Ello! Silver here. This is my first album to the Songfic Series. Enjoy!


1: Eyes Open- OA Taylor Swift. Goes to one of my stories.

2: Stand in the Rain- OA IDK. A tribute to one of my Favroite cats, Bluestar.

3:Bravekit- OA Taylor Swift. The orignel song is Ronan. About a she-cat named Fermshade whoese kit has died.

4:My Happy Ending- OA Avril Lavigne. About Cinderpelt and firestar.

5:Listen to Your Heart- OA IDK. A LeafXCrow tribute, a DoveXTiger tribute, and a BlueXOak tribute.

6:Kingdom Come- OA Civil Wars. About a cat named Ivorypaw.

7:Slipped Away- OA Avril Lavigene. About a cat named Sagewhisper.

8:Miss Inpendent- OA Kelly Clarkson. A Squirelflight tribute.

9:Disturbia- OA Rhinnana. Bluestar's going crayzy.......

10:Missing(Songfic)- OA Evasence. A Hollyleaf tribute.

11:The River- OA IDK.

12:Keep Holding On(Songfic)- OA Avril Lavigene. A tribute to Warriors.

13:Haunted(Songfic)- OA Taylor Swift. Abut Hopeflower and her love Rushbreeze.

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