This will be a series 6 books long. Hope you enjoy!

First Arc Books:

1: A New World (In Progress)

2: Mysterious Creatures (Coming Soon)

3: The Death Plague (Coming Soon)

4: Quest to the Top of the World (Coming Soon)

5: The Only Hope (Coming Soon)

6: Last Stand (Coming Soon)

Second Arc Books:

1: Warrior's Return (Coming Soon)

2: A Hidden Enemy (Coming Soon)

3: War of the Shadows (Coming Soon)

4: A Dangerous Quest (Coming Soon)

5: The Deep Caverns (Coming Soon)

6: The Final Battle (Coming Soon)

Third Arc Books:

1: Untitled

2: Untitled

3: Untitled

4: Untitled

5: Untitled

6: Untitled


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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