"Do not let hate destroy you as it had destroyed the clan cats.. If you don't stop yourself, you'll turn up no better than them... Don't let innocent cats suffer. The guilty will get what they deserve: in a way better than you'll ever think of."

Storm of Terror Cover.png

Not all endings are good....

Rejection. Pain. Abuse. Hate, all from the clan cats. Sparkfire is sick of it. When a shadow rises over the clans, Sparkfire is given the choice to forgive and to try to prove herself or to seek veagenance, let the cats who had supported her suffer and take her chance to have a seemingly better future. However, Sparkfire is forced to reconsider as she finds out that her new society is just as bad as the clans... What will she choose? Will it matter anyway? Or will the Storm of Terror be under her control? - blurb

*The chapters will be quite long! I'll update it every once in a while. Please give feedback!



Leader: Ashstar - spotted pale grey tom with ice-blue eyes.

Deputy: Watersplash - Brown she-cat with a pale gold underbelly and blue eyes.


Medicine Cat: Darkheart - short-furred she-cat with a 'split' face that is black on one side and cream on the other side.

Warriors: (toms and she-cats that are not expecting kits)

Owlscreech - large dappled reddish-brown tom

Eveningstrike - bright ginger tom with bright green eyes


Lavafluff - very bright reddish orange she-cat

APPRENTICE: Sparkpaw                    

Fogshadow - dark grey tom with sea-green eyes                   

Hawktalon - brown tabby tom with unusual white stripes

Frostbite -  white she-cat with cold blue eyes


Apprentices: (cats older than 6 moons in training)

Sparkpaw - fluffy bright ginger she-cat with leaf-green eyes

Gladepaw - brown-and-white tom with amber eyes

Ivypaw - dark grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Jaguarpaw - spotted dark golden tom

Silentpaw - very pale grey tom with blue eyes

Queens: (she-cats nursing or expecting kits)

Fenneltail - pale grey-and-white she-cat with amber eyes (Mother to Sparkpaw and Gladepaw)

Elders: (retired cats)

Talonstrike - white-striped dark grey tom with dark sea-green eyes

Mountainclaw - grey she-cat with dark grey paws


Leader: Drizzlestar - spotted grey she-cat with ice-blue eyes


Deputy: Coldfur - light grey tom with ice-blue eyes


Medicine cat: Lilacpelt - pale lilac she-cat with amber eyes



Arcticpelt - thick-furred white tom with ice-blue eyes

Sunflower - bright yellow she-cat with green eyes

Lavendertail - pale lilac she-cat with blue eyes

Torrentpath - white she-cat with tortoiseshell points and blue eyes

APPRENTICE: Blizzardpaw

Amberheart - pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes

APPRENTICE: Cardinalpaw

Wavestrike - blue-grey tom with blue eyes


Streamtail - dark grey tom with a white tail tip

Cloudedburst - very pale grey tom with striped ginger patches



Cinderpaw - pale grey she-cat with freckles and blue eyes

Cardinalpaw - bright red tom with amber eyes

Whalepaw - grey tom with dark blue eyes

Shardpaw - white she-cat with striped ginger patches and  dark green eyes

Cottonpaw - white she-cat with hazel eyes

Blizzardpaw - pale grey tom with blue eyes

Teapaw - dark grey tom with lighter spots


Jackalstrike - dark grey she-cat with unusually long claws (Expecting Arcticpelt's kits)



(So far)


Eerie moonlight sprayed the grassy floor. The cold wind whispered its windy song. Leaves of the four great oaks rustled while branches creaked, threatening to fall. Foreboding seemed to hang in the air.A black sillhuoette was sitting on the shadow-covered rock, her tail twitching impatiently, as if waiting for a someone who is taking their time.

After some time that could have lasted as long as a heartbeat or one hundred seasons, a light coloured cat sneakily emerged from the bushes, head held high. The black sillhuoette stealthily jumped off the rock and as she did so, moonlight washed over the she-cat and revealed dark fur.  Stepping towards her light coloured companion, the she-cat snapped, "You took your time. My fur felt like it was going to freeze because of how cold it is!"

"It's not only you who's cold. Actually, it's me who's supposed to be complaining because the the freeze, since my pelt is shorter than yours, but I'm not." the light coloured cat retorted with a self-important tone, tail held high. "Whatever. That's irrelevant now," growled the she-cat, earning a snort from the other cat. "What's relevant is the choice. Your choice. Will there be a deal, or not?"

The light coloured cat's eyes shone like stars at the mention of the deal, "Of course! A deal like yours cannot be resisted. Your deal is my dream! They jumped up in excitement like a little kit, tail quivering in anticipation. The she-cat looked amused. "It's good that you are excited about aiding our job. Only a smart cat, something many cats sadly aren't, would do something like that. However..." glaring seriously at her agnorant light-furred associate, she added, "You must remember what you are supposed to do. Your job will not be easy, as I know from experience, but the end result will be worth it, I promise"

"Uhhhh. That part of the deal," the light-furred cat swished their tail in annoyance. "I keep forgetting about that. My job will be so hard! I wish I could just get what you promised to me." They looked towards the she-cat with pleading eyes, as if trying to send a message. The she-cat tensed and narrowed her eyes, immediately getting at the look in the other cat's eyes. "Don't count on it." she mewed coldly, eyes like ice crystals. "You must earn what you get. If you aren't prepared to do what's asked of you," the she-cat chuckled icily, lifting up her paw and unsheasing her claws, "then I can easily get another cat."  The light-furred cat's gaze sharpened in alarm and they looked terrified. "But you are less risky." the she-cat continued, "And you know what we're planning to do. This is a your dream, after all. Will a little work hurt? What's the point of dreams if you won't chase them? Don't you care about your ambitions?"

The light coloured cat breathed in deeply, as if trying to calm down and get ready for the job, then looked at the she-cat with determination and looked her right into the eye. " I will do it. Not my best work, but I still will try. I agree to the deal." The she-cat sighed. "At least you are honest, unlike some cats." She emphasised the word some, as if remembering someone in particular.

"Alright. Just... take care, okay? If you mess it up, you will pay in ways greater than you've ever known. " the she-cat smiled grimly. "I won't mess up!" her light-furred associate promised, sitting up straighter. The she-cat nodded and made her way into the undergrowth. Her dark fur seemed to melt into the undergrowth as she went away.

Chapter 1:

A hollow, lonely feeling settled in Sparkkit's belly as she slept. Hurt. Pain. Rejection. Everything bad, as freezing the wind outside, stung like a ferocious bite from an enemy warrior. Her heart began to ache as the feeling overcame the usual emotion of anxiety. It seemed so unnatural. So unwanted. Sadness bloomed like a flower, but unlike a flower, it was hollow and cold. Yet they emotion still existed and anyone knows why...

Sparkkit jumped awake as the dark night flooded her vision, so dark that she couldn't see a thing. Why had she woken up? Sparkkit wondered. Everything seemed so silent and still. So quiet. Like the previous times she'd woken up. After Sparkkit's eyes adjusted to the dark, she suddenly was aware of a nagging hollow feeling in her belly that was there every night. Loneliness. 'Don't kid yourself!' Sparkkit told herself. 'You perfectly know why you woke up!' She looked over from her nest at Fenneltail, her mother, and Gladepaw, her brother, happily sleeping in their own separate nest. Her fur pricked from jealousy. What did her brother have that she didn't!?

Always Sparkkit had tried to impress Fenneltail. Always she had failed at doing that. Her mother didn't seem to really care about her at all for some reason. Gladekit had been quite supportive of Sparkkit but he still got big-headed after their mother's endless complements while Sparkkit got some fake ones. She sank her claws into the ground in anger. Why did she have to be hated? Even if she did, why couldn't Fenneltail at least be upfront about it! Sparkkit narrowly avoided jumping at Fenneltail and clawing her ears as she ran through the events in her mind. 'Why do you hate me?' wondered Sparkkit, now more hurt than angry. She turned tail, left the nursery, and stomped outside. She was so upset that she didn't admire the night sky and the stars like she usually did. Sparkkit was about to settle down beside the apprentices den, when suddenly, her motives were interrupted by Owlscreech and Eveningstrike rushing through the camp entrance and by Lavafluff screeching as she made her way outside, "Slow down! You'll wake up the entire camp!" after them. Though Sparkkit personally thought that the camp would be awake because of Lavafluff herself, but she shook it off.

Watersplash emerged smartly from the Warrior's Den, her brown pelt glowing silver in the moonlight. Owlscreech and Eveningstrike exchanged a few words before going in separate directions. Owlscreech went to his nest while Eveningstrike walked to Watersplash, dipping his head in respect. Watersplash repeated the gesture, then asked, "How did the meeting with RiverClan go?" Sparkkit perked her ears in interest and tiptoed back beside the nursery so that she wouldn't be seen. She had known that something was a bit off because the warriors had been talking about it endlessly. Eveningstrike lowered his head in disappointment and sighed. "Not so well. They still blame us for Dovechaser's murder. RiverClan attacked us, even though it was agreed that no claws were allowed," his voice was becoming frustrated, "we were lucky to escape with just a few scratches." Eveningstrike sighed again, then lifted up his paw to show Watersplash his scratch.

"Did the medicine-" Watersplash started to ask but stopped mid sentence. Eveningstrike shook his head, "No. I didn't. Owlscreech didn't either. His scratches aren't serious. He was just too tired." Watersplash nodded, "Just make sure to remind him to go to the medicine den and get your own wounds checked as well." Eveningstrike dipped his head again and replied, "Will do, Watersplash."

"Did all of the RiverClan warriors attack?" inquired Watersplash, looking thoughtful. Eveningstrike shook his head, "No. Most of them did, but one just hid behind the other warriors." Watersplash's tail flicked with excitement, probably because she was happy that not every RiverClan cat falsely blamed ShadowClan for Dovechaser's death. Sparkkit remembered a story that Talonstrike had told her about Dovechaser mysteriously being found at the border during his last days as a senior warrior. The young elder had described Dovechasers as bloody, dead, with no eyes, covered in ShadowClan scent that didn't point to any ShadowClan cat. Sparkkit shivered as an image of Talonstrike's description began to form in her mind but she shook her head as if to clear her thought. She didn't want to imagine the horror at the border!

Watersplash's ears perked up. "Who was that warrior?" she asked Eveningstrike. He shook his head and replied, "Oh no, not a warrior. An apprentice. I think it was Cinderpaw." Cinderpaw. That name sent tingles going down Sparkkit's back. A weird feeling. That cat, whoever it was, felt important. She was sure of it. Watersplash looked surprised. "Cinderpaw!?" she exclaimed. "But she is Drizzlestar's apprentice! Surely Drizzlestar would manipulate her into her fight-hungry ways!? Even if she didn't succeed, surely she would follow Cinderpaw like her tail?"  Sparkkit remembered asking the elders about Drizzlestar after overhearing warriors talk about her. They looked troubled and vaguely said that she was 'a bad cat' but Sparkkit was sure that there was more to her story.

Eveningstrike shivered, as if remembering some particularly awful detail about the meeting. There was a short silence. "No." he finally retorted. "Drizzlestar wasn't there. Coldfur wasn't there either." Watersplash narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "The clan leader and deputy weren't at an important meeting? Where were they then? I have my doubts about these two. They seemed fishy at the gathering." Eveningstrike looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Some of the friendlier RiverClan warriors told me that Drizzlestar or Coldfur disappeared mysteriously without saying anything." Watersplash's eyes grew wide but she said nothing.

Eveningstrike looked like he was going to say something else but it was interrupted by a yawn. "Well, time to get some shut-eye. Ashstar sent me on the noon patrol so if I want to actually fall asleep and get some sleep, I'd better go now." Watersplash dipped her head. "Good night-" she broke off again and looked at the sky. The sun's golden rays were just visible on the horizon. Dawn was coming. "Have a good dawn, then." she corrected herself and smiled.

Eveningstrike turned tail and headed towards the warriors' den. Sparkkit hastily ducked further behind the apprentices' den to avoid being spotted. She looked at the nursery and thought, 'I guess I'll have to get some sleep too.' Suddenly she remembered something. It struck her like a lightning bolt. Tomorrow was her apprentice ceremony! 'I should get some sleep, or shut-eye, as Eveningstrike says because of I'm becoming an apprentice!' Sparkkit corrected herself and got ready to go to the nursery when suddenly her motives were interrupted by Fogshadow, Hawktalon and Frostbite leaving the warriors' den, their steps energetic and full of life. Suddenly, Fogshadow, darkly beckoned them with his tail and they crept outside the camp.

'What are they doing in there? That seemed suspicious' Sparkkit wondered, curiosity driving out all thoughts of going back to her den in the nursery. All in a flash, she knew what she had to do. She had to eavesdrop on their conversation! That seemed fun! Better than looking at Fenneltail and Gladepaw all dawn. Sparkkit felt the painful feelings come back: they seemed to creep up on her and lash out when unexpected. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts and feelings, trying to push all of her emotions away. When Sparkkit was done, she tiptoed away from her hiding place, looked around the camp (Sparkkit should be in the nursery), and when she saw that the coast was clear, she sprinted across the clearing and hid behind the bushes. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat and she looked around to see if anyone had heard her. Nothing. Though something was off. Sparkkit couldn't place this feeling.

'I am getting a lot of strange feelings today!' she thought, then slinked through the camp entrance and hid behind the nearest tree. Which also happened to be closer to Fogshadow, Hawktalon and Frostbite than she'd liked. The night was very calm and still. Stars twinkled brightly in the sky and the moon was almost full, a waxing gibbous. Sparkkit felt a surge of strange satisfaction, and she felt utterly relaxed and powerful, the gentle night wind blowing into her fur. 'This is how apprentices must feel like! It doesn't look too bad.... maybe.... being an apprentice will actually be good!' For the first time, Sparkkit felt excitement run through her pelt because of the apprentice ceremony. That feeling felt so good, especially when compared to previous emotions about this. She had been nervous because she felt that nobody would make friends with her and that she would be bad at hunting.

Unfortunately, this moment was interrupted by Fogshadow, who coughed. Sparkkit tried to breathe very quietly and she perked her ears to listen to the conversation. "Today we are here to talk about a dangerous threat to ShadowClan." He twitched his ear and coninued: "I'm afraid that, this poison is coming from inside of this clan and will ruin our lives forever. Even StarClan warned us about it, 'From the inside, a spark will light a fire that will burn the forest.' Sparkkit."                                                                                     Sparkkit wasn't surprised to hear that, but still, a big, cold stone seemed to drop in her belly. How can she ever prove that she is good!? Why does she even have to bother with that? Even StarClan seemed to hate her, and what did she do? Nothing!

A few moons ago, apparently Darkheart got the prophecy at a half-moon meeting. A vision of a spark that lit up a tree, then the fire spread through the forest, leaving smoke behind. A StarClan cat had whispered in her ear, 'From the inside, a spark will light a fire that will burn the forest.' Fogshadow had always seemed to be suspicious of her, but after the prophecy was revealed, he seemed to be watching her every step. It had unnerved her so much! 'Why does everyone have to hate me? What did I do? I'm innocent!' Sparkkit wondered angrily. She furiously unsheased her claws and dug them into the ground. She hated every second of this, but her paws seemed rooted to the ground.

"What should we do? I mean, I don't want to get involved with a bad cat!" Hawktalon shivered as he spoke. His green eyes seemed to pierce the darkness and they betrayed fear. Sparkkit wanted to come out of her hiding place and scream: "I am innocent! I haven't done anything wrong!" but she held her positon and didn't move. Fogshadow nodded and continued in a calm voice: "We have to keep an eye on her. StarClan is never wrong! If something happens, then exile her!" Terror tightened around Sparkkit's chest, so tightly that she couldn't breathe. Exile! How? For a moment Sparkkit thought she saw a burst of StarClany white light in front of her and the stars in the sky seemed to twinkle much more brightly than before. A fluffy, starry tail comfortingly and gently wove around her paws. Sparkkit felt warm breath tickle her ear, but when she turned around, nothing was there. For the first time in ages, she felt comforted. Some StarClan cat doesn't hate her!

Sparkkit snapped back to doom and gloom at the sound of Hawktalon's voice. "Good. She'll be out of our fur forever." Fogshadow purred and turned his broad head around to meet Frostbite's level gaze as if trying to send a message. Frostbite seemed to get it and gently growled: "StarClan will never have my approval.  Terrorising a young, innocent kit? You must have bees in your brain." Fogshadow bared his teeth and growled: "You agree with murder! Traitor! StarClan never makes mistakes! They tell the future so that we could lessen her damage!" Fogshadow stood up slowly, fur bristling. Frostbite snarled and stood up, the fur on her back standing up so that she looked twice her size. Sparkkit thought that she looked like a formidable opponent. Fogshadow thought so too. He backed down hesitantly.

"Stop it!" Hawktalon thrust himself between them. "Sparkkit is an issue that must be discussed calmly! We need this alliance more than ever!" 'What Alliance?' wondered Sparkkit. But she didn't hear anymore. She couldn't take this anymore: it was all too much. Tears in her eyes, Sparkkit sprinted away from her hiding place back into the camp, not twitching a whisker at the fact that others might hear her. The emotions were all too much! She wasn't a murderer; she was a good cat! Why can't anyone else understand that! At this point, Sparkkit didn't care that Frostbite stood up for her. She needed the approval of all or at least most of the clan to be happy, like any other kit! If only-

CRASH! Sparkkit felt herself slam into something hard and furry. She backed away and saw Watersplash standing near the enterance of her camp, her eyes glistening with sympathy. "Sorry! I didn't.... see... you there." Sparkkit mumbled nervously, fur standing up on her back in fear. Watersplash saw this and purred: "Don't worry. I saw you sneak out. You aren't in trouble," her gaze grew wide and serious. "Promise me you won't ever do that again. Even though Hawktalon, Fogshadow and Frostbite are there, you could have been in danger." Sparkkit's eyes grew wide and she bowed her head in shame: "I..... won't.... do that. I promise."

"Good." Watersplash dipped her head and continued quietly, her voice sad. "I heard what everyone says about you. It must be heartbreaking. I'm really sorry about that. I wish I could do something... but I can't." she sounded ashamed of herself. Sparkkit lowered her head sadly. She no longer felt sad or hollow; it felt much better to have two cat that believed in her, just... sad that the ShadowClan cats were so unmoving. But what could she do about it? Not much.

"Do you want to sleep in my nest tonight? I know that Gladekit and Fenneltail are hurting you.." Watersplash asked hesititantly. Sparkkit felt something positive stir inside, gently warming her from tail to head. A night without her brother and her mother sounded great. Sparkkit nodded happily and said, "Let's go!"

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