This is Robo's first album in the Songfic Series


  1. State Of Grace-Rosefall and Eaglewing both seem to have to luck with love... But when they run into each other they feel an instant connection. Can they give love one last shot?
  2. Red-Lionpaw and Redpaw know that they were in love. They are pretty sure that they still are. But much stands in the way of the burning connection between the two.
  3. Treacherous-Moonshimmer contemplates on the risks of agreeing to become Cedarfur's mate before realizing she doesn't have much of a choice.
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble-Berrypaw's regrets about taking Snakepaw as a mate-something she only realizes was wrong during her final breaths.
  5. All Too Well-Brambleclaw's regret about taking Squirrelflight as a mate and how he felt about their relationship-something he remembers all too well
  6. 22-It's Moonshimmer's first gathering after becoming a warrior. In the meanwhile her crush Cedarfur explains to her what makes him like his age so much.
  7. I Almost Do-Goldenpetal and Smokeheart may have put their relationship to an end, but Goldenpetal can't help feeling the urge to rush back to Smokeheart every time she sees him.
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Crowfeather tries to approach Nightcloud after she leaves the Clan, to win back her love, but this time she's had enough.
  9. Stay, Stay, Stay-Bramble and Sun from Rise from Ash attempt to rekindle a relationship with each other, but first they must convince each other to stay.
  10. The Last Time-Smokeheart has a difficult decision to make as to whether or not he should take Goldenpetal as his mate again, but among his confusion is only more pain for Goldenpetal.
  11. Holy Ground-Smokeheart and Goldenpetal have cut themselves off from each other, but Goldenpetal can't let go of the memories, or the scars which they bring, as she realizes she will never trust a tom with love again.
  12. Sad, Beautiful, Tragic-Leafpool and Crowfeather meet up to decide what to do now that they have returned to the Clan and Leafpool quickly realizes that as magical as it had been, their relationship must come to an end.
  13. The Lucky One-Amberstar is considered the luckiest cat in the forest. But when she leaves the Clan and Riverstar takes her place, the she-cat soon realizes that Amberstar's life wasn't as perfect as she thought.
  14. Everything Has Changed-Wishpaw's life is StarClan is sweet and a nice change from the forest. But when Spiritstar dies, and reaches her new home everything begins to change.
  15. Starlight-Moonshimmer's crush, Cedarfur, offers her a chance to spend some time alone with him, while taking a walk around RiverClan territory and Moonshimmer is eager to capture Cedarfur's heart.
  16. Begin Again-Inkpelt is scarred after his experiences with Driftingcloud but he begins to realize that Petalfall might be all he needs to get over his former mate.
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