Shard of Ice now leads the Rebellion against the Spy Army. With certainty in her heart, Shard of Ice vows to save everyone in her Rebellion. "I'll die fighting for them and will always save them from any harm."


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Episode 1 - You and Me

Roanfur is still somewhere in the Spy Army's clutches. Desperate to save the haughty she-cat, Shard of Ice leads her Rebellion into the Spy Army camp, storming the area to find the red she-cat they had been missing for the past few days.

Episode 2 - All About Power

Things have been strange enough for the Rebellion, but when they meet a rogue that agrees to help them, they don't realize that this rogue only wants power, nothing else. Rain, he calls himself. Shard of Ice doesn't believe his story, but she allows him to prove his loyalty to the Rebellion.

Episode 3 - You See the Past

Roanfur has recovered completely, and Shard of Ice is relieved. Rain watches as the Rebellion welcome back the feisty warrior. He doesn't say anything, but he doesn't leave the group alone either. Shard of Ice sees this, but she doesn't question it. She doesn't know what to think.

Episode 4 - Come Back

Eagle that Hunts at Night disappeared and Shard leads a patrol to find him. When the unexpected happens, and everything goes wrong, what really becomes of the great Rebellion leader and the group of brave Clan cats?

Episode 5 - I'm Over

The feared assassins, Rush and Ananta decides that they cannot continue their lives fighting a war. Encased in their love, they confess that they have become mates and Rush is having kits. Shard of Ice respects their decision, and the couple offer their sincere help when needed.

Episode 6 - Like the Sky

A never ending battle would describe the Rebellion and the Spy Army's dispute. The two sides have not defeated the other, and Shard of Ice is starting to get irritated. Snarl gains new allies each day, and the Rebellion is just getting weaker. Then they realize they must go and recruit the Clans.

Episode 7 - A Clan of Stone

The most feared of the Clans, StoneClan, is Shard's first ally. She takes a few Clan cats with her to persuade the StoneClan leader to become their ally. The argument is hard, but Shard offers her sincere apology for the damage that she did to StoneClan a few moons ago.

Episode 8 - Fire Lands

The request to have StoneClan as an ally has become a success. Shard of Ice plans on gaining more Clan allies, knowing that they hated the Tribe anyways. She then moves to FireClan, requesting that the strong-willed she-cat join them on their mission to defeat Snarl.

Episode 9 - Fight Hard (Part One)

Once again, someone from the Rebellion is captured. This time, it's Brightsong. Shard of Ice faces the decision of whether or not to charge now and save Brightsong, or charge later.

Episode 10 - Fight Hard (Part Two)

Rain reveals himself as a traitor that had been helping the Spy Army all along. Enraged, Shard of Ice holds him under her claws. She wants to kill him, but the painful memories of her in the Spy Army holds her back. One brave cat steps up and volunteers to kill the rogue. Roanfur.

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