Also, this is without Bramblestar's imposter because I hate that so yeah but the warriors who were made warriors are still warriors

Chapter 1

"Bramblestar? Please wake up I need you our kits need you!" Squirrelflight sobbed inside of her she felt her kits stir. "Is there anything you can do?"

"He's in StarClan now." Jayfeather murmured.

"NO! Bramblestar you said you would be there for our kits" Squirrelflight felt Alderhearts tail rest on her back. He lead her out of the den and into the forest.

"Squirrelflight you have to go get your nine lives now,"

"How could I get nine lives when I'm expecting kits?"

"I don't know but I mean Leafstar had kits when she was leader."

"Let's go back to camp, I need to appoint a deputy" As they walked through the camp Squirrelflight could feel the kits moving inside of her. Oh, little ones just be still for a moment. She closed her eyes and swallowed her grief she needed to be strong for her clan. She could feel all her clanmate's eyes on her as she walked into camp. As she climbed up the high rock she knew that there was no need to call them.

"Cats of ThunderClan as you all probably know by now, Bramblestar is dead." She waited for the gasps to die down. "I'm making the trip to the moonpool tonight to receive my nine lives."

"How will it work having a leader who's expecting kits?" Dewnose called and many nodded along with him.

"I don't know but I will figure it out. Anyway, I say these words before StarClan so they will approve my choice. The new deputy will be Lionblaze." She heard support from her clan and knew that picking Lionblaze would be the right choice.

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