Spy Torture

The following story is rated Extreme.

Many Clans lay out in the wide plains, but one group of cats threaten the whole Clans survival. Only one traitor can change everything.

Cats: List of Cats - These are cats that are in my Series, Spy Torture, and they are made by real people. Go to Spy Torture's talk page to make a cat. Or go here. This blog is the newer one :P

Season One

Shard of Ice is a young cat that lived in her Tribe, the Spy Army. They were a fiercesome group, but were known as the peace makers. They refused to fight unless provoked by the Clans. They had treaties with the Clans, and when war came, the clans were the first to start it. All was well in Ash's rule, but when her deputy decides that he is the best, everything is changed for Shard of Ice. Leading a deadly army, she must have the courage to become a rebel, and defeat Snarl once and for all.

The prisoners of the Spy Army have an important role. They must learn to trust when needed, but equally be wary. Because of this, the Rebellion loses one, precious member...


Season Two

Shard of Ice is now the reigning leader of the Rebellion. Her determination holds the Rebellion together, and they know that they will fight to the death to save another. Shard of Ice, being the she-cat that she was, fights the hardest for her friends. When they weren't in battle, Shard of Ice socializes with her friends, sharing memories with those she knew.


Season Three

To Shard of Ice, leading the Rebellion is now her job and her duty. She knows that the war between the Rebellion and the Spy Army is not going to end any time soon, and her quest for new allies continues while she encounters new challenges and troubles.


This will be based on all the characters that YOU guys made for this show. Everyone one will get a movie, and I hope you enjoy! (note, I will go from the first entry to the last, so be patient!)


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