By Mossypool40




Sunstar-Dappled golden she-cat with blue eyes


Eagletalon-Brown tom with white head and tail, ginger paws

Medicine cat(s)

Daisyleaf-tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes

Medicine cat apprentice

Honeydrop-dark ginger she-cat with golden eyes


Wetfur-Gray tabby tom

Thornfall-Golden tom with brown spots

Poppyseed-Brown she-cat with blue eyes

Petalfall-tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes

Sprayfoot-Blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes

Sparklefrost-White she-cat with green eyes

Whisperfall-Black tom with blue eyes


Honeypaw-golden she-cat with amber eyes, Mentor:Wetfur

Dewpaw-gray tom with blue eyes, Mentor:Poppyseed

Bramblepaw-Black tom with amber eyes, Mentor:Sprayfoot

Blackpaw-Black tom with one white paw, Mentor:Sparklefrost


Gentlebreeze-Dappled golden she-cat, Litter A, Mate: Wetfur

Brightwhisker-White she-cat with amber eyes, B litter, Mate: Thornfall

Furrypelt-Long haired black she-cat, C litter Mate: Whisperfall


Litter A: Whitekit-White tom with blue eyes, Applekit-Mottled brown and black tom, Chestkit-Light brown she-cat,

Litter B: Stormkit-Gray tom with golden eyes, Acornkit-Dark brown she-cat,

Litter C: Leafkit-Light brown she-cat with a black stripe through her back and green eyes, Crouchkit-Gray tom with white paws


When Stormkit opened his eyes, he was not in the nursery, but instead in a dark forest. "Where am I?" he whimpered.

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