! He took the kit before she could even murmur a name. He trotted off and all Brighthollow could do was cry as the tom she loved ran and the kit she loved went with him.

It had been hours. She had lost all hope of enough energy to move. It wasn't until the rain stopped, and the sun came up for dawn she realized how hungry her kits must be. She laid back down in the small log and let her kits nurse. Only Darkkit stirred. He wobbled forward, but Foxkit was still asleep. Brighthollow gently pawed her. And again. Realization dawned over her, crept over her face. She looked away. Too much.

It had not even been an hour. Voices came nearer. Shadowclan, familiar voices. She was happy they came to collect her. Once they heard what she's been through, they would take Darkkit and her back to camp. She felt happy, but sad that she had not been able to come clean in her own way. Her best friend, Kitetalon was in the patrol. And Dustbird too, the deputy. Everything would be all right.

They found her. They weren't friendly. They chased her. She ran with her kit in her mouth, to Riverclan. With their father. She had to at least try. Pain. She tripped on a bramble. Betrayal, as Kitetalon approached. Confusion, as she stepped back, not killing her. Realization, as Dustbird came forward. Voices. "Dustbird, do we have to do this? Please, she's a good cat!" Dustbird... "Do you doubt me? When I am leader, I will not have traitors in my clan and she's a traitor!" Crying now. "But she has a kit! And Copperstar said-" Fear. "Copperstar is an old blind elder! He has no wisdom and I'll be leader soon enough! And we'll take the kit back to Shadowclan, say Brighthollow died having kits!" Silence. "But who will be it's mother?" Disgust, she felt disgust now. No one could take her place as Darkkit's mother. "Like I care! For all it's worth you be the kits mother!" Then Dustbird's scent became stronger. He was close, Brighthollow hide behind a fern, cowering over her kit. She saw him, she smelled blood, she realized she was going to Starclan.

Chapter One

Ripplepaw curled around the moss in the apprentices den, completely unable to sleep. For some reason she felt an excitement, but a fear too. It curled in her stomach, keeping her eyes wide open. She groaned aloud. Tomorrow was her assessment, but she'll be tired the whole way through. Hawkpaw and Beechpaw laid in the dark apprentices den too, but neither were having the same problems as her. Is this just anxiety? Nervousness? She begged the question. Alas, no answer appeared to her.

It was morning. Ripplepaw's eyes couldn't stay awake until her mentor finally sighed and headed off to Fangstar's den. Then her eyes opened. Why would Sleekpelt go to see Fangstar? And then it dawned on her. Sleekpelt might delay her assessment! She raced to her fathers den and hid under the brush, trying to hear what they were saying. "-But Fangstar! She lacks patience and dedication! She should not be a warrior yet!" Her father's voice was easily recognizable. Even though he never talked to her, he had a great booming, commanding voice you could never forget. "Silence Sleekpelt!" What was a command turned into a hiss. "Are you trying to tell me it's my daughters fault she is that way! I entrusted you in her training and I believe that it would be your own fault if she was not a suitable warrior! Am I not correct?" She could already envision Sleekpelt bristling her fur and gritting her teeth. She did that when she was angry or frustrated, and she was frustrated with Ripplepaw a lot. "Yes, Fangstar. I just beg of you one more moon." A long pause. "I'll give you three days to sort her out. On sunrise of the fourth day she shall take her assessment." Ripplepaw realized the conversation was over and quickly moon-walked out of the bush. However she stumbled right into Beechpaw. He grinned playfully. "Well hiya mousebrain." She scrambled up, embarrassed at being caught eavesdropping. "Heyo Foxdung." He scrunched up his face in disgust. "You couldn't think of anything that... smells better?" She giggled. "No, but it's better than nothing right?" She teased as she walked away. "No actually, nothing would be better than Foxdung." He called back.

Ripplepaw focused in on the vole, trying her hardest. She sniffed the air and immediately knew it would be a hard catch. She was upwind. But, she had to try. Sleekpelt told her to bring back five voles, and only voles, by sundown. When she debated why it was only voles she got a roll of eyes, a sigh, and a "Apprentices these days..." So, she had to catch this one. This would be her fourth, and the sun would set soon. She crouched forward, trying her best not to step on anything and... whoosh!~~ She jumped on the vole, only seconds after she nipped its neck and buried it with the others. Only one left. She prowled around the river, checking any fern or bramble until she found the strangest thing. She gasped as she realized it was a twoleg item! She loved twoleg items! Ripplepaw drew the shiny item in closer with her paw and examined it. It was, well, shiny for one. And it had strange colors. The edges were rippled, kind of like waves. It reminded her of, well, herself. There was twoleg gibberish on it too. The same kind of gibberish on most twoleg stuff. She looked closer. It was hard. About the size of her eye. Suddenly, she looked in the river. She felt the strangest sensation to look at her eyes. That's when she noticed. The sun! It was almost down! In fact, she only had enough time to get her prey and get to camp. That meant she failed. Suddenly, a reflection came beside. She looked to her right. There stood a deep black, almost blue, cat with bright snow white paws and three white dots on their muzzle. She jumped back. "Hawkpaw! What are you doing here?" Shouldn't you be with Waterfeather? You'll need to be doing your training assessment." Ripplepaw suddenly felt sad about not having her training assessment. He shrugged and looked away. "Knew you would get distracted. I bet myself you would only get four voles. Was I right?" Ripplepaw felt like she had been slapped in the face. "Y-You..." Her fur bristled and she stood up. "So you just think I'm a failure?!" He looked... weird. She had never seen any real emotion on Hawkpaw's face, so she wasn't sure what she was seeing. It was like, trying not to feel regret. He turned away. His voice as soft as the wind. It was always hard to hear him. "I guess that came out the wrong way." He pushed a water vole towards her. "Better get back to camp. If I know anything about Sleekpelt it's that she doesn't like to be disappointed." Ripplepaw stared at the vole now in front of her. Too shocked to say thanks, she hurried to collect her voles and give them to Sleekpelt. It wasn't until she was halfway to camp she realized she forgot the twoleg item.

That night all Ripplepaw could think about was Hawkpaw. After all, she had spent six moons in the same den as him, yet she hardly knew him. He probably felt so lonely. He didn't talk to anyone, except for Waterfeather. Sometimes Squirrelleaf. She thought hard about trying to connect with him, since he didn't seem to connect with anyone. Step one, basic interaction. Finding common ground. She thought of what she knew about him. Well, his training was delayed a moon, and no one knows why. Um, he's an apprentice. From what Ripplepaw overheard from the warriors, he was both an exceptional fighter and hunter. He... spent a lot of time with his father, Cherryfoot. His mother was Sleekpelt. Oh! That's what he meant about the "'If I know anything about Sleekpelt..."' thing. Suddenly, Ripplepaw felt a little closer to understanding Hawkpaw than she did before.

Ripplepaw stood under the high rock. Undeniably, Hawkpaw had saved her from staying an apprentice. Sleekpelt later revealed that that was her hunting assessment, and if she failed she would stay an apprentice. Fangstar stood above the gathering of cats, for once, his eyes had a small sense of pride. "I, Fangstar, of Riverclan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these three apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of our code and I wish for you to commend them as warriors in turn. Beechpaw, Hawkpaw, and Ripplepaw," Ripplepaw felt a jolt of excitement at the mention of her name. "-Do you promise to uphold the code and protect the clan, even at the cost of your life?" All three young cats nodded. He smiled, satisfied. "Then by the power of starclan, I shall give you your warrior names. From this point on, Beechpaw, Ripplepaw, and Hawkpaw shall be known as Beechfang, Ripplesong and Hawk-" "Cherryflip is dead!" Yowled Applebloom as she burst into camp, her bright orange coat stained red.

Ripplesong stood at the edge of the highrock, both confused and delighted, as taking Cherryflip's place as deputy. The whole clan stood below her, she felt powerful, and big. She felt, important. Her father trusted her enough to be deputy! To help ensure the safety of the clan. She looked down at Beechfang, he grinned largely, flipping his eyes in a silly gesture. She snuffled a giggle. Suddenly, she looked down at Hawkflip. She wanted to feel his support too, strangely. She stopped dead in her tracks. He was glaring at her coldly, looking hurt and betrayed. She looked at the rest of the clan. Their faces worried, and uncertain. She turned to her father. "Father. They..." Her voice ran dry. "They don't like me." He stared at her, looking completely disappointing. "I would have assumed you'd have figured it out." He voice was lowered, so instead of the familiar booming voice he sounded conniving, his voice silky and snake-like. "Make them like you." ( Sorry it's so short! I'll be sure to update more soon, just really busy right now)

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