This is Red's third album in the Songfic Series.

  1. Safe - OA is Taylor Swift. Rainscar and Snowbird help each other through the turmoil after the battle with the Dark Forest, taking turns to reassure the other that everything is over and they are both going to be all right.
  2. Good Time - OA is Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City. This is a Bluefur and Thrushpelt Songfic, describing their friendship, and how, even though Bluefer doesn't return Thrushpelt's feelings, whenever they're together, they remain at ease.
  3. Coming Home (Songfic) - OA is Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey. This is a Songfic about Rock, Bird, and Talon returning to the Tribe of Rushing Water with the Clan cats after being banished for failing to defeat Sharptooth.
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