Chapter 1. The wind blew hard. The trees rustled softly. In a cat clan named ForestClan, a gray-white cat named Moongrass was kitting. "Isn't she adorable? I'm proud to be a queen." "And I'm proud to be your husband", A pure black tom with amber eyes said. They shared tongues. The newly born kit was pure white, with the tiniest drop of gray on it's paws. The gray-white cat named Moongrass decided to name the kit Shinekit. Meanwhile, In a twolegnest, a Black and white spotted cat was kitting. A twoleg bended down to pet the Black and white cat. "Honey! The cats kitting!" The black and white cat purred. "You'll be great one day, Sunny.

Shinekit's P.O.V. (Btw this is on mobile)

I opened my eyes. Where was I? Who knows. I struggled to get on my feet, but with a little push from a cat (My mom, possibly) I stood on my four paws. "Where am I" I asked my (probably) mom. She said I was in CloudClan. She also said that there are four (five if you count the great StarClan.) clans. CloudClan, StoneClan, Lightclan, and Breezeclan. I was confused with all the clans, but that didn't matter. What did matter was that I was in CloudClan. I heard loud noises and smelled weird smells. I asked what THOSE are, and she said that those are monsters. She also said monsters are very dangerous and can kill a cat. Don't go near the thunderpath, she said. I won't I replied back. But I wasn't so sure on that...

Sunnys P.O.V. *kittypet*

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