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Star That Shines Like The Moon (aka Storm/Star) - for creating a super editions and for the allegiances as well as finishing The Rise of Shadows

Whitecloud17 (aka Snowy) - for helping make a super edition


Currently open for OCs and Super Editions! If anyone is interested in writing (or doing a collab) for a Super Edition, please either leave me a message on my talk page (here) or on the Stars and Shadows talk page (here)

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Returning Shadows

The shadows are rising. Every cat believed that the Dark Forest would finally be gone, generations after the Great Battle. But they aren't. They have been brought back by the rising of a new possibility for the shadows to return.

Era of Ice

The Clans have been peaceful for moons. Until a cat with blood in its path is born. He seems to be just an ordinary warrior, however, his ambition begins to show as his feel for battle begins to be noticed. Will this cat be the end of the Clans? Or, will he be the start... of a new era?

Era of Rebellions

The rebellions have begun - all three of the Clans are furious at ThunderClan for allowing Icestar to rise to power. Is this rebellion the end for the once fierce, mighty Clan?

Super Editions - Taking Requests!

Sorrelstar's Suffering

Hear the tale of the legendary Sorrelstar's history, from kithood to death.

Pebblefrost's Choice

Pebble was happy with life as a rogue. Occasionally hunting with her friends, a safe place to sleep, it was everything she needed. But when trouble among the Clans start to change her peaceful life, Pebble knows that she must step up and help the Clans to end the evil for good.

Hazeltail's Torture

Hazeltail and Willowfur had a happy life in RiverClan. The two sisters had more happiness than they could ever wish for. Until Icestar came to ruin it. He snatched away all that Hazeltail had ever loved or enjoyed. He murdered Willowfur and imprisoned the other rebels. Life was torture for them. If no cat would help save them... they would have to do it themselves.

Cloudshine's Judgement - Written by Storm

Coming Soon!

Mistlefur's Ancestry - Written by Snowy

Coming Soon!