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Nightwhisker has finally had his happy ending together with Whitemist. Or has he? After Nightwhisker finally becomes trusted, Volestar finds a reason to declare war on RiverClan! Can Nightwhisker bring himself to attack his former clanmates, mother, father, kin, and friends? Or does he need to find another way to stop wars....... And show his loyalty to ThunderClan somehow at the same time?


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Prologue- Whitemist (Hope)

I looked up at the night sky. The stars sparkled, illuminating the darkness.

I smiled to myself. Thinking of everything that has happened.

Nightwhisker was the first thing that came to mind. His black pelt and his glimmering eyes. I grinned and my whiskers twitch happily.

But then, I frowned. I thought about the war.

My mind flashed with memories.

I heard a screech of pain ringing through my ears. I recognise that screech. I have heard it before.

A flash of colour. Red to be exact.

I saw my mother, looking down at me, blood dripping from her mouth.

"Mother!" I cried.

"It will be okay. Make sure this war end Whitekit! Please, you have to!" begged my mother.

She rushed out of the cave and then shouted out, "I love you!"

I gasped, snapping out of my thoughts.

That was a memory.

The last memory of me and my mother together.

My eyes were now shining with sadness as I looked up at the stars again.

Their light seems to have dimmed, the night sky becoming darker.

If only she was here. My mother could have stopped the war. I can't do this. I can't do as she wished. I am a failure. I am sorry mother.

Chapter One- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I shifted in my nest. Something was missing..... Oh. Whitemist must've gone to get some fresh air.

Whitemist's friend, Maplepelt shifted over to glare at me. I managed to stifle a laugh, and Maplepelt smiled. We had become friends over the time I wasn't trusted enough to sleep in the warriors den. Maybe even as good as Sandtail.

Sandtail. The memory hit me like a needle. A part of me had wanted to stay in RiverClan. That part still does. No. ThunderClan is your home now. If you hadn't left RiverClan, you wouldn't have been with Whitemist.

I got out of my nest to find her. Carefully stepping over cats, I breathed in the night air. The night is where you belong. After all, it is your prefix, the reason you're not like any other cat.

I saw a shape staring at the moon. I crept over, and sat by her. Whitemist jumped. "Sorry," she whispered. "Didn't know you were there,"

Shaking my head, I said, "It's all right. I just thought we could enjoy the stars together,"

Whitemist's green eyes turned to smile playfully at me. "Do you ever feel like you made the wrong choices?"

I looked down. "I guess you could say that,"

"No, I'm serious. There have been some...... things happening lately,"

I giggled quietly. "Like you sleeping in way to late?"

She nodded. "Yeah, but... Other stuff. Like when your memories decide to show up at the least wanted time,"


We sat in silence for some time, then Whitemist licked my ear and said, "I should probably get some sleep or I'll be sleeping in late again,"

I smiled. "I'll be in there in a moment,"

She waved her tail in response, then disappeared in the warriors den.

As soon as she left, a small, starry figure greeted me. I recognised it as Lightningpaw. "Lightningpaw!" I quietly, but happily exclaimed.

"Nightwhisker," she smiled, eyes puffy as if she was crying. "No matter what you think is wrong, or that you regret, think of the good things that happened after," Lightningpaw started off into the sky.

"Wait!" I said. "Don't go! You only just got here!"

But she was gone.

I sighed and went back in the warriors den, curled in my nest, and feel asleep.

Chapter Two- Honeyspots (Hope)

ShadowClan camp was silent. Only the light wind could be heard.

I decided to set out early to collect some herbs the night before. I regretted that decision as soon as I woke up. I stretched, letting my muscles loosen. I yawned and started walking out of my den. The breeze instantly hit me, ruffling my pelt. A smile spread across my face.

Dawn had just come, giving the forest some light. I continued to pad out of ShadowClan camp, stopping sometimes to admire the beauty of dawn.

I stopped, trying to remember exactly what herbs I had to get.

Fox dung, I can't remember!

I looked behind me, wondering if I should walk back to camp to check my herb supply.

No, it is fine. I'll just try and collect all the herbs I can.

I continued to stroll deeper into the forest. ShadowClan camp was no looking smaller.

Then, I soon remembered I must stock up on the poppy seed supply. That is what I would get first.

I sniffed the air, the smell of squirrel filling my nose. I licked my lips but then told myself I had to collect herbs.

"Honeyspots!" shouted a voice behind me.

I turned quickly, wondering who it was. I recognised the dark pelt of Owlkit.

"Owlkit?! What are you doing here?"

"I followed you!" smiled Owlkit, looking proud of himself.

"You are not allowed to be here!" I growled.

Owlkit frowned, "But I want to learn about herbs!"

"Well, if you become a Medicine Cat apprentice then you can learn about herbs. That is still a moon away." I told Owlkit.

Owlkit sighed, "I know!"

"Good, now, I have to take you back to camp!" I huffed.

I picked up Owlkit by the scruff and he tried to protest.

"I am too old for this!" he argued.

I rolled my eyes and smiled to myself.

Sometimes, I wish I had chosen a different path!

Chapter Three- Sandtail (Misty)

I woke up to Mintwing shaking me up. "What?" I groaned.

"Remember? Stormkit, Echokit, and Sagekit are becoming apprentices today?" Mintwing said.

I shook my head and meowed, "Alright. But before then, what should we do? I mean, other than trying to treat Frostwillow's fever,"

"Well, I'm gonna collect some Feverfew because we are running low. How about you collect some catmint for the upcoming leafbare?"

I got up and stretched. Ever since Nightwhisker had left.....  Ugh, why did he leave? Do I mean anything to him?

I walked out of camp to go collect some catmint. As I was walking, a memory of Nightwhisker came up. We had been talking, walking on the border.

"Hey, Sandtail! It's good to see you! How's RiverClan?"

I shook my head. "Some cats have been a little...... emotional. Including me," I sighed.

"What would I have done otherwise? It was my destiny to stop the war," he pouted.

I looked down. "Well, you didn't have to abandon me, Vineclaw, Tawnyfeather, whomever. You could've had your little "mate" join RiverClan,"

"Volestar wouldn't have ever surrendered to RiverClan! It was this, or more cats dying!" Nightwhisker yowled angrily.

I stepped back. He frowned, and then said, "I'm sorry, it didn't mean to be so harsh,"

I shook my head once again. "If you think it's your destiny, then follow it. But don't forget the cats you abandoned. I know that Echokit wanted to be your apprentice,"

Nightwhisker looked down. Then, without saying anything, he turned tail and ran away.

I started half-heartedly crying. I let the tears fall. It wasn't any use to keep them in anyway. My best friend had abandoned me for love. For love of a thing that was once forbidden.

If you were a warrior, would you have done the same?

My lips curled up into a small smile. I would have. I would've gone to whatever clan to be with my love. I know that Nightwhisker thinks that it was the right choice. But I'm a medicine cat. I'll never submit to my love. It's against the medicine code.

I took some catmint stalks off of the catmint patch standing right in front of me, and headed home.

Chapter Four- Whitemist (Hope)

I frowned as I thought about my memory. I used to have nightmares about it when I was younger. It wasn't associated with something good.

I sighed, my whiskers twitching. I sat up to lick my chest fur. It felt dirty. I was interrupted by Nightwhisker.

"Hey!" he grinned.

"Hi!" I purred and Nightwhisker walked to my side.

He brushed against me and I instantly felt warm.

This is the feeling of love isn't it?

I continued to purr and Nightwhisker asked, "Would you like to go hunting?"

"Of course!" I smiled.

It might have took my mind off the memory.

Nightwhisker's eyes sparkled as a smile spread across his face. He purred softly as I stood up and started to make my way to the exit of the Warrior's Den. Nightwhisker followed me but soon ran up to walk by my side. I smiled to myself and Nightwhisker noticed.

"What are you smiling about?" he laughed.

"You!" I giggled.

Nightwhisker brushed against me and I felt that warmth again.

"You don't have to answer this Nightwhisker but do you miss RiverClan?"

Nightwhisker stops, his eyes starting to sparkle with sadness.

"Yes, I do Whitemist. But, I have you here in ThunderClan and that is all I need!" said Nightwhisker.

"I love you!" I purred, my eyes glistening with happiness.

"I love you too Whitemist!"

Chapter Five- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I carefully walked out of the warriors' den. When I got out, it was dawn. I smiled. Whitemist brushed by me again, and the warm feeling of love spread through me.  We walked to the exit of camp, and I said, "You go first," Whitemist nodded, and proceeded. When I was about to go out, Volestar stopped me. "What are you doing?" He growled.  "Just going hunting," I smiled. I'm in a good mood, Volestar can't stop that. I think...

He narrowed his eyes at me, then said, "I bet you're going to talk to your friend on the border," Volestar spat out the word 'friend'.

"No, I'm just going hunting with Whitemist," I casually said. "May I go out?"

Volestar snarled. "Stay away from Whitemist,"

"That's the reason I joined ThunderClan. We wouldn't have surrendered if I wasn't going to join Whitemist," I said angrily.


I stepped back. A random warrior yelled, "Be quiet!" Volestar shook his head. "That's all you are. A cat who only swims and eats fish to stay alive. Without the river, you are nothing. I'm going to test your loyalty. I'd suggest you get ready,"

I winced, and started towards the exit. "Go ahead, go hunt with Whitemist. I doubt you'll catch anything. And keep in mind that I'll be watching you. Because I'm going to declare war on RiverClan," Volestar said with a cruel smile.

My blood started to boil. I'll have to...... Fight the clanmates that I grew up with? Whitemist came in through the entrance. "What's taking you so long?" She complained, but stopped when she saw Volestar. "What are you doing to him?!"

Volestar smiled and said nothing, shooing us on toward the exit. Whitemist frowned, but said nothing. I followed Whitemist out. The only thing that bothers me.... Other than the upcoming war, of course...... Is all that Volestar said true?

Whitemist stopped and looked back at me. "I can tell something is wrong. What is it?"

I looked down. Then I looked back up at my mate. "Well..... Volestar is going to declare war on RiverClan,"

She frowned. "When? We should warn RiverClan!" I shook my head. "No. Volestar is watching us, and he might kick me out if he finds out, which he probably will,"

"Oh," Whitemist looked up at the rising sun. "Well, let's go hunting. After all, that is what we came for!" I smiled. If any cat could make your day, it would be Whitemist. I followed her out into the trees and undergrowth.

Chapter Six- Honeyspots (Hope)

I placed some catmint in the piles. I blinked, the smell flooding my nose. It smelt so good! I licked my lips, my mouth watering. I turned to try and block out the smell. It kind of worked.

"Hi Honeyspots!" exclaimed Owlkit.

I jumped, fear rushing through me.

"You scared me!" I growled.

"Sorry!" muttered Owlkit, his eyes looking behind my shoulders.

I turned back, wondering what Owlkit was staring at. I noticed he was looking at the catmint.

"What is that?" asked Owlkit, padding forward to try and get a closer look.

"Catmint. You can easily distinguish it by its smell!" I told Owlkit.

"It is making my mouth water!" smiled Owlkit.

"It makes my mouth water too!" I laughed.

"Honeyspots, I was wondering, when I am apprenticed, can you be my mentor?" questioned Owlkit, his grey eyes sparkling with hope.

My heart softened and I licked the top of Owlkit's head.

"Of course! If you want to choose the path of a Medicine Cat then I would love to be your mentor!" I grinned.

"Thank you so much Honeyspots!" purred Owlkit.

Owlkit bounced around me happily. I continued to grin.

"Why don't you come with me and I can teach you the names of some herbs!" I smiled.

I was in a giving mood. I was excited that I would have an apprentice. A cat that I can teach. I cat that I can help learn. That is nearly as amazing as being a mother.

"Okay! Thank you!" exclaimed Owlkit.

I licked Owlkit's head again before turning to the herb pile. I flicked my tail as a signal for Owlkit to follow.

I think, one of my dreams may be coming true!

Chapter Seven- Sandtail (Misty)

I looked up at the Wetrock. Rainstar was standing on top of it, glaring at us all. I guess she wasn't in a good mood. Then again, neither was I.

Echokit was whispering to Stormkit. When Echokit stopped, they both bounced up and down.

"I have gathered you here because three kits have reached the age of six moons, which is the traditional age to become apprentices. Stormkit, Echokit, and Sagekit, please step forward," Rainstar finally said.

Stormkit and Echokit bounced forward, but Sagekit just walked. "Do you three promise to uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?" Rainstar continued the ceremony.

"I do!" Echokit said promptly, Stormkit followed quickly after.

"I do," Sagekit squeaked quietly.

"Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your apprentice names. Stormkit, from now on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Stormpaw. Berryclaw. I trust that you are ready for an apprentice. Use all that you learned from Vineclaw to teach Stormpaw.

"Echokit. From now on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Echopaw. Lynxtuft. I trust you are ready for another apprentice. I hope you will mentor Echopaw well,"

I quietly gasped. Lynxtuft had previously mentored Lightningpaw! Usually mentors wouldn't get new apprentices so soon after one dying or becoming warriors...

"Sagekit, from now on until you receive your warrior name, you'll be known as Sagepaw. Kinkstorm. I trust that you are ready for another apprentice. Pass down all you know to Sagepaw," Rainstar finished.

"Stormpaw! Echopaw! Sagepaw! Stormpaw! Echopaw! Sagepaw!" The whole clan cheered out the new apprentices' names. When the cheers subsided, I quickly walked to the exit/entrance of camp.  No! Don't let the thoughts take control here! But it was too late. The thoughts of Nightwhisker came rushing in.

He can't be your best friend. He's a traitor! ​​​​​​You'll never see him again, except at gatherings. He doesn't go to every gathering, and neither do you.

Nightwhisker doesn't care about himself. Why did he have to leave?

Gosh darn it, Rainstar. Why'd you let him leave? He couldn't been happy here!

But one thought kept nagging me after each negative one. Nightwhisker decided to choose love. Instead of family. Instead of friends. Instead of RiverClan. Let the consequences occur.

My thoughts began to subside as Rainstar came up to me. "You alright, Sandtail?" I looked up. I had been looking down, and I had been crying. "I think so,"

Rainstar sadly smiled. "All of us miss Nightwhisker, Sandtail. Don't be sad,"

"It's easy to be happy when you let him go!"

Rainstar looked down. "He would've surrendered to ThunderClan and joined even if I didn't,"

"Then you should've let him surrender on his own! That way, it wouldn't been his fault he left! Instead, it's yours!" I cried. Without waiting for a response, I dashed into the medicine den, laid in my nest, and let my thoughts take over.

Chapter Eight- Whitemist (Hope)

I leapt into a hunter's crouch and made sure the wind was blowing in my favour. I noticed it wasn't and sighed. Nightwhisker had run off, the last thing he told me was that he spotted a bird.

I blinked, wondering if the wind would change anytime soon. The vole was still clueless, sniffing the air.

"Hello!" exclaimed a voice behind me.

I jumped, my fur standing on its end. The vole scurried off and I cursed silently.

Mouse dung!

I turned, wondering who it was. I was surprised to see Irispaw.

"You just scared off my vole!" I growled.

A smile spread across Irispaw's face. "I know!"

"Why did you do it?" I frowned, my whiskers twitching.

"You are trying to take Maplepelt away from me! You like him and I know it. You better stay away from him!" hissed Irispaw, showing her teeth.

"He is my best friend! I don't like him like that! Nightwhisker is my mate! I think you are jealous that I have have a mate and you don't!" I snarled.

Irispaw muttered something under her breath before leaping onto me and bringing me to the ground. I squeaked in shock and struggled under her weight.

She has gotten stronger!

I then gathered my strength and lept up. Irispaw fell to the ground and let out a wail.

"Ow!" she cried.

I stopped, realising I may have hurt her. I walked closer to her, trying to see if I hurt her. That was a mistake because Irispaw tackled me again.

"You need to learn when cats are lying!" laughed Irispaw.

I hissed again, showing my teeth.

"Irispaw! Get off her!" snarled a voice.

I immediately recognised that it was the voice of Maplepelt.

"I am so glad you are here Maplepelt!" I said, letting out a sigh of relief.

Irispaw stood up and her whiskers twitched in embarrassment.

"I-I am sorry Maplepelt!" frowned Irispaw.

"Hello? You were the one tackling me?" I growled.

"Yes, Whitemist is right. Irispaw, don't apologise to me. Apologise to Whitemist!" Maplepelt frowned.

Irispaw muttered something before turning to me. "Sorry!"

"Thank you!" I sighed.

Irispaw rolled her eyes before walking off. She winked at Maplepelt before leaping into a sprint. Maplepelt frowned before walking up to me.

"You alright?" asked Maplepelt.

I nodded.

Should I tell him what she said? No, it is fine!

Chapter Nine- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I sniffed the air for the bird again. Reaching up, I jumped up and missed the bird by inches. "Ugh," I silently cursed. Watching the bird, I crouched and followed the sparrow again.

Suddenly, a huge sound came from the path I was near. Cats were talking to each other loudly. I glanced over, but realized it was a mistake as the sparrow was out if sight when I looked back. "Will you just be quiet?!" I meowed in frustration. The noise stopped, and soon I heard laughing. I growled and headed back in the direction of camp without any prey, then suddenly stopped. I heard some loud splashing. They were crossing the river!

No, no no no no no. Not here! I'm not ready! I assumed they were going to declare war, and I scrambled back where Whitemist and I had been earlier. I found Whitemist's scent trail, and hastily followed it. The scent was unmistakably mingled with another scent.... Irispaw's. I shuddered. That cat was nothing but trouble.

I went a little further and smelled Maplepelt. I passed past two ferns, and saw Whitemist dusting herself off, Maplepelt glancing at the underbrush. "Hi," I said, coming up. "You alright?"

Whitemist looked up and purred. "Hi, Nightwhisker! I'm good," She licked a speck of dust out of her fur and stood up. 

"We don't have much time to figure this out. Volestar is probably declaring war on RiverClan again!"

Maplepelt looked at us. "What? We just finished one war! Why waste more cats on another?"

Whitemist's eyes opened wide. "Are you sure?"

I looked down. "I hope not, but I heard them crossing the river. I'm not ready to attack my former clanmates yet!"

Maplepelt looked around. "Well, I mean, do you have any clanmates that you didn't really like?"

"Um...." I thought for a moment. I guess Fishpool was a bit annoying..... But now Echokit, Stormkit, and Sagekit might be apprentices... Are they going to attack me? "I guess Fishpool... " I trailed off. "I mean, I have no idea..."

"You probably don't need to worry until we start attacking," Whitemist comforted. 

"I hope not," I sighed.  I really hope not... Maplepelt, Whitemist and I got up to head back to camp. Whitemist looked at me. "I'm tired, aren't you?" I nodded. We headed over to the warriors' den, and Maplepelt headed over to the fresh-kill pile.

"Do you think we can stop this upcoming war?" I whispered to my mate. She sadly smiled.

"I hope so,"  I really do two...

Chapter Ten- Honeyspots (Hope)

Owlkit was good company. He was very inquisitive. He liked to ask questions like, What is this herb used for? How do I apply it to a wound?

I answered happily. I was ever so glad som cat shared the same love of herbs as me.

"You should probably get back to your mother now! She might be worried!" I sighed.

Owlkit frowned and said, "I will tell her that I want to be with you for the day. My mother will understand!'

I grinned, nodding briefly.

Owlkit rushed out of my den in a blur of brown fur. I purred and started to lick my paw while I waited. Then, sadness hit me like a monster.


Aspenpaw was my last apprentice. She was extremely smart and knew all the herbs off by heart in less than a moon of mentoring her. She was my first apprentice. I cared about her so much. I should have been with her. One day, she went out to collect herbs and I said she could go all alone. Stupid mistake. It was at dawn when she left and when it got to sun-high I started to get worried. I ran out of my den and searched the whole forest for her. The only place i hadn't looked was the Twolegplace and I knew, that must be where she was. She must have gone to collect catmint when she came across a protective kittypet.

I found her dead, laying on the ground with blood dripping out of the side of her mouth.

A kittypet was next to her, licking the blood from their claws.

"This is what happens when you cross me!" the kittypet spat.

I wailed and then my sadness mixed with anger. I lept onto the kittypet and brought them to the ground. I then tricked the kittypet in showing their belly and I scratched it.

I hope they suffered a painful death.

I dragged Aspenpaw back to camp and every cat sat a vigil for her. I cried through most of it. I have blamed myself ever since.

"Honeyspots!" Owlkit snapped me out of my thoughts.

"What did your mother say?" I asked him.

"She said I could stay for you as long as I want!" he grinned.

I smiled and said, "Why don't we practice what you would do when I cat gets a scratch or is cut?"

"That sounds good!" exclaimed Owlkit.

I won't let anything happen to you Owlkit!

Chapter Eleven- Sandtail (Misty)

​​​​​​Sandtail. Sandtail!

I woke up with a shudder. I assumed the dream was from StarClan.

"Sandtail, " they kept saying. 

"What? " I said. 

"There is danger. Keep an eye out. The night seeks to harm your clanmates, "

"What do you mean, the night? " I demanded. "Who is the night?"

A wispy breeze ruffled my fur, and the image was gone.

I sat up. It sounded like the new apprentices were having fun. I purred. If there was anything to distract me from Nightwhisker, it would be Stormpaw. 

I ran out of the medicine den. The sight that greeted me.... I smelled ThunderClan, and it matched with the sight.

Cats were battling each other. Not another war! Now I have to heal more cats than normal again!

The apprentices seemed to be having fun. Fun battling. They could hurt themselves!

I looked around for Nightwhisker. There didn't seem to be any Nightwhisker in the battle patrol of ThunderClan.

Volestar yowled at RiverClan, "ThunderClan declares war!!!"

Rainstar yelled back, "Why?!"

"Loyalty issues! Now be prepared! Nightwhisker is going to fight you all!!" Volestar laughed at their surprise, and ran off. "ThunderClan, retreat! You gave them a great battering!"

Rainstar stared at the exit of camp, looking shocked. I shook my head. If Nightwhisker is going to attack me.... Well, I'll just try to attack him back! I guess I'll let an apprentice do it, since they didn't really know Nightwhisker that well. I ran over to Echopaw. "Hey! I'd like to talk?" I asked.

"Sure!" Echopaw brightly said.

"I wanna talk about Nightwhisker. Do you know who he is?" I asked.

"Sure, he's that RiverClan cat who joined ThunderClan because he was stressed out and he liked a ThunderClan cat," Echopaw said. "Why?"

I thought for a moment. How could she possibly know him? She was two-ish moons old when he left! "I think we should teach him a lesson. After all, he is the enemy now," Sandtail said.

"Why can't you fight him yourself? If you're asking me to fight him, I won't. I made him comfortable, and helped him with his decision kind of. I believe he's a nice cat. You can ask me to attack any other cat, but I won't attack him," Echopaw said, turning away.

"Wait!" I called. Who's his mate, who's his mate? Oh, it's Whitemist! I think... "Do you know Whitemist, a ThunderClan warrior?" Echopaw shook her head.  I smiled. "Well she's a white cat with grey markings,"  I've seen her at gatherings, as well as during the last war. "Attack her if you see her,"

Echopaw subtly nodded. I smiled, and turned to help the wounded.

Chapter Twelve- Whitemist (Hope)

I muttered something under my breath. I probably always have to be looking behind my shoulder now. Irispaw is out to get me.

I don't know what her problem was. Maplepelt was like my brother and it was very weird if you liked a brother-like figure.

I sighed and brushed against Nightwhisker. He purred and then asked, "How are you?"

Should I tell Nightwhisker what happened between Irispaw and I?

"I am good thanks!" I plastered a fake smile on my face.

"That is good!" grinned Nightwhisker.

"How are you?" I asked him.

"Well, I am alright. Being with you always makes me happy!" Nightwhisker purred.

My heart melted right there.

"Awww, thank you Nightwhisker!" I smiled, my heart rate rising.

"It is only the truth!"

I brushed against Nightwhisker again and he lay down. I began to groom the fur on Nightwhisker's back. He continued to purr and I smiled. I stopped grooming him and lay down next to him.

"Are you sure you are alright? You don't seem yourself. You haven't since we went hunting!" frowned Nightwhisker.

I think the is the right time to tell him.

"Well, Irispaw and I have gotten in a fight, She said I liked Maplepelt and then attacked me when you went to hunt that bird," I explained.

Nightwhisker's face dropped. "S-she did that?"

"Yes, but, there is no need to worry," I told him.


Nightwhisker was interrupted by the call of Volestar. "Calling all ThunderClan cats!"

My whiskers twitched and I stood up. Nightwhisker followed me reluctantly. The light shone on my pelt as I exited the Warrior's Den.

We immediately spotted Volestar and he gave us a nod. Many other ThunderClan cats were already there and I spotted Maplepelt in the crowd. I ran over to him and Nightwhisker followed.

"Hey Whitemist!" greeted Maplepelt.

"Hello!" I nodded.

Then, Volestar began to speak, "Today, I have an announcement. There will be a new warrior sleeping in thw Warrior's den tomorrow night!"

My mouth dropped.

"Irispaw," began Volestar.

Irispaw made her way out of the crowd and towards Volestar. She stood next to him and grinned proudly.

"Do you promise to fight for your clan?"

"I do Volestar!" nodded Irispaw.

"Then, from now until you become a warrior in StarClan, you shall be known as Irisblossom. May StarClan light your path!"

Irisblossom grinned as the ThunderClan cats started to chant.

"Irisblossom! Irisblossom!"

I mumbled and didn't join in.

Things just had to get worse didn't they!

Chapter Thirteen- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I looked at Irisblossom. She was wearing a smug face and saying, "Oh, thanks, guys,"

My gaze then drifted to Whitemist. She was frowning, looking down, and poking the dirt. Honestly, I would've been doing that as well.

Volestar interrupted the cheers by saying, "Oh, and also, if you don't know already, ThunderClan has officially declared war on RiverClan!" I heard yowls of approval throughout the clearing.  Was joining ThunderClan a mistake? Is Whitemist not meant for me? No. She is the one cat that you belong with. That's why you joined ThunderClan.

"The next attacking patrol, Jaystripe, with permission, may I organize?"

Jaystripe nodded.

"The next attacking patrol will take place before dawn, and it will include: me, Irisblossom, Poppyshine, Feathertuft, Wildclaw, and Nightwhisker. Our backup... Feathertuft, if we need it, you are to fetch this group. Flameleaf, Briarstripe, Jaystripe, Maplepelt, Oakfrost, Mothfrost, and Oliverain. Our sideline fighters and helpers will be Whitemist, Heatherfox, and Lionpool. You will protect the borders. Am I clear?" Volestar shouted.

"Yeah!" Many cats said, Irisblossom of the loudest. I heard Lionpool groaning.

"Get a good night's sleep, and we'll get you before dawn!" Jaystripe cheered. I wanted to hide. From now until the war ends, I'd be in every single attacking patrol. I thought of the cats I'd try to avoid fighting. Of course not Vineclaw, he's a good fighter. It's rude to attack your mom, so I'll try to avoid Tawnyfeather. It wouldn't be fair if I attack medicine cats, because they can't attack back, or at least not very good. Mintwing and Sandtail are off the 'attacking list', especially since Sandtail is my best friend. Well, I think Needletalon will understand if I fight her... But she was my mentor... Oh well. Those are the cats I'd least want to fight.

I wonder about what has happened to Sandtail. Does he miss me? Probably. He's probably healing cats to take me off his mind.

"Nightwhisker, are you alright?" Whitemist's worried mew brought me out of my thoughts. It seemed like I zone out a lot these days.

I looked at Whitemist. "Yeah.... I was just thinking," Whitemist shook her head. "I called for you to come with me to our nest five times!" I smiled, and she licked my cheek. Well, sometimes there are things in life that you wish you could do two of the choices.

Chapter Fourteen- Honeyspots (Hope)

Owlkit bounced around me happily.

"What herb do you use when we have to get a cat to throw up?" I asked Owlkit.

"Yarrow!" he smiled.

"That is correct! You have a really good memory Owlkit!" I tod him.

"Thank you!" grinned Owlkit.

I licked his head but was interrupted when Alderblaze rushed in.

"Honeyspots, Hailflight has a horrible stomach ache. Can you come?" Alderblaze asked.

"Of course! I will be there right away!" I told Alderblaze.

Alderblaze nodded briefly before rushing out of my den. I blinked before following him.

"Owlkit, come with me. I need you to go and get herbs once I have checked on Hailflight. Can you do that?" I questioned.

"Yes Honeyspots!" nodded Owlkit and he sprinted beside me.

Alderblaze was still in front of us when he turned sharply in the direction of the Warrior's Den. I picked up my pace but then realised that Owlkit was slowing down. I picked him up by the scruff and he squirmed unhappily.

"I am nearly and apprentice! I don't need to be carried!" he huffed.

"Well, you aren't an apprentice right now are you?" I said but it came out muffled.

The Warriors den came into sight and I rushed in. I placed Owlkit on the ground and told him to stay there until I asked him to move.

"Okay!" he nodded.

Alderblaze brushed against me and my whiskers twitched.

"Hailflight!" I said when I saw the she-cat.

She didn't look well at all. Her eyes didn't have the usual sparkle that cheered me up. Hailflight and I had been friends since we were kits.

Hailflight groaned and then winced. "I-it hurts!"

"I know. What have you eaten today Hailflight?" I asked her.

"I ate a mouse but it didn't taste nice." frowned Hailflight.

"I think that mouse might have been off!" I told her.

Is this a sign from StarClan? Have I done something wrong?

"Owlkit, can you go and get some Yarrow?" I asked Owlkit.

"Of course Honeyspots!" he said before rushing out of the den.

I told my friend, "It will be alright Hailflight. You will be alright!"

Chapter Fifteen- Sandtail (Misty)

A hunting patrol came back, and Rainstar promptly announced a clan meeting. I rolled my eyes, but still came over. "As some, or rather, most of you know, ThunderClan has declared war on us once again. But this time, one of our best fighters has moved to the enemy side, and he will attack us. What do you think we should do?" Rainstar said, glancing at Vineclaw.

The cats started whispering amongst themselves. I whispered to Frostwillow, "I think we should just attack him. He's on the opposing side now,"

My mother stared at me. "But- wasn't Nightwhisker your best friend?"

"Was. The warrior code states that you can have friends in another clan, but you have to fight them if there's a battle. Why should that be any different now?" I pointed out.

"You're not a warrior," Frostwillow pointed out.

"Good! I'm not a warrior, and I won't be fighting! You guys will! I was just pointing out what I think you should do!" I turned away. Frostwillow stared at me, shocked. I shook my head and went into the medicine den. I could hear Rainstar from inside here. "I've decided that if we see Nightwhisker, we can choose to attack or run. But you can't do neither. If he attacks you, give him your full fury," I shifted in my nest, and feel asleep.

My dreams were horrible.

"I can't believe he's a medicine cat, " a starry figure said. I was in the middle of some ferns, eavesdropping on them. 

"He doesn't deserve that privilege. His actions have gone out of control," another cat said.

"Did you know he missed that last half-moon gathering? I can't believe he would let that slide," The third one said. I recognized all three, with a jolt.

The first one was Duststar, the leader of RiverClan before Rainstar. The next was Mudfoot. He was a friend of my father's. And the last one.... She was smaller than them. Lightningpaw. Nightwhisker's dead sister.

I woke up from that dream, but feel asleep and slipped into the next.

"I can't believe we're getting the chance of having a medicine cat joining us," a small, but cruel, voice said.

"Yeah. Wait---" The voice stopped. "I think he's here now,"

I stepped out of the bushes. "Yeah, I'm here. What are your names?"

The first, small one cackled. "Wow. He's definitely a special one," ​​​​​​The cat snickered. "Listen, furball, we own the rules here. If you wanna fight, or learn, you tell us your name, and then we choose if we tell you our names. We're more likely to tell you a nickname,"

I flicked my tail. "Sandtail, medicine cat of RiverClan. How did you know I wanted to fight?"

"We have been watching you, Sandtail. First, you need to know to fight the normal moves," I grinned. 


I woke up with a smile on my face. I could fight, and finally I can defend myself.

Chapter Sixteen- Whitemist (Hope)

I yawned and stretched my claws. I blinked three times before trying to get up. I failed and fell back down. Suddenly, I felt a sharp and stinging pain in my leg. I looked down at it and noticed I had a large scratch on it.


I immediately started to panic.

This isn't right! I have to get to Heatherfox!

"Nightwhisker!" I whispered in my mate's ear.

"What?!" he asked, his tail flicking in annoyance.

"Look!" I frowned, wincing.

Nightwhisker opened his eyes quickly and he spotted my scratch instantly.

"Oh my StarClan! What happened? Are you alright?"

"I don't really know what happened! It hurts but I think I will be alright!" I reassured him.

"We have to get you to Heatherfox!" Nightwhisker exclaimed.

I nodded and Nightwhisker was up beside me.

"Rest Whitemist! I'll guide you there!" Nightwhisker told me.

I nodded again, obeying my mate. Nightwhisker walked slowly, making sure he was keeping me steady. One thought was on my mind.

How did this happen?

"Now you mustn't move Whitemist! Stay in this nest until I allow you to go. Understand?" asked Heatherfox.

"Yes Heatherfox." I agreed reluctantly.

"Good," replied Heatherfox, ending the conversation.

I sat in silence, not moving. My breathing slowed down and I became a lot calmer.

"How is she?" asked Nigthwhisker as he padded into Heatherfox's den.

"She is alright. I have applied some moss to her wound to soak up any blood and she will be out of her in a few days!" nodded Heatherfox.

"O-okay!" smiled Nightwhisker.

"Why don't you get some food for your mate Nightwhisker?" offered Heatherfox.

"Great idea Heatherfox! I will go and grab you and nice and juicy rabbit I saw on the fresh-kill pile Whitemist!" Nightwhisker grinned before running out of the den.

I smiled to myself.

I can't believe I have the most amazing mate!

"Heatherfox," I began, "this obviously wasn't an accident. My cut that is. Who do you think did it?"

"Well, how do you know that?" questioned Heatherfox, tilting her head.

"I mean, I don't sleepwalk so I couldn't have tripped over-"

I was stopped as Heatherfox leapt onto me and I screeched.

"Shut it!" she growled.

I stopped, confused about what was going on. "W-what?"

"You are so clever aren't you Whitemist! Sticking your nose in other cat's business! You assumed it was Irisblossom, correct? Well, you aren't as smart as you thought. It was me. I wasn't supposed to just give you a wound. I was supposed to kill you. Stay away from Maplepelt. She is my sister's, Irisblossom's future mate and I don't ever want to see you near him again. Understand?" hissed Heatherfox.

How could I forget? Heatherfox and Irisblossom are half-sisters! This is terrible!

Chapter Seventeen- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I walked into the medicine den, holding two small-ish mice. "White-" I started, but stopped. "Whitemist, what's going on?"

She looked back at me, her face twisted in an emotion I didn't recognise. "I'm alright," she said.

Just then, Heatherfox walked in, an apology written in her face. What? I looked around. No other cat was in the medicine den besides us. "I apologize for not being here," Heatherfox said, a slight smile on her face.

Whitemist scrunched up one eye, as if something was wrong or bothering her. Heatherfox returned it with a 'Too bad' face. "Well, I brought some mice...." I awkwardly said.

Whitemist smiled gratefully. "Thanks," she said, picking up a mouse.

I took a bite out of the mouse. It tasted- not so good. Almost- sandy.

My appetite disappeared, and I pushed away the mouse. With the upcoming war, I can't really- I guess everything is gone. Well, not everything. I have a mate and a clan.

Whitemist looked sympathetically at me. "Not hungry, are you?" I shook my head.

I looked up. The rocky roof of the medicine den reminds me of the apprentice and warrior dens back at RiverClan. Oh, my old home...

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join me around the Highrock for a clan meeting!" Volestar called.

Whitemist moved to shift up, but Heatherfox stopped her. "Uh-uh, you aren't going anywhere with that scratch,"

Whitemist sighed. "Can I have your mouse, Nightwhisker?" I nodded.

I looked up at the Highrock, where a brown shape stood, staring at us. The way Volestar stands reminds me much about how Whitemist does... Darn. I keep forgetting that Whitemist is Volestar's daughter... Volestar said, "Don't forget that we're attacking about now. Oh, and Nightwhisker is going to be in the lead. Don't let me forget, Nightwhisker, "

I shook my head. It's only a war, and let's say it's battle training. All you have to do is give them a couple of scratches.

"Clan dismissed," Volestar said.

"Really?" I heard Lionpool snort. "That's it?"

"It's not even a good reason to call the clan together," Flameleaf scowled.

I walked out of camp. I think I need some fresh air... I hadn't noticed the sun setting until now.

The wind ruffled my fur. The breeze quickly strengthened until it was a fierce wind. I sat down on a rock. I knew something was going on: the wind wasn't usually this harsh so quickly after being a breeze.

Two starry figures padded up to me. One was Lightningpaw. The other- no. My vision swam. That can't be right.... Why is Vineclaw- why- did he go to StarClan?

"Nightwhisker," Vineclaw purred. "It's been a long, long time since our family has seen kits,"

Lightningpaw purred as well. "Even though you'll have to fight RiverClan, your new clan is being blessed,"

"What?" I meowed, confused. " What do you mean about kits? And why are you in StarClan, Vineclaw? Did you-"

Vineclaw's face fell. "RiverClan was attacked by rats..."


"The good news is, there is something good going to happen to you and Whitemist. I'd best let you figure that out. But when you do, remember this. It is time another prophecy is given to you," Lightningpaw said.

Vineclaw looked at Lightningpaw. "I think it can wait. Maybe we should tell it when both Whitemist and Nightwhisker can hear,"

Lightningpaw nodded. I looked from one starry figure to the other. There's something going on that I don't know...

"You should go, Nightwhisker. I think somecat, hold on, Heatherfox is calling you," Vineclaw said.

I strained my ears- yes, it seemed Heatherfox was calling my name. "Why would she want me?"

I turned around. Neither starry cat was in sight, and the wind was back to a breeze. "Nightwhisker!" Whitemist called joyfully. I ran over to ThunderClan's camp, and to the medicine den.

"I'm-" Whitemist began, happiness shining in her eyes, "We're-"

"Whitemist is expecting kits," Heatherfox said coolly. Her eyes were shaded in an odd way... Is she lying?

I looked back to the happiness in Whitemist's eyes. It seemed real... "That's great!" I purred.

"There's three," Heatherfox smiled. The corner of Whitemist's mouth twitched. I think Whitemist suspects that Heatherfox is lying... And I think Heatherfox is as well.

Chapter Eighteen- Honeyspots (Hope)

Hailflight was all I could think about. I had to help her.

Her stomach ache had gone down but she was still in a lot of pain. I had a lot of things on my mind but I thought kept bugging me.

What is this is a sign from StarClan? Have I done something wrong?

If I had done something wrong, StarClan would have told me, right?

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Owlkit.

"Hey Honeyspots, I just checked on Hailflight," he told me.

"Thank you Owlkit," I nodded, "does she feel any better?"

"She says her stomach still hurts but it is getting better," Owlkit informed me.

I licked his head to show my appreciation. He purred and mewed softly.

"I probably have to get back to my mother now. She will be worried! Thanks Honeyspots!" Owlkit grinned before running out of my den.

"Bye Owlkit!" I yelled, hoping he heard me.

I turned and made my way to my herb supplies. I checked that I have enough for everything. I scanned the piles and decided that I had enough for moons. I sighed, trying to think of something to do during this time. I decided that maybe spending time with Hailflight could maybe pass the time.

I strolled out of my den and made my way to the Warriors Den. We kept her there because she was in so much pain, we couldn't get her to the Medicine cat den.

When I got there, I was greeted by Alderblaze.

"Hey Honeyspots," he purred.

"Hi?" I said, tilting my head.

"How are you?" Alderblaze asked, grinning.

"Good, I guess." I told him.

"Alderblaze, let her be," giggled Hailflight.

That is a good sign! At least she is laughing.

Alderblaze nodded and winked, "I will see you later!"

I rolled my eyes before making my way over to Hailflight.

"How are you feeling?" I questioned her.

"I am alright. It hurts but it is getting better!"

"That is good," I nodded.

"You seem stressed. Are you okay?" she asked me.

"Yes, I am fine," I said.

I don't think I am fine.

Chapter Nineteen- Sandtail (Misty)

I walked over to where the clan had placed dead bodies. Vineclaw, Dawnfoot, Berryclaw, and Fishpool lay in the small clearing. Ferns were over Vineclaw, and the others were partially covered in watermint that I had to rub on. Mintwing was working on Dawnfoot. One honored elder, two newer warriors, and our respected deputy had perished in the rat attack.

At least we could save Frostwillow and Lynxtuft.

"Sandtail, there you are," sighed Mintwing. "I think I've been working on medicine cat stuff too long. Where have you been?"

I hesitated to answer. "I- I was not around. I was dealing with kittypets who were- who were protecting the herbs I was trying to get," I lied.

That's it. She'll believe that.

Mintwing glanced over at me. "Oh well. You're here now, so help me dress the deceased in watermint,"

I nodded and started on the job. Soon, I had finished Berryclaw, complete with ferns covering the watermint.

"Let all cats old enough to swim join me around the Wetrock for a clan meeting!" I heard Rainstar say.

On a nod from Mintwing, we headed over to the Wetrock. "As many of you know, I am sad to deliver the news that four of our clanmates are dead. We grieve for Dawnfoot, Berryclaw, Fishpool, and most sadly, our deputy, Vineclaw.

"I say these words over the body of the old deputy, so that StarClan may hear and approve of my words. Lynxtuft will be the new deputy of RiverClan!" Rainstar said.

"Lynxtuft! Lynxtuft! Lynxtuft!" The clan cheered.

"I'm honored to be the deputy," Lynxtuft smiled.

Yeah, no surprise there. Lynxtuft is our best fighter now. She was definitely going to be the next deputy.

I watched as Frostwillow suddenly burst into camp, panting. "I saw ThunderClan! They 're leading a war patrol, and Nightwhisker is in the lead! " she panted. "We don't have much time before they arrive!"

I grinned inwardly. "Time for revenge," I whispered.

Chapter Twenty- Whitemist (Hope)

I was told to stay back from the patrol. Seeing as I am expecting kits.

"So, what does it feel like to have kits?" I asked Mosswing.

"It is one of the best feelings in the world. Don't get me wrong, they are a lot of work but they are worth every moment of my time," Mosswing purred happily.

"That is so sweet!" I smiled.

I can't wait for my kits!

"Mother!" called Stormkit as he rushed into the Nursery.

"What is it?" questioned Mosswing, her whiskers twitching.

"Quietkit, of RiverClan has invaded our camp! We have to fight!" grinned Stormkit.

Mosswing rolled her eyes, "Why don't you defeat her with kindness instead of violence?"

"Because that isn't fun!" giggled Stormkit.

I laughed and so did Mosswing.

"Play nicely, okay?" asked Mosswing.

"Okay!" nodded Stormkit.

Stormkit then rushed off. He was very fast because I could only see a dark grey blur.

"He is fast!" I smiled.

"Yeah, takes after his father," nodded Mosswing.

I wonder what my kits will look like? I hope they take after their father! He is so talented! They will be amazing cats!

"Is being a mother hard?"

"Yes, it is. It is a lot of work. It may also be scary. When Quietkit was first born, she didn't make a sound for ages. I was so afraid! She was fine though! You worry that something might have happened and it was your fault. But, Whitemist, just know, it isn't your fault." Mosswing explained.

"Mosswing, thank you!" I smiled.

"Of course!" grinned Mosswing.

"You have helped a lot. Maybe you could tell me more?"

"Yes, of course! I would love to!"

I curled up into a ball and rested my tail on my front paws.

I can't wait for my kits to arrive! They will be beautiful. I will love them with all my heart!

Chapter Twenty One- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I gulped and led the way into camp. RiverClan camp. My old camp.

"RiverClan, attack!" I heard Lynxtuft call. I gulped. She must be the new deputy, after... After Vineclaw and the rats...

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I saw Sandtail across the clearing, and immediately my heart lifted a bit to see my old friend. But when I noticed his expression, I felt my heart plummet down. His lips were curled back in a snarl.

He could be directing it at the other ThunderClan cats... But my hopes were crushed when his eyes locked with mine.

I saw pure revenge. How could you! They seemed to say. You were my best friend - then you abandoned me! For a silly she-cat!

Anger poured through my veins. I heard Volestar yell "Attack!" but I didn't care. ThunderClan cat after ThunderClan cat ran and leapt on the RiverClan cats. My home! I seemed to choke. I noticed Rainstar avoided me, but Lynxtuft came and gave me a shallow scratch, no doubt to prove her loyalties.

I saw Mintwing racing around, dragging A wounded cat or two away. Sandtail was jumped on by a couple ThunderClan cats, but he waded through, eyes bloodshot and focused on me.

Revenge! Revenge! I must have revenge!

I got worried as my friends eyes sent that continuous message. This is not the Sandtail I know! Where is my friend?

Sandtail leapt over a cat, and soon enough Flameleaf was the only cat between me and Sandtail. Flameleaf snarled at Sandtail, leaping at the medicine cat.

I stood, dazed, as Sandtail surprisingly fought well. I wondered who had taught him how to fight, or if he had retired and became a warrior.

A cat bumped into me. I almost struck out on instinct, but realized it was Volestar.

"Well, mouse-brain? Are you going to be a ThunderClan cat, or should I attack you like all the rest of these weak RiverClan cats?"

I realized all of the RiverClan cats, surely, were losing.

This isn't right... The RiverClan cats are strong! What happened? Oh! The river!

Time seemed to freeze around me. Volestar's question hung in the air around me. The fighting seemed to slow down. I saw Vineclaw and Lightningpaw flash in front of me.

"Nightwhisker - "

"This is what you wanted. You - you are strong, my son. Make your family proud!"

I smiled weakly. My mind flashed a single thought.


I would fight for her. Yes, I'd give anything to be with her now. And to keep being with her, I must prove that I am a loyal ThunderClan cat.

I advanced towards Flameleaf and Sandtail. "Flameleaf, let Sandtail go. If I must prove my loyalties, and this is how I must do it." I will protect my soon-to-be-born kits. I silently added.

When Flameleaf saw my expression, he knew I was serious. He knew this is what I wanted. He slowly moved away. I turned to Sandtail.

The whole battle seemed to stop as Sandtail and I advanced toward each other, faces locked in battle.

StarClan, help me. I need to do this, but I'm not sure if I can...

I knew that I was injured, and Sandtail looked wounded as well. I felt like two whole clans were watching us, probably because they were.

I knew that there was no turning back when Sandtail's unsheathed paw and claws landed on my shoulder.

Chapter Twenty Two- Honeyspots (Hope)

Hailflight and I have been best friends since we were little kits. We were inseparable. I relied on her to help me through the darker times. And that’s when I developed more than friend feelings. Hailflight doesn’t know that I love her that way. I don’t think she’ll ever know. Cause I’m a medicine cat. And I can’t have a mate. And she probably doesn’t feel the same way.

I sighed as I looked at her. I hoped she was feeling better. We had decided to keep her in the Warrior’s den. Seeing as she had eaten something bad and she wasn’t contagious. Her ears twitched as she opened her eyes. She turned her head to look at me. I was curled up next to her. I came into her den to check on her but she was asleep so I decided to wait.

“Hey, what’s wrong? That was a big sigh,” Hailflight frowned, her fern green eyes shining with concern.

“Yeah, just thinking,” I replied with.

“What about?” she asked.

“Nothing!” I said to quickly.

“You sure about that?” giggled Hailflight, smiling.

I nodded quickly, “Anyways, I came to check on you. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes! A lot better!” purred Hailflight.

“That’s great. I’ll tell Owlkit. He’ll be happy!” I grinned.

I stood up and arched my back, stretching.

“I’ll come back and check on you later, okay?” I smiled before slowly padding out of the den.

Before my eyes could even adjust to the brightness, Owlkit came running up to me.

“Is she feeling better?” Owlkit asked, his head tilted.

“Yes, a lot better. She just needs a good sleep tonight!”

Owlkit smiled, “That’s good! You did a great job, Honeyspots!”

I purred and licked his ears, “Thank you, little one. Soon you’ll be helping cats like me.”

Owlkit started purring as well, “I’m very excited!”

“I’m glad,” Honeyspots smiled.

I walked off to my den with Owlkit purring beside me. As soon as I entered, I noticed something in the corner of my den.

Is that fur?

I rushed over and I was correct!

A patch of both black and white fur was laying on the floor and I immediately knew what this sign meant.

Whitemist! Nightwhisker! They must be in trouble!

I turned and ran out of my den, not even giving it a second thought.

“Honeyspots, what are you doing?” I heard Owlkit ask.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!” I yelled before racing into the forest.

I have to get to RiverClan!

Chapter Twenty Three- Sandtail (Misty)

I have never felt so exhilarated in my life.

Blow after blow, Nightwhisker and I fought.

And fought.

And fought.

I swiped at his ear; he whipped around and raked his claws along my flank.

I slipped down under his belly. He sat down.

My hind legs dug in to his flesh.

That looks really deep!

Adrenaline rushed through my veins.

He brought this upon himself.

I can feel the blood pumping in my ear.

Nightwhisker's screech is foreign to me.

I don't know this cat anymore.

Does he know me?

I may be a medicine cat, but he abandoned me.

I bite at his front paws.

I can feel every sting of every wound. It feels like I'm bearing every wound of every cat in this battle.

They declared war on us!

Nightwhisker released me.

I get up and shake my pelt. It fluffs out to twice my size.

That look in his eyes...

Determination. And...


"Sandtail! Stay focused!" The familiar darkly colored pelt pressed against my fur.

I snarled at my former friend.

"You took everything away."

"You would've done the same!" Nightwhisker growled, blood bubbling beneath his jaws.

"What he's saying isn't true. Don't listen to him! He betrayed you and his family!"

I felt heat rising to my face. Rage bubbled in my brain.

Everything he did wrong.

Every wound he caused.


And Mentally.

I screeched and Nightwhisker and I aim a blow at each other.

My paw connected with his shoulder.

His paw connected with mine.

We blow each other away.

I felt the gaze of two clans full of cats on my fur, following me as I blow across the camp.

Both Rainstar and Volestar were in agreement. "This battle is over!" Rainstar declared.

"This war isn't over," Volestar snarled. "We'll only be back."

Only then did I realize that I never saw Whitemist in that fight.

And a line of wounded cats was waiting for me by the medicine den.

Chapter Twenty-four - Whitemist (Hope)

Coming soon!

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