OOC: this is for a contest.

Goldenwhisp watched as Dreampaw and Bumblepaw groomed each other. Her eyes narrowed.Dreampaw is a medicine cat, she can't mate! Goldenwhisp sighed and went back to sorting herbs. "Can I help?" A voice sounded behind her. Goldenwhisp turned around. Cinderpatch was standing there, her only eye was staring at her. Cinderpatch had lost her eye to a bear that had attacked the camp. Goldenwhisp shook her head. "You should be training Hollypaw, it's almost time for her assessment." Goldenwhisp said. "Hollypaw can wait, Hel-" Cinderpatch said. "Hollypaw cannot wait. Apprentices are an important part in the life of the Clan. HoneyClan would not have survived through the past leaf-bare if it hadn't been for Coldlily and Frostybreeze." Goldenwhisp said. Cnderpatch snorted. "Yah right they caught a tiny mouse that saved Nutleaf." Cinderpatch said. "Coldlily and Frostybreeze saved my SISTER." Goldenwhisp said. Cinderpatch snorted again then left. Goldenwhisp sighed. Dreampaw and Bumblepaw had disappeared. Gingerstar was sharing tongues with Sweetsong.

So yah this was for a contest.

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