Cinderheart, new deputy of ThunderClan, is striving at everything. Patrols. Duties. But when she has to face up to one of the biggest problems in her life, AND protect her leader at the same time, her whole world might just fall apart.



Book One: Rise

Book Two: Twisted Branches

Book Three: Rivers

Book Four: Blossoming Years

Book Five: Waited

Book Six: Losing Hope

Series Two

Book Seven: Light

Book Eight: Everything

Book Nine: Ease Your Pain

Book Ten: Again

Book Eleven: Beginning To Shine

Book Twelve: Emerging

Series Three

Book Thirteen: Finally

Book Fourteen: A Thousand Moons

Book Fifteen: Coming Home

Book Sixteen: Apart

Book Seventeen: See You Again

Book Eighteen: Chance


Here, find Extras for this series. Things such as fanart, songs, songfics, and short stories!

Author/Release Date/Other


Hollytuft: A female writer who loves cats, and Erin Hunter, inspiring her to make Starlight.

Release Date

After "The Three of Us", a single novel, is done.


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