Sunkit is born to Ravenbird and Lostfoot, She has a sister named Whitepaw. Sunkit wishes to be a medicine cat apprentice, but she is too young. Sometimes, she tries to help other medicine cats. "Mouthwash!" Sunkit began, "What are you doing?" Mouthwash rolled her eyes to Sunkit. She didn't answer, though. One day, Sunkit saw some of the warriors hunting secretly. She spied on Morningfoot, watching her hunting. Morningfoot pounced on a HUGE hawk, and ate it while no one was looking. "Did you break the warrior code by eating the prey?" Meowed Sunkit. Morningfoot covered her mouth with her left paw, "No...I am... just.... pregnant...." Sunkit looked at her eyes, "Your lying! Tell the truth!"

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