20 cats, 10 she-cats and 10 toms, are taken into the wilderness, and split into two tribes. They must figure out how to survive in strange environments, and hunt strange prey to survive.

Each week the two tribes will compete in a challenge, and the winning team will win immunity from the nominations.

When only 10 cats remain, they will join together as one tribe, and the chalenges will turn from being team challenges to being individual challenges, and the cat who wins gets immunity from nominations that week.

Challenges aren't the only way cats leave the show. If a cat gets too bady injured, or they give up, they can be taken out of the show.

The one cat that remains is the winner.



Contestants - Do not look at unless you're up to date with the current week

Hollyleaf - Still competing - Tribe of the Green Leaves

Graystripe - Still competing - Tribe of the Fluffy Squirrel

Cinderheart - Still competing

Cinderpelt - Still competing

Spottedleaf - Still competing - Tribe of the Green Leaves

Briarlight - Still competing Daisy - Still competing

(More coming soon)


Week One

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