The Spy Army was a peaceful place to live, and it was ruled by a kind and caring cat. But then... chaos broke out. The Rebellion is expected to free the trapped cats, lead the war, and finish off the evil leader. Will they succeed?


Spolier Alert: Read at your own risk...

Episode 1 - Shard of Ice

Shard is part of Spy, which is a group of cats led by a leader called Snarl. Snarl trains them to fight and destroy. His plans are to get rid of the Clans completely. Shard follows Snarl's rule, but will she change her mind?

Episode 2 - Clash of Honor

Shard and her warriors continue to serve Snarl, but Shard faces a hard descision. During one of her missions, she is challenged to battle StoneClan. Shard doesn't want to fight them, but her tribe's honor is at stake if she flees. What should Shard do?

Episode 3 - Red Vengeance

Shard's sister, Fern has died. Shard wants to take revenge. This gives Snarl a chance to use Shard. Shard is ready to obey any rule. All she wants is revenge. but when she is forced to take action against innocents, Shard shakes back to her normal self. What will her decision be?

Episode 4 - Storming Through

Shard of Ice has decided her path. She has decided to free the rebels and plan a rebellion. Will this plan work? Or shall they all perish at the paws of Snarl?

Episode 5 - The Howl of the Wind

Snarl has not laid his hands on the rebellion yet, but he has more plans to follow. By putting Ananta in as partner of Rush, they would be an unbeatable team. But the rebellion leader has brains. She might be able to think of a plan to defeat such a dangerous enemy.

Episode 6 - The Fall of the Wind

Rush has been defeated by Shard, but she doesn't want to regroup in the Spy Army. With Ananta at her side, she wants to do something else. Something to distract her from her life. From the bloody battles. But what?

Episode 7 - Spirit Rush

Two of the most dangerous cats are making a decision. They don't want to serve the Spy Army. But where should they go? They had started their new life as loners, but that didn't work. So waht now?

Episode 8 - Lock Down

Snarl has found the Rebellion, and the cats have to run. But one cat decides where her loyalty lies, and helps the Rebellion escape. But will it be at the cost of her life?

Episode 9 - Live On(Part One)

They are attempting to rescue their friend, but she is well guarded. Heartbroken, the Rebellion loses a member. But the Rebellion lives on...

Episode 10 - Live On(Part Two)

After losing a valuable member, the Rebellion must regroup and save their friend. But how? All the plans lie in the hands of one cat.

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