Starlight, Star bright

The first star I see tonight

Wish I may, wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight




Starpaw, Starpaw, Starpaw.

Is that how they see me?

The cat with the weird name?

The unruly, inexperienced, little apprentice?

Why was I named this?

Why must my life be forsaken?</span

Of course, this is how I see my life.

You might not see it this way.

But I think StarClan has chosen this terrible fate for me.

They’ve abandoned me.

Betrayed me.

Turned against me.

Oh, no, StarClan prances around in their little world.

While I suffer down here.

But I am more than this.

I have ambition.

I have revenge.

~Chapter One~


Don’t call me that.


Go away!

“Starpaw! Now!”

Leave me alone!

“Get out here, you pitiful excuse for a cat!”

My hackles rise. I turn, hissing, to leap on my mentor. “You think you’re so powerful just because you’re a warrior!” I spat. RiverClan watches in awe. Cloudfang tries to fight back. I may be an apprentice, but I know how to fight.

Cloudfang drops to the ground. His white coat matted with blood, and his grey eyes glazed. Sweetstar bounds across the clearing to her son. "Oh, Cloudfang!" She murmurs. She turns to me. “Out! Out, out, out!” She hisses coldly. See what I mean by forsaken destiny?

Nobody cares as the odd cat leaves the clearing with her tail high. But I care. I’m proud. I killed my horrible mentor. Suddenly, my sister appears. “If she’s leaving, I’m leaving.” She growls. Brightpaw joins me, and we walk out together.

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