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Spoof Chatrooms #1
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Spoof Chatroom 1 Succeded by:
Chatroom For Meddie Cats

Spoof Chatroom 1 is a warriors spoof-chatroom by Blackstar27, Wolffur, and SpoofDarklion44.


Darklion: *walks in* Hello, I am Darklion! Welcome to Spoof Chatroom One.

Blackstar: Wait, wait wait wait wait WAAAIT. Why is it called Spoof chatroom? That's like you, like named after you, like NO FAIR

*random cats walk in an drag away a foaming Blackstar*

Bloodstar: *no comment*

Darklion: O...kay then. Let's check in on the chatroom!

The Chat

~Darklion has joined the chat~

~Bloodstar has joined the chat~

~Blackstar has joined the chat~

Darklion: How's it going guys?

Blackstar: Good.

~Bloodstar has left the chat~

Blackstar: Um

~Bloodstar has joined the chat~

Bloodstar: Srry

~Bloodstar has left the chat~

~Bloodstar has joined the chat~

Bloodstar: My computer

~Bloodstar has left the chat~

Darklion: ...

~Bloodstar has joined the chat~

Bloodstar: is glitching!

~Bloodstar has left the chat~


~Bloodstar has joined the chat~

Bloodstar: k

~Bloodstar has left the chat~

Darklion: ugh

Blackstar: What?

Darklion: I hate these things, when the internet dies and people can't talk right

Blackstar: ikr

~Bloodstar has joined the chat~

Bloodstar: back

Darklion: hey

Blackstar: hi

Bloodstar: uh... hi?

~Darklion has changed chatname to DarkSpoofy~

DarkSpoofy: roar. I IS SPOOFEH

Blackstar: o wow i just realized something

Bloodstar: What?

Blackstar: u and i r leaders

spoofeh isn't a leader

*Blackstar and Bloodstar taunts DarkSpoofy

DarkSpoofy: fyi

i am a leader

the leaders of lionclan get names ending in lion

so thare

Bloodstar: yeah sure....

DarkSpoofy: ...

Blackstar: =P i dont care if someones a leader or not

~Firestar has joined the chat~

DarkSpoofy: hai, u must be a Firestar fan

Firestar: Firestar fan, what are you talking about, I am Firestar.

Blackstar: O_o

Bloodstar: *No comment*

~Dark Spoofy has changed chatname to Darklion~

Darklion: My mistake, actually-Firestar

Firestar: modern cats. i hate modern cats.

~Firestar has left the chat~

~Wildheart has joined the chat~

Blackstar: Hai Wildheart!

Wildheart: Hi Blackeh

Bloodstar: Only I call him Blackeh.

Darklion: why?

Bloodstar: Cuz im awesome!

Darklion: Wait a minute! I call him Blackeh all the time! And you're Bloodeh and I"m either Darkeh or Spoofeh.

Blackstar: Why do you get two nicks?!

Darklion: Cuz i'm superawesomecoolnesrandom like that

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