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Blurb(May be changed because...well, it doesn‘t describe the story very well)

Life is a rollercoaster for Flashpaw. With a mixture blessings and curses at every turn, he lives a bittersweet one. And all he wants it to be is simple. But it’s not. Not at all.

He’s torn between wanting to be a medicine cat and his love for Heatherpaw.  And that seems to be chosen for him when something shocking happens to the young she-cat that he likes - not death, no, but something that horrifies some and delights others.

And then, a life-changing event leaves him scarred for the rest of his life, forcing him into the path of a medicine cat and farther from Heatherpaw, forcing him to become closer to his arrogant half-brother Dustpaw, forcing him to question his will to live.


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The sun’s light was already beginning to fade by the time she finally made it back to camp. Her flanks heaved as she pushed through the entrance, but she didn’t care about her exhaustion. The only thing that mattered right now was the tiny bundle of fur swinging from her jaws.

Her tail drooped sadly as an image of her mate flashed in her mind. Well, former mate. And yet, she still gave birth to his son.

She wondered guiltily of what the other love of her life would think when he saw that she had the little tom kit. And when he found out that the father was not he, but a loner.

Not wanting to speak to him yet, she headed straight for the nursery. Inside the gloomy den, there was only a single queen with two young kits snuggling at her belly. Fortunately, all three were asleep.

The she-cat carried her son into one of the empty nests and curled around him. The little black tom mewled faintly as he was set down in the dusty bedding, but quickly silenced and crawled over to his mother and began to suckle with a soft purr.

She smiled and licked his head before resting her own on her paws. As her kit nursed, she first wondered what she would name him.  He looks just like his father Flash . . . so I’ll call him Flashkit.

But she had more important things to worry about than names.

What would Splashfur think of her? Would he reject her?

She swallowed back a whimper at the thought of the handsome deputy turning her away once he found out that she once fell in love with the loner.

He‘s an understandable cat. He should know that he’s my mate now, that he’s the one I love.

As hard as she tried, she couldn’t stop her anxieties. She remembered Flash’s sadness as she told him about Splashfur, but he didn’t seem angry. Just . . . really sad. Guilt weighed like a stone in her belly, for both of the toms. I’m a terrible mate. To both of them.

She jumped as a face poked into the nursery. “Robinpelt . . . what are you doing in here? Come back to the warrior’s den, for-“ His eyes suddenly widened, and she realized that they had landed on her kit. She shifted self-consciously.   

“Splashfur, this is Flashkit.”

Splashfur swallowed and slowly made his way into the den completely. He padded up to Robinpelt, gave her head a swift lick, and bent down to sniff the kit. “You didn’t tell me you were expecting,” he breathed. 

“That’s kind of the point.”

He didn’t seem to hear her. “I have a son,” He looked back to Robinpelt, eyes shining. “We have a son.”

“Not you, just me.” Robinpelt tore her gaze away.

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“When I was an apprentice . . . once I was sent on a task by myself, and got lost in the moors. A-and I found this tom named Flash, and he helped me, and we began to meet in secret, and . . .” She curled her tail tightly around Flashkit, who emitted a tiny squeak of surprise. “This happened.”

Hurt flashed in Splashfur’s eyes. “So . . . wait, we aren’t mates?”

“No! I mean, of course we are!” Robinpelt mewed quickly, nuzzling his cheek. “This was . . . a while ago when I became Flash’s mate. But now I’ve met you, and I couldn’t be happier.”

She could see that Splashfur was trying to hide his emotions. “Are you sure . . . ? Did you tell anyone? Did you tell this . . .” He glanced at his paws. “Flash?”

“I told him that you are my mate now,” she replied. “And I’ve told no one about this.” She gestured to Flashkit.

“Wow . . . “ Splashfur looked slightly relieved. “This is a lot to take in.”

“I-I know,” Robinpelt stammered. “Just remember that I love you, no matter who’s kit I bear.”

The edges of Splashfur’s mouth cracked into a smile. “Thank you, Robinpelt. Although he’s not my own-“ His green gaze flickered to Flashkit. “I’ll care for him as if he was.”

Chapter One

“Flashpaw! Hurry up! We need to get on with your training!”

Flashpaw stifled a groan as his mentor’s stern voice called from outside the elder’s den, and contributed dragging the soiled bedding. He wasn’t annoyed by his duties, no, but training. I hate fighting. Hunting is okay, I guess, but Lithestep always makes me do battle training!

Deep in his own thoughts, he barely noticed when fur brushed against his. He jumped and looked up, to see a fawn-colored she-cat at his side. “You seem to be struggling, Flashpaw,” she purred.

“Am not.” He grinned and twitched his tail with satisfaction as he finally got the bedding outside of the den.

“Are you sure? That took you quite a while.” She followed him, her yellow eyes shining with amusement. “I can help, if you like. You’ve still got Fawnleap’s nest to do, too!”

“I’m aware, Heatherpaw,” the other mewed. “It’ll be easier without you in the way, in fact!”

“Oh, really?”

“Flashpaw! Quit talking to Heatherpaw and hurry up now!”

“You’re dad is crazy.” Flashpaw shook his head with a sigh and ducked back into the elder’s den. Fawnleap, one of WindClan’s three elders, had already hopped out of her nest and crouched beside it, waiting for a fresh one. “I’m not even late this time. You know, I guess you can help.”

“Always can!” Heatherpaw sang, as he bit into the edge of the nest and began pulling it back to her. “What do would you like assistance with, O Great One?”

“Carry Redstripe’s nest,” he replied as he was out in the open once again. He raised the bedding he carried a bit higher and carried it across the clearing to the camp exit. He passed his mentor Lithestep on the way, who was looking annoyed as usual. “And follow me!”

Heatherpaw did as she was asked, and together the two apprentices dumped the old nests outside of the camp. “Do you know where to find fresh moss?” The she-cat asked, then added with a giggle, “O Great One.”

“Stop that,” Flashpaw flicked her nose with his tail though felt affection welling up in his chest for his friend. They had always been close, ever since they were kits on their first days in the nursery. “Of course I know where it is. Race you to the lake!”

“I’m coming to keep an eye on you two,” Lithestep appeared at their side. “Weren’t you listening when Rabbitspark reported yesterday?”

The other day, Rabbitspark, the WindClan deputy, had returned with her patrol saying that they had found a fox den. The scents were fresh, but no fox was there, so the leader, Splashstar, ordered for everyone to be cautious on their outings.

“Of course, we aren’t deaf!” Heatherpaw mused. Flashpaw winced; most apprentices wouldn’t speak to senior warriors like that. And even though Lithestep was her father, it was rather harsh.

But, luckily, he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. “Then you’ll follow me.”

“Can we at least race?” 

Lithestep hesitated. “I don’t know . . . if I say to stop, or to come to me, you will listen, alright?”

“Okay!” they chimed. 

“Well, go on then.”

Heatherpaw shot Flashpaw a smug look and crouched down, her tail flicking to and fro excitedly. Flashpaw himself tensed his muscles but didn’t move, his eyes focused on the grass in front of him. The lake, he thought, breathing deeply. Run to the lake.

“Ready, set, go!” Lithestep’s yowl caught him by surprise, and he stayed still for a moment, but after seeing Heatherpaw spring away from him he lunged forward, covering a cat-length of grass in a single bound. As he heard Lithestep take off behind them to make sure they would be safe, he thought with a smirk, I’ve got this!

“What are you so happy about?” Heatherpaw mused as he put on an extra burst of speed to catch up to her. “Are you excited to lose?”

“I’m excited to see your face when you lose!” 

“You won’t get the chance!”

“Uh huh?” Flashpaw’s forelegs began to ache slightly, but he continued on. He inhaled a deep breath through his nose and, once all four of his paws were on the ground, thrust upwards with his hind quarters. He darted ahead of Heatherpaw, wind buffeting his whiskers and grass slapping his tail. It felt amazing, and even better with his best friend at his side - or, behind him. He lifted his chin as the lake came into view, and tried not to pant. Just a bit more to go!

“How are you doing that?” Heatherpaw’s voice was a gasp.

Flashpaw flicked his ear, unable to speak due to being out of breath. He skidded down the rise that was just in front of the lake and nearly slipped into the water, but was able to dig his claws into the ground right at the edge. He turned around to see Heatherpaw heading over to him at a walk, her jaws opened slightly as she struggled to catch her breath. 

“A few heartbeats ago . . .” Flashpaw slumped to the ground with a laugh and cleared his throat, and did his best impression of Heatherpaw in a silly high-pitched voice. “‘You won’t get the chance! Oh, me, the great Heatherpaw, sure am going to win!’” He swallowed back a purr. “Bet.”

“Do I really sound like that?” She sat down beside him and - to his amusement - looked a bit concerned.

“No, mouse-brain!” He batted her muzzle gently. “I was kidding!”

“Hm . . . Lithestep, do I sound like that?”

The fawn tom had just made it over to them. “Not really.”

“Okay, good.”

“You two rest for a bit,” Lithestep sat back on his haunches and licked one of his paws. “And then get that moss. Bring it back to camp, make the elders’ fresh nests, and then I’ll take you to train, Flashpaw.” He flicked his tail. “It shouldn’t take this long, you know.”

“Hey, it would have taken longer if we hadn’t raced!”

Heatherpaw turned to Flashpaw, and tilted her head back slightly, as if trying to think of something to say. “Does Dewtoe still want you to become her apprentice?” she asked, obviously trying to make conversation.

Dewtoe, the WindClan medicine cat, had taken interest in Flashpaw ever since he was a kit. Ever since he opened his eyes he had sometimes gotten seizures, and often dreamed about starry figures. Plus, his dislike for fighting and hunting was obvious - and he wasn’t very good at it, either.

He nodded and rolled his eyes. “Yeah. She bugs me about it all the time!” He kind of did want to be a medicine cat, truthfully, but medicine cats had certain rules, and . . . his gaze flickered over to Heatherpaw, and he felt his fur grow hot.

“Are you two going to do it or what?” Lithestep’s irritated mew broke into his thoughts.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Heatherpaw jumped to her paws. “Come on, Flashpaw! This time . . . whoever can find the most moss wins! I’ll beat you this time for sure!”

“We’ll see about that,” her companion mused, heaving himself up. He padded over to the lake’s edge and dipped a paw gingerly into the water. It’s cold touch startled him, and he drew it back immediately but felt the faint brush of something soft. More hesitantly this time, he put his paw back in and unsheathed his claws. They dug into a stringy, soft substance, and he retracted his leg to reveal a thick clump of sopping wet moss.

“I found some already!” He announced, tossing the moss onto the shore beside him.

“The elders can’t sleep in that mess!” Lithestep snorted. “You have to find something dry!”

“Flashpaw, there’s some dry moss over here!” Heatherpaw’s voice rang through his ears, and he turned his head to see her standing at the broken half bridge. It was told to be created by Twolegs a long time ago, but they never used it or even came near it.

“Coming!” Forgetting the competition, the skinny black tom bounded over to her, his tail streaming out behind him. He trotted onto the half bridge and followed Heatherpaw’s gaze. There was two posts propping the half bridge up, half submerged into the water, and they were smothered by glistening moss.

Flashpaw snagged a bit with his claw, and just like Heatherpaw said, it was completely dry. He dipped his head in thanks to her and scooped up quite a bit more, and tucked it under his chin, the trick that Lithestep had taught him would help with carrying the bedding.

Once Heatherpaw had her fair share, the apprentices returned to Lithestep. “We’re ready to go!” Flashpaw chirped, tightening his grip on the moss.

“Then do that!”

- - -

Once they got back to camp, the sun was blazing hot, especially on Flashpaw’s dark pelt. Cats were cluttered around the clearing, some stretched out and enjoying the sunlight, while others sat in the shade as they tried to cool off. 

Flashpaw and Heatherpaw brought the moss they carried back to the elder’s den, where Redwater and Fawnleap were waiting. “That took a while,” Fawnleap noted, her eyes gleaming.

“So it did,” Flashpaw agreed, setting down his moss. “If this isn’t enough and we have to go get some more, I’m going to lose my mind!”

“I’m sure it will be,” Heatherpaw mewed, already spreading out a clump of her moss into a nest. “This is less than half of mine, and it looks fine!” She patted it with a paw, and sure enough, it looked just like any other nest. “After training, we’ll collect some feathers for you.”

“Thanks,” Redwater murmured, edging over to the fresh nest and sinking into it. “Ah, this is nice.”

“Good!” Flashpaw has just finished with Fawnleap’s, and gestured the old she-cat to it. She smiled and nodded gratefully, before curling up in the moss.

Using what moss they had left, Flashpaw and Heatherpaw propped up a nest for the third elder, Redstripe. He was probably in the nursery, with the only current WindClan kit, Dustkit.

Flashpaw felt his fur prickle at the thought of his half-brother. While he was born to Robinpelt and a loner, Dustkit was his mother’s second kit, this time with the leader, Splashstar. The Clan payed quite a lot of attention to him, which was understandable, since he was a kit, but Flashpaw couldn’t help thinking that they might like him better since his father was the great leader, while his was a mangy loner. I’m sure he won’t be so spoiled when he becomes an apprentice.

“We ought to tell Redstripe that his nest his finished,” Heatherpaw suggested. “And then you should go to Lithestep. He’s extra impatient today.”

“Can you ask Feathertuft if you may come?”

“I trained earlier,” Heatherpaw shuffled her paws guiltily. “I’m pretty tired.”

“Oh. Okay.” Flashpaw ducked out of the elder’s den and turned straight towards the nursery. He could hear purrs coming from inside, and poked his head through the entrance.

The warm gloom was comforting, and his eyes adjusted to it at once. There were two nests; in one, a black she-cat with a swollen belly was dozing, and in the other Flashpaw’s mother Robinpelt sat in, her eyes gleaming with amusement. She was watching a red tom with darker stripes bat a moss ball to a dark brown tabby kit, both of them looking very happy.

“Redstripe,” Flashpaw called softly. The older tom stopped and turned his white muzzle towards him.

“Hello, Flashpaw. What is it?”

“Heatherpaw and I have finished your nest.” Flashpaw tore his gaze away, not wanting to look at Dustkit. Why don’t I like him . . . ? “I thought I’d let you know.”

“Thank you,” Redstripe purred, twitching his whiskers. “My old one was gettin’ dusty.”

“Dusty as me?” Dustkit asked.

“Sure,” Redstripe smiled. 

Flashpaw dipped his head to the elder and backed out of the nursery, the milky scents still hanging in his mind. His haunches bumped into something, and he glanced over his shoulder to see the glaring yellow eyes of Lithestep.

“Are you coming, or what?”

Flashpaw was so used to his mentor’s harshness that it didn’t bother him at all. In fact, he rather liked it. “I sure am.” He glanced over to the medicine den, and gazed at the entrance for a heartbeat, which was coated with a bramble screen. I’d rather do herbs, yes . . . but medicine cats can’t take mates. And all I need is Heatherpaw.

Chapter Two

“Left! Right! Left! Right!”

Fawnleap’s and Redstripe’s voices rang through Dustkit’s ears as he bounced from side to side, his fuzzy tail puffed up with excitement. They were playing in the clearing. “Are you sure this will help me when I become an apprentice?” he mewed. He was four moons old, which meant that in only two moons he would start his warrior training!

“Yeah! It’s like . . . training for training!” Fawnleap’s whiskers twitched with amusement.

“It’ll help with your agility,” Redstripe added. “And that’s a WindClan cat’s specialty.”

“I bet it’s boring being the only kit, so we thought that this would keep you occupied!”

“Sure it does!” Dustkit halted, sending grit into the air. He sneezed, and looked up eagerly at the two elders. “Can we try another thing?”

“After we practice something,” Fawnleap turned her back to him, and curled up her wiry tail like a wilting frond. “Pretend that this is an adder, trying to strike! You have to dodge it’s attacks, or else-“ she faked a choking sound.

Redstripe laughed. “More like this.” He pretended to cough, and shot Dustkit a desperate look. “Help . . . me . . .” With a groan he fell onto the ground dramatically, and twitched a bit before lying still.

Dustkit held back bursting into giggles. “Okay,” he chirped. “I won’t let that happen!”

As Redstripe got back to his paws, Fawnleap began jabbing at Dustkit with the tip of her tail, and made snake-like hisses. Dustkit squeaked and did what they did before, by bouncing left and right continuously.

“Adders are witty, so they may find some way to get you if you keep moving in the same pattern! You need to mix it up.” Redstripe advised. 

“Okay!” Dustkit kept moving, but added in some ducks and leaps, and abrupt stops.

After a few moments of doing this, Fawnleap slowed down in her strikes. “The adder is tiring!” she declared. “Now’s your chance to go for the kill!”

Dustkit launched himself at her tail, and tumbled into it. He sunk in his fangs near the top, where the throat would be.

“Aaaah! You’ve got me!” Fawnleap dropped her tail to the ground, and it became as limp as a dead rabbit. 

“You survived an adder!” Redstripe purred.

“You bet I can fight a real adder?” Dustkit released his grip on Fawnleap and stepped back.

She shook her head. “You’ve got a long ways to go for throwing claws at real adders, young ‘un. But that sure was a great start!”

Dustkit looked around the camp. Not many cats were out, since it was rather early, though there was some. Patchwind and Mudfoot were sharing tongues on top of a flat rock, Ashbreeze was eating a shrew by herself at the side of the warrior’s den, Splashstar was lounging atop of the Tallrock, and Robinpelt was chatting with Flashpaw in front of the nursery. 

Dustkit’s mother had been giving his half-brother quite a bit of attention lately, and seemed to be ignoring him more and more. I wonder why? Does she like Flashpaw better?

Fawnleap’s mew broke into his thoughts. “So? What do you say, Dustkit?” He glanced back at her, and saw that she was looking at him expectantly.

“What?” He shifted his paws. “I didn’t hear you, sorry.”

“I asked if you would like to hear a story about your father.” Fawnleap flicked her tail.

“Oh! Yeah! I’d love to!” Dustkit sprang to his paws enthusiastically. 

“Sit back down, Dusty. We’ll tell it right here-“ She lowered herself onto her belly, and tucked her paws underneath her chest. “-right now.”

“Okay!” Dustkit padded over to Redstripe and plopped down beside the old tomcat. 

“Alright, listen close.” Fawnleap swiped her tongue around her jaws. “You know SkyClan, right?”

Dustkit nodded.

“So, the leader, Flickerstar, had just died. The deputy at the time, Grayfur, was going to the Moonpool with the medicine cat, Mossbranch, to receive his nine lives. But this trip would be different. A warrior named Foxflight was going to go with them, since at the time, we brought a single warrior to guard the entrance of the Moonpool when the leader and medicine cat were in there.”

“Why? Who made up that rule?”

“That’s a story for another time. Now, they had their traveling herbs, and set off to the Moonpool.” Fawnleap’s eyes darkened. “On the way there, Foxflight attacked Grayfur, and killed him. She nearly did the same to Mossbranch as well, but she let him go, as long as he never returned to the Clans. Foxflight then went to the Moonpool herself - and for some reason - StarClan granted her nine lives.”

Dustkit gasped. “Why?”

“Some say that it was actually the Dark Forest.” Redstripe piped in. 

Fawnleap nodded. “Yeah, so it may have been them.” She wrapped her tail around her body. “Moving on . . . Foxflight, now Foxstar, returned to SkyClan and said that on the journey, Mossbranch and Grayfur had been struck by lightning and died, by the will of StarClan, so that she may become leader. ‘With a heavy heart, I will take the leadership of SkyClan.’” She rolled her eyes. “What a filthy cat. Foxstar was a cruel leader, I tell you. Since they had no medicine cat, if any cat was injured or sick, they would be exiled, since they were a ‘weakness’ to the Clan. Apprentices were trained harshly, elders, queens and kits were neglected, and the warriors were treated as servants.

“Now, Splashstar - Splashfur at the time - was half-Clan. His father was a SkyClan cat while his mother lived with him in WindClan. The two Clans had made an agreement that permitted Splashfur and his mother to visit their father and mate once every half-moon. Well, at this time, Splashfur’s parents were elders, so his mother didn’t come with him this time. He went off to SkyClan, and, not knowing any of what happened, walked right in, and straight to the elder’s den.” Fawnleap shuddered. “What he found was not pretty. The elders were starved to death, and their bodies not even buried. The same was for the kits and queens.” She shook her head sadly. “Poor Splashfur was heartbroken and enraged. Before anyone of SkyClan even knew he had come he left and went back home, with depressing news to tell his mother.

“WindClan was just as angry as Splashfur was. They decided that they needed to do something about Foxstar. So, Splashfur came up with a plan to get rid of her once and for all. The cats would lead her to the lake, and drown her. Three sunrises later, they were ready. Splashfur and two others set off to SkyClan camp, and asked Foxstar to follow them to the lake for something very important. After a little argument she finally agreed, and they led her to the large expanse of water.

“Once they were there, they brought her to the half-bridge and made a bit of small talk. Then Foxstar asked what this was all about, and Splashfur pushed her into the water. Him and the others made sure that she wouldn’t resurface, even though she couldn’t swim. She almost did, too, but they were able to keep her down long enough so that she would sink down, and when she awoke for her next life-well, you know. And when they told SkyClan the news, they were greatly thanked. That day, the old deputy retired, leaving the spot open for Splashfur, and he, indeed, took it.” Fawnleap dipped her head. “And there’s how your father most likely saved SkyClan.”

“That’s amazing!” Dustkit stared back at her in awe. “I never knew he was a hero!” He glanced at Redstripe. “Do you think I will do something great like that?”

Redstripe licked his head fondly. “Of course you will.”

Fawnleap stretched her jaws into a yawn. “Alright, I’m tired from all that. It was fun though, Dustkit. Now, I’m up for a nice, long nap.” She heaved herself to her paws. “How about you, Redstripe?”

“Sure.” He got up as well and stretched. “See you later, Dustkit.”

“Bye!” he sang, and watched as the two elders padded away to their den. He purred softly to himself, and looked up at the sky. Not a single cloud dotted its surface, and the pale blue color was only broken by the blazing sun. Of course you will. The words echoed through his mind, and his paws began to tingle with excitement. You hear that, StarClan? I’m going to be a hero!

Chapter Three


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