Welcome to the place where you can see the movies of the characters that star in Spy Torture! We're going to go through them one by one, so sit tight! And make sure you have some food to go by! And let us watch!

Dark of Night: The Consequences of Voicing My Opinion - Starring Stormy's character! This jet-black she-cat's smart, but quiet. She has her own opinions, and in the midst of being taken into the Spy Army, she makes the mistake of voicing her opinion. That causes her to fall all the way down to just a common soldier.

Tornclaw: Hoping For Mercy - Starring HIMG's character! Tornclaw's a strong, Clan cat, and he's always loyal to his Clan. One of the best warriors, the Clan falls at the hands of Snarl when Tornclaw makes a tiny mistake. He's captured, and brought to Snarl. He's in their mercy now...

Mystery of the Falling Feather: Never In A Lifetime - Starring Feather's character! Born as a Spy Army soldier, Mystery never stops doing her job. She's determined, and has never failed to bring a Clan down. All her life, she has believed that she would live to be a Spy Army soldier. But when she meets Shard of Ice...

Pathway to Frozen Star: A Life of Differences - Starring Arti's character! I will actually be doing this movie first because I want this as my goodbye gift to my beloved Arti <3

And so on! Stay tuned!

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