Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Written by Moony.


When Smokepaw fell off the cliff,every cat thought he died.But he never did,he survivored.Smokepaw,wanting to be in his clan again,along with his friends,will go on a great journey to find his home and clan.But Smokepaw will face dangerous challenges....


Smokepaw halted at the edge of the gorge.He looked down,gulping.The journey had just begun.

The four clans,RiverClan,ShadowClan,ThunderClan and WindClan were traveling to their new home.Smokepaw sighed.Their other homenwS destroyed by twolegs.The clans were now in the mountions,planning to stay with the tribe of rushing water.

The terrin he was on became stepper and rockier,but the clans countless walking.Black fur brushed against Smokepaw.He looked up to see his mother,Nightwing.

"Nervous?"She asked.Smokepaw nodded.

"Don't worry,"Nightwing mewed gently."We'll be there soon."

Smokepaw looked ahead.The trail was leading them onto a ledge that sprints around in a dizzying gorge.Wind blowed hardly in Smokepaw's fur.

"Carry the kits!"Blackstar,the ShadowClan's leader yowled.The ledge followed up the slope of the mountion,sloping up a narrow passage between two peaks.Smokepaw walked near the wall of the wall,the hard stone brushing his fur.A loud yowl came from beneath the gorge.Smokepaw halted.

What was that?He thought.I'd better check it out.Smokepaw walked near the edge of the gorge.

Crack!The gray tom looked down.The ledge was breaking!Smokepaw yowled as the large chunck of rock broke off.Russetfur reached her paw out,but Smokepaw couldn't reach out.The rock started to fall.

He wailed helplessy,closing his eyes from the swift wind blowing in his face.

"Smokepaw!No!"Was the last yowl he heard.A sharp pain swpet through him.

Smokepaw gasped,and the world turned black.

Chapter 1

Mist covered the forest.There was no moon int he sky,or stars,but there were cats.

A dark gray tom laid motionless on the soft green grass.The cats were circled around him,staring in dead silence.

The gray tom opened his eyes.He looked around.The tom liffted his head.

I'm in StarClan!He thought.But then another thought struck him.He was dead,he could never see his family again.

"Greetings,Smokepaw.I'm Nightstar,the leader of ShadowClan before Blackstar."A black tom indrouced himself.

"Am dead,aren't I?"Smokepaw asked shakily.Nightstar shook his head.

"No."Smokepaw looked at him in shock.He was alive!

"But-but-how?"Smokepaw questioned.Nightstar pressed his muzzle on Smokepaw's head.

"You will find out soon,young apprentice."He muttered.As he lifted his head,every thing started to fade.

"No!"Smokepaw yowled."Don't leave me!I need your help!"But everything was black.

"Hey,hey you!"A voice awoke Smokepaw.Smokepaw gasped,breathing heavily.He looked around.He was in a large gap,the gorge far above him.He was lying on soft moss.A pain rippled harshly through him.His back was bleeding,he had a couple of scratchs,and his front leg felt motionless.Right in front of Smokepaw was a brown and white tabby Tom.

"Who are you?"Smokepaw mewed hastily.

"I'm Ray,"The tom indurced himself,his voice sounded deep and storng."What's your name?Are you one of those clan cats that just passed through?"

This cat talks a lot.Smokepaw thought as he mewed,"Smokepaw.And yes I'm one of the clan cats,how'd you know?"