Hello, and welcome to Survivor! A gameshow!! 20 cats will be competing in two teams of ten. There will be trials that both teams have to face. Whichever team loses will have to vote one cat off. Once there are 10 cats left, the teams will merge and it’ll be every cat for themselves! So, yeah. There can only be one winner!


Season 1

Twenty cats will be left on an island to compete against each other in teams of two. They will face multiple challenges, and the team that loses has to vote a cat off, after every challenge! Once there are ten cats left, the teams will merge, and it will be every cat for him or her self.

There can be only one winner.

Author’s Note

Okay, so for these cats, you can comment your OC in the comments below. There can only be 20 cats. If there aren’t enough by the time I’m going to start writing this, I’ll just make up some of my own.

The age has to be 16 - 26 Moons old. (Also they can’t have a mate that’s competing in this game with them. They can have family, and have crushes but no mates or anything) Max is three per person












Name: Darkwhisker

Gender: Male

Age: 35 Moons

Description: Brown tom with black muzzle, black ears, and ice-blue eyes.

Personality: Funny, crazy, merciless to his contestants

Skills: Hosting Survivor

Flaws: Not taking good care of the contestants (giving them bad food, letting them get hurt, etc.)

Other: Creator of the show


Name: Nightfire

Gender: Male

Age: 33 Moons

Description: Black tom with ice-blue eyes and a jet white leg

Personality: Mericless, serious, will do anything to break the contestants

Skills: Co-hosting survivor

Flaws: Being mean to the candidates

Other: Co-host of the show

Cat One

Name: Mistytail

Gender: F

Age: umm i dunno yet so maybe 24 moons

Description: silver she-cat with light grey tabby stripes, a blue eye and a green eye

Personality: She is very smart, and thinks things through before acting.

Skills: She knows many herbs and their uses, as she once was a medicine cat before becoming a warrior. She is a good hunter.

Flaws: She is half deaf. Not that good at fighting.

Other: her sister, Cinderstorm, is in this. As well as Leaf-flight

Cat Two

Name: Cinderstorm

Gender: F

Age: 24 moons 

Description: Light grey she-cat with dark grey stripes and hazel eyes

Personality: She is a great friend, and loves to spend time with her friends and kin

Skills: The best at fighting in their litter, and is the bravest, also

Flaws: won't hesitate to fight a battle, and is slightly arrogant

Other: sister Mistytail is in this. As well as Leaf-flight

Cat Three

Leafflight (or Leaf-flight)

Gender: F

Age: 24 moons

Description: creamy white she-cat with blue eyes and brown spots

Personality: patient, but has a mean internal part (she controls when she uses it)

Skills: Knows every herb and poison by memory, and is good at resolving problems.

Flaws: Things she knows everything (except for fighting)

Other: Sister to Cinderstorm and Mistytail.

Cat Four

Name: Rowanblaze

Gender: female 

Age: 22 moons  

Description: sleek tortoiseshell she-cat with ginger patches and amber eyes 

Personality: strategic and clever, will not hesitate to backstab you. Not necessarily a physical threat, but still a force to be reckoned with. Her personality and demeanor could be a detriment, if her team decides to keep the stronger cats.

Skills: convincing others to join her alliance, puzzles/brain testing challenges, manipulating others 

Flaws: endurance and physical challenges are her main weaknesses. If she gets left out of the vote, she will get angry and vent at the other castaways. This could also be a detriment if her team gets tired of her snapping at them.

Other: she has no family members competing against her.

Cat Five


small dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

shy but bold at times, very competitive

great at hunting, can't climb a tree without falling

Silverfleck and Russetleap are especially competitive towards each other. They are always on opposig teams.

Cat Six


black tom with yellow eyes

bold, proud, great at sneaking, has a crush on the Universal Mediator (aka the current mediator Bluenut)

Thistlefur is kind of the family mediator. He is always trying to solve the lifelong competition between the two of them, and it's the only argument he has ever failed to solve. He plans to become a mediator after several moons of being a warrior.

Cat Seven


gray tom with silver flecks

bold, makes friends easily, freezes at the sight of blood

Note: All of them are littermates

Note 2: Can you put Silverfleck and Russetleap on different teams? 

Silverfleck and Russetleap are especially competitive towards each other. They are always on opposig teams.

Cat Eight

Name: Wolfrunner

Gender: Male

Age: 22 Moons

Description: Smoky dark gray tom with long fur and green eyes

Personality: Fierce, tough, competitive will do anything to win

Skills: Good at fighting, is fast and strong

Flaws: Does not like climbing or swimming, and can be too daring, confident, and aggressive

Other: No family competing against him

Cat Nine

Name: Oakclaw

Gender: Tom

Age: 19 moons

Description: Brown Tom with darker brown stripes and amber eyes. Has one crippled leg

Personality: Caring and strong. He is kind to everyone, and loves helping cats. He is strong, even though he has a crippled leg. He has been super scared of foxes ever since he was an apprentice.

Skills: Strong, good at fighting, resourceful 

Flaws: is too trusting, can't climb, doesn't like hurting others

Other: His sister is Silverfox. They're always are on the same team

Cat Ten

Name: Silverfox

Gender: She-cat

Age: 19 moons

Description: small silver she-cat with icy blue eyes

Personality: clever and quick. Is small and not very strong, so cats will not think of her as a threat at first, but she makes up for it with her agility. She is very charming and sweet, but will betray you if she thinks you will be a threat. She is very determined to win.

Skills: very quick, clever, can hide and climb pretty well, kind of good at hunting

Flaws: Can be overconfident, not good at fighting

Other: Her brother is Oakclaw. They're always on the same team.

Cat Eleven

Name: Blazeclaw

Gender: Male

Age: 17 Moons

Description: Orange cat with amber eyes

Personality: Loyal to his Clan, and is very supportive of anyone he deems has good intentions, regardless if the Warrior Code is broken.

Skills: Thinks of everything strategically, and never rushes a situation

Flaws: Short temper

Other: Brother to Bramblefur and Ravenwing

Cat Twelve

Name: Bramblefur

Gender: Male

Age: 17 Moons

Desc: Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Personality: Bramblefur often feels judged about everything, but is loyal to FireClan and is a respectable warrior!

Skills: Agile and strong

Flaws: Lazy

Other: Brother to Blazeclaw and Ravenwing

Cat Thirteen

Name: Ravenwing

Gender: Female

Age: 17 Moons

Desc: Black she-cat with deep blue eyes

Personality: Ravenwing is calm and restricted unless provoked or is panicking. She always tries to help others.

Skills: Experienced Medcat

Flaws: Sensitive

Other: Sister to Bramblefur and Blazeclaw

Cat Fourteen

Name: Felix

Gender: Male

Age: 24 Moons

Description: Black tom with maroon colored eyes, half of his face burnt and one blind eye

Personality: Funny, serious in times he needs to be serious, but mostly likes to be happy and goof around

Skills: Leadership skills

Flaws: Can be quite arrogant

Other: None

Cat Fifteen

Name: Fangflame

Gender: Female

Age: 22 Moons

Description: Yellow and black calico she-cat with one blue eye and one black eye

Personality: She’s a hot-headed fighter, doesn’t care about toms at all or what other cats think about her

Skills: Good fighter, takes control easily

Flaws: Too aggressive

Other: None

Cat Sixteen

Name: Flare

Gender: Male

Age: 25 Moons

Description: Rowan colored tom with amber eyes

Personality: Quiet, shy

Skills: Good tracker

Flaws: Bad social skills

Other: None

Cat Sixteen

Name: Jaystripe

Gender: Male

Age: 17 Moons

Description: Black and white speckled tom with green eyes

Personality: Happy, likes to tease

Skills: Good inspector

Flaws: Can get annoying

Other: None

Cat Seventeen

Name: Rowanfur

Gender: Female

Age: 16 Moons

Description: Red she-cat with aqua colored eyes

Personality: Independent, feisty young she-cat

Skills: Good fighter

Flaws: Not much of a talker

Other: None

Cat Eighteen

Name: Raven

Gender: Male

Age: 26 Moons

Description: Black and white tom with green eyes

Personality: Traumatized, not much of a talker, likes to keep his cool but turns into a monster when pushed to his limits

Skills: Good fighter, very experienced

Flaws: Can get out of control, doesn’t like to get involved

Other: None

Cat Nineteen

Name: Lightningstrike

Gender: Male

Age: 23 Moons

Description: Brown and white tabby tom with brown eyes

Personality: Kind, caring, but can be serious as well

Skills: Swimming

Flaws: Can get very stressed

Other: None

Cat Twenty

Name: Harley

Gender: Male

Age: 16 Moons

Description: Black tabby tom with long fur and brown eyes

Personality: Huge goof, daredevil, cares deeply about friends and family

Skills: Will do almost anything you ask

Flaws: Will do almost anything you ask

Other: None

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