To Shard of Ice, leading the Rebellion is now her job and her duty. She knows that the war between the Rebellion and the Spy Army is not going to end any time soon, and her quest for new allies continues while she encounters new challenges and troubles.


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Episode 1 - Lock and Key

Shard of Ice and her patrol are in Snarl's grasp, and with the traitor dug out and killed, things seem to be going okay for them. Marched back to the Spy Army camp, Shard and the Rebellion face more than just the charges of treason.

Episode 2 - Undermined

Things just get worse and worse in the Spy Army camp, and it's up to the rest of the Rebellion to get them out of there, and fast.

Episode 3 - Twisted Turns

Just when things goes right, things go wrong.

Episode 4 - Back on Track

Shard of Ice is finally back on her Quest to find more allies, despite the loss they faced after the prison break to free the trapped prisoners of the Rebellion.

Episode 5 - Icy Lands

After getting IceClan as an ally, Shard realizes that she needs to find the other rebel camps of the Tribe and start rallying a real army for herself.

Episode 6 - Pouring Rain

The Rebellion makes their first raid, freeing the camp of Pouring Rain and they let the Spy Army know that the war is just starting, and there was a long way to go.

Episode 7 - Kitten Surprise

This time Shard recruits RuneClan, and through this heated discussion, they meet a little surprise.. a tiny little kitten.

Episode 8 - Pricks and Suspicions

Shard is protective of this kitten, even though the Rebellion is nervous about having the kit near them. They think that Snarl sent her to be mole and it was something they wouldn't have been expecting. Even though it's likely, Shard refuses to believe the kit is a mole.

Episode 9 - Battle Thirty-Two

There's another dispute between the Rebellion and the Spy Army, and this time it's worse than ever before.

Episode 10 - Little Beauty

The kit finally reveals her purpose. Her family was captured by Snarl, and she didn't know how to get them back, so she had been wandering around until she finally found the Rebellion. Less cautious now, the Rebellion promises to help the kit.

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