Stormstar's Clan

Stormy padded across the Twolegplace, It was home, dangerous and ugly, but home. Stormy heard a loud yowl of terror. What was that? What's going on? Stormy bolted towards the shriek and understood why it was a shriek of terror, a golden tabby she-cat lay on the cold stone floor. A pool of blood surrounded her, her neck was sliced with claw marks. "What happened? What did you do?" Stormy asked. "I-I-" the golden tabby gasped for air. "I tried to leave BloodClan.... And- T-They got me." Stormy looked at her, confused on what to say. "What's your name?" Stormy asked. "Sunny...." The she-cat rasped. "Okay... Sunny? Um, I'll go get some herbs to help you. Just hold on a little longer!" Stormy ran to her Twoleg den, sped around the back, and grabbed some cobwebs that stretched across the garden plants, snagged some Marigold, and ran back to Sunny. "Let me see your neck.." Sunny lifted her head. Stormy put the marigold on the deep wound and attached cobwebs on top. Stormy saw some spilled honey on the ground and used it to treat Sunny. "Th-Thank you. What's your name?" Sunny looked a lot better since the attack. "Stormy. I'm in BloodClan." Sunny backed away, eyes wide in fear."Don't worry! I won't hurt you. I helped you. Remember?" I knew that would happen! Then why did I say that?! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! "BLOODCLAN TRIED TO KILL ME! I THOUGHT YOU COULD BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!" Sunny ran into the darkness but then stopped. "Scourge will die. You'll be nothing with your precious leader. BloodClan will crumble and fall! You will all turn on each other! HAHAHAHA! Then you'll know what it's like to feel helpless! You'll all be like me, weak and defenseless!" Stormy hissed. "How DARE you?! You'll pay for that!" Sunny grinned evilly. "Heheh. No..." She unsheathed her claws. "You'll pay for being in BloodClan. I doubt your strong like them. I never see you in thier patrols." Sunny made a throat cutting gesture. Sunny lunged at Stormy but Stormy dodged out of the way. "That's becuase I don't go on the patrols!" Stormy ran a claw through Sunny's side. Then she jumped on top of her. Stormy raked Sunny's spine. "AHHHHHHH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOUR A SAVAGE FIGHTER! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!" Stormy smiled. "I will if you take back what you said." She walked up to Sunny. "Never." "Very well." Stormy stabbed at Sunny's heart. Sunny coughed and fell, her body lifeless and in her own blood. Stormy licked her blood-covered paw. She pricked her ears as she heard paw steps. More? Stormy arched her back. "WHO ARE YOU?! SHOW YOURSELF!" A brown tabby tom emerged from the shadows, walked around Sunny's dead body, and sat in front of Stormy. "Chill. It's me, Luke." Luke looked at Stormy's victim. "Yeesh! Did you kill her?" He asked, sounding suprised. Stormy nodded. "Whoa! Sweet kill!" Luke's eyes gleamed with joy. Stormy continued to lick her paw. She stopped mid-lick when she noticed Luke looking at her. He looked away. He likes me. Stormy thought. That's cool. I mean he is cute too.... Stormy looked at Luke and they both blushed. "Oh. Scourge wants to talk to BloodClan today. He says it's urgent." Luke told her. "A meeting? How urgent?" Luke shrugged.


The Twolegplace was dark. The moonlight showered over the dens. All of BloodClan was gathered in the meeting ally way. Stormy sat next to Luke. Yowls of impatient cats filled the ally way. "BloodClan. Give me your attention." Scourge yowled. Silence filled the Twolegplace. "I have summoned you all here for a announcement." Scourge continued. "BloodClan is venturing to the forest." The forest? Why? Is the Twolegplace not safe anymore? Stormy thought. "We will have more room to hunt and sleep. We will have real food instead of Twoleg food. Not to mention we will become stronger." Scourge hopped down from the dumpster, and headed to the forest. The others did the same. Soon a white kittypet ran up to Stormy. "Have you seen Sunny? She didn't respond to me when I called for her." The white she-cat whimpered. Stormy felt a stab of guilt realizing that Sunny didn't respond because she was dead. Because I killed her. She died by me. "She's-" Stormy didn't bother to finish. She turned her head to her Clan and continued to follow. She would still be alive if I hadn't told her I was in BloodClan. She would still be alive if I hadn't lashed out at her. But I did. I told her I was in BloodClan, and she died. Stormy hung her head low. "Are you okay Stormy? What's-" Before Luke could finish Stormy picked her head up. "I'm fine. Let's continue." Luke looked hurt. I didn't mean it that hard. Stormy put her head under Luke's chin. "I'm okay. I just feel a bit guilty after killing Sunny and the kittypet that called for her. Is that wrong?" Stormy felt relief wash over her after saying that. "No. You just felt threatened and didn't know that she had others who knew her. And I have something to confess too." Luke looked Stormy in the eye. " I never felt like I belonged in BloodClan. All the kill or be killed feels wrong." He feels the same way that I do. "Luke. We can run away from Scourge's control. We don't have to stay here and be miserable. There's still time for us to change our actions." Stormy looked into Luke's amber eyes. "When we are in the forest, we flee BloodClan." Stormy pressed her self on Luke's side. They bothed purred. This is who I belong with. Luke loves me like I love him. Nothing can tear that apart. Luke sighed. "Okay. We don't have to live like this anymore right?" "Right." Stormy repeated.


Luke and Stormy set their first paw on the forest. The grass felt springy under them. "Let's go. Follow me." Stormy bolted away from BloodClan. Luke followed. Stormy skidded to a stop when she saw a huge grass clearing with a stream and slant rock that looked like a good place to call meetings. "This is it Luke. This is where we can restart our lives. We will create a new Clan. One that doesn't rely on killing. It'll be like the other Clans!" Stormy was filled with pride. "Okay but all you have is me and you. That's a duo. We need more cats to be a Clan." Luke pointed out. "Then let's get them! I'm sure there are other cats like us. We can get them to join us!" Stormy hopped up and down with excitement. "But first I must give you your warrior name. From now on you shall be known as Lukeclaw. And I will be Stormstar, leader of StormClan." Stormstar started to walk away when Lukeclaw said, "Wait. We should build dens first. Wouldn't that be a better idea before we start getting more cats?" That is a better idea. Why didn't I think of that? Stormstar padded back. "Yes. That is a better idea. I'll go get some bracken and reeds for us. And the future Clan." Lukeclaw stopped her. Then decide to let her go. What did he want to say to me? Was he going to argue with me that he should go instead of me? Stormstar shook her head. I'll come back with so many bracken and reeds the Clan will look better!


Stormstar came back with a bunch of reeds and bracken. She dropped them down and Lukeclaw and her got to work. They stuck the bracken deep into the ground near the entrance of the leaders den, making a canopy shielding hot rays of light. Lukeclaw grabbed some ferns and made a curtain for the entrance. "It's perfect." Stormstar waited for a reply, but Lukeclaw continued making more dens. Stormstar gathered herbs for the medicine den. As they built the Clan dens, Stormstar heard a rustle in the bushes. A white she-cat with light gray stripes emerged. "Oh-Hello! My name is Quiver. I'm a rouge, I didn't know this was your territory!" Stormstar and Lukeclaw exchanged glances. Lukeclaw walked up to her. "Do you know anything about herbs and what they do?" He asked. "Uhm... Yes? I know what they do. Why?" Quiver said. "We are looking for somecat to be our medicine cat. Will you be it?" Quiver looked excited. "Of course! Where is the den? Do you have herbs already?" Stormstar walked up to her. "Ye-yeah we do. But I have to give you your name. Oh there up on that shelf in the stone den." Stormstar pointed to the shelf in the stone medicine den. "From this moment on, you shall be known as Quiverfur." Alright. We have a medicine cat, now all we need is warriors, elders, and I'm pretty sure kits will come along. Lukeclaw called out to Stormstar. "Hey Stormstar! I found some more rouges! They look tired and are seeking a place to stay! Should I bring them in!?" "Yes! Go ahead Lukeclaw!" Stormstar called back.


"What are your names?" Stormstar asked. "I'm Misty." A white she-cat with light gray speckles on her back said. "My name is Water." The dark gray tom told her. "I'm uh- Torrent." He was a Gray-blue tom with Blue eyes. A brown tabby tom looked like an elder came out. "My name is Duck." Stormstar shone with excitement under the moonlight. "My name is Stormstar. This is Lukeclaw. We are looking for cats to join our Clan." Torrent looked at them. As if reading her mind he said, "Sure. We'll join. Where are the dens?" Luke claw flicked his tail to the warriors den. "Over there." He told them. All but Duck went over and fell asleep. "The elders den is over there." Duck went in. "It's very comfortable. Thanks..." And Duck started to snore. "His name shall be Duckwing." Stormstar pointed to the new warriors. "Torrenttail, Mistythorn, and Waterclaw." Lukeclaw looked at her. "Those are amazing names." Quiverfur sped out of the medicine den. "I heard you talking to other cats. Is there a problem?" Lukeclaw shook his head. "No. We actually have new warriors and a elder." Quiverfur looked surprised. "Oh cool! This Clan is forming so fast!" She bounced up and down. I like Quiverfur. She is happy and cheerful all the time. I'm glad we have her as our medicine cat. Stormstar thought. "Stormstar? Do you think I'm doing a good job welcoming the new cats?" Lukeclaw asked. Stormstar licked his head. "Your the deputy. I think your doing great. You'll make an amazing leader someday. I know it." "Yeah. I already love you guys. Don't beat yourself up. Your an amazing friend." Quiverfur agreed. "Thanks Quiverfur. I always love your positivity." Lukeclaw looked happier. If we can help each other out from now on, there will be nothing we can't do.

*****************Part 2 The Stars**************

Sunlight rays flooded the Leader's den. Stormstar yawned, stretching from a long night. Lukeclaw was still sleeping. His tongue tasting the air. He's so cute when he has a blep. He's probably dreaming of catching a mouse. Stormstar thought. She walked to the medicine den and saw Quiverfur already awake. "Good morning Stormstar! Did you have a good night's rest?" Stormstar nodded. "Yes. How are our new warriors?" Stormstar asked. Quiverfur smiled. "Torrenttail is happier than normal. Something special happened to Mistythorn." Stormstar looked confused. "She's not in the warriors den. I checked. Only Waterclaw is in there. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!" Stormstar shouted. She raced toward the nursery. The lie Mistythorn next to Torrenttail. Three kits cuddled near Mistythorn's belly. "You've had kits! Oh Mistythorn! They're so cute." Stormstar bounced with joy. "Yes. The cream-colored shecat is Pearlkit, The light gray tom is Sprinklekit, and the white she-cat is Snowykit." Mistythorn said weakly. Pearlkit looked and Stormstar with her aqua eyes. "Would you like some fresh-kill? Or some water?" Mistythorn is so weak after giving birth. She needs all the strength she can get. Stormstar told herself. "Actually. Waterclaw already hunted for her and got her water. So we are good for," Torrenttail paused. "A little bit." Stormstar looked at him. "Did the kits get fed too?"


"Oh good."

Stormstar walked out of the nursery. Lukeclaw was at the fresh-kill pile eating. Stormstar decided not to bother him. Today he was going to get more rouges to join the clan. StormClan needed patrols and more warriors for hunting. Instead, she ventured into the elders den to see Duckwing. "Good morning Duckwing. Did you sleep well?" Stormstar asked. Duckwing nodded. "Yes. These nests are very comfortable. I must've snored when I fell asleep." Duckwing got up. Stormstar shook her head. And he sat back down. "You did. But I knew you were tired. It's not your fault. Oh hey. How do you feel about kits?" Duckwing pricked his ears. "They are a miracle. Why?" Stormstar smiled. "Let me get you some fresh-kill before I tell you why." Stormstar padded out and came back with a juicy mouse. She dropped it in front of Duckwing and he began to eat it. "What is it you want to tell me?" Duckwing said. "Torrenttail and Mistythorn had kits." She told him. Duckwing nodded. "Ah. Congratulations to them. What are their names?" Stormstar sat next to Duckwing. "Pearlkit, Sprinklekit, and Snowykit." She told him. He lay his head down. "Mistythorn was always good at names. She's got a nack for it." Duckwing fell asleep again and Stormstar padded out of the den. She entered the nursery. "At six moons old they will become apprentices." Mistythorn nodded. "You should get some rest. Duckwing will be happy to watch over them." Stormstar added. "Duckwing?" Pearlkit asked. "Yeah! Who's this Duckwing?" Sprinklekit said. He bristled his fur to look scary. Stormstar thought it was adorable. "Guys. I'm trying to sleep. Stormstar knows who Duckwing is." Snowykit added. Stormstar was surprised on how intelligent Snowykit was. "Come kits. I'll show you Duckwing." Pearlkit and Sprinklekit followed. Lukeclaw came back with more rouges. One couple had kits too. Stormstar led Mistythorn's kits in the elders den. Then walked over to her mate. "Hello. What are your names?" Stormstar asked. Lukeclaw looked at her. "Stormstar, meet Deer, Rain, Hail, Rustle, and Golden. And there kits Slide and Aqua." Stormstar nodded. "Okay. You new warrior names will be: Deerprance, Rainwhisker, Hailstorm, Rustlefur, and Goldenfern. Your kits look old enough to be apprentices, but they will be after the meeting. For now they are Slidekit and Aquakit." Stormstar took a deep breath. "When is this meeting?" Hailstorm snapped. "Uh, tonight? So no need to get snappy." Stormstar countered. "Lukeclaw will lead you to the warriors den. Rustlefur and Goldenfern, come with me to the nursery." Stormstar walked in the nursery. "Here, you will rest and keep watch on your kits." Stormstar said. "We don't need watching!" Slidekit snapped. "Yeah! We are warriors! Look at my attack!" Aquakit pounced on his brother, pinning him down. He batted at his ear. "Quit it!" Slidekit knocked Aquakit oh his paws. She looked at Rustlefur and Goldenfern. "You know how to fight right?" She asked. Goldenfern nodded. "Yes. But I can't fight right now." The golden tabby said. "No. But Rustlefur can." The Brown tabby tom looked at her.


Stormstar climbed up the HighRock. "All cats old enough to catch their prey gather around the HighRock." She called out. All the cats sat neatly in a half circle. "We have new apprentices tonight. Pearlkit, step forward. From now on you shall be known as Pearlpaw. Your mentor will be Rustlefur." Stormstar nodded as Pearlpaw touched noses with her mentor. "Sprinklekit, step forward. From now on you shall be known as Sprinklepaw. Your mentor will be Waterclaw." Snowykit pricked her ears. "Snowykit, please step forward. From now on you shall be known as Snowypaw. Your mentor will be Hailstorm." Slidekit and Aquakit bolted into the crowd. Stormstar chuckled. "Slidekit, please step forward. From now on you shall be known as Slidepaw. Your mentor will be Mistythorn." Stormstar glanced at Aquakit. "Aquakit, from now on you shall be known as Aquapaw. Your mentor will be Rainwhisker." Snowypaw, Slidepaw, Sprinklepaw, Aquapaw, and Pearlpaw walked away with their mentors. Quiverfur rushed in. "Stormstar!" She panted. " Duckwing! He is sick! He won't eat. He couldn't even get up to the meeting!" Quiverfur was panicking. She, Lukeclaw, and Stormstar ran to the elders den. Stormstar knew a leader wouldn't show her fear for a minor thing. But it wasn't a minor thing. Duckwing looked like he was in pain. "No! I won't go to Starclan!" Stormstar almost started to panic too. "Get Mistythorn and Torrenttail." Quiverfur cocked her head. "But-" Stormstar cut her off. "Just do it!" She hissed. Quiverfur bolted away and came back with Mistythorn and Torrenttail. "What's going on?" Mistythorn said. Torrenttail dropped his tail. His ears flattened in sadness. He lowered his head and said nothing. "Help! Help! I can't breathe!" Duckwing gasped. Quiverfur put her paw on his side. "Duckwing, you have no choice. Starclan needs you." Stormstar held back tears. "No. I don't want to." Duckwing rasped. "It's okay. Duckwing, you were a fabulous friend. You watched over Pearlpaw and her brother and sister. But Starclan wants you with them." Stormstar whispered. "Thank you, Stormstar for everything you've done for me." With one final breath Duckwing's body was lifeless. Mistythorn, Torrenttail, and Stormstar began to cry. Quiverfur drugged her paws out of the den. "Mistythorn, bury Duckwing's body." Mistythorn bowed. "Yes Stormstar." She exited the elders den. Torrenttail followed. Both holding Duckwing's body on their back. Stormstar walked out of the den and checked the apprentices den. All the apprentices were asleep. The warriors den was filled with snores. Stormstar walked into the leaders den. She pressed her side to Lukeclaw's. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't sleep. I never knew everything about Duckwing. But he was a great friend. It hurts so much to lose him. Stormstar thought.


It's been a full moon cycle now since Duckwing's passing. And today Stormstar was getting her nine lives. At least I'll get to see Duckwing again. She told herself. Lukeclaw rushed out of the leaders den. "Hey! Are you going to the moonstone?" He asked. Stormstar nodded. "Why aren't you saying anything?" Stormstar jerked her head away.

"Are you alright?" He asked again.

Stormstar padded faster.


"I'm fine! Okay!? Duckwing's passing just hurt me a bit!" She snapped.

Lukeclaw went defensive mode. "Well your my mate. I want to know what's wrong with you!"

"Go away!" She hissed.

Lukeclaw flinched.

Stormstar saw her mate hurt. She wanted to say sorry but continued to the moonstone. If he wants to know how I feel, he should have been there. Just like he should have been there when I killed Sunny. Stormstar already arrived at the moonstone. She touched her nose to the cold gem.

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