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This is Red's first album in the Songfic Series.

  1. About a Girl - OA is The Academy Is... This is a Yellowfang and Raggedstar Songfic, explaining Raggedstar's feelings about Yellowfang throughout their relationship, and then culminating as Yellowfang returns to her medicine cat duties.
  2. Give Me a Second Go - OA is Lights. This is a Rainsong and Shadefrost Songfic, describing Shadefrost's desparation for forgiveness because of Rainsong's suspicions of unfaithfulness.
  3. It's Over, Casanova - OA is Lights. Dovefeather makes sure Winterflight knows that she's not his anymore, because he was just using her to get to the Clan.
  4. You're Beautiful - OA is One Direction. This is a Goldenflower and Tigerstar Songfic. Goldenflower doesn't completely trust her mate in the beginning, and she never believes him when he tells her that she's perfect and he loves her with all of his heart.
  5. Kiss It All Better - OA is He Is We. This is a Spottedleaf and Fireheart Songfic. Fireheart was deeply distressed after the pretty ThunderClan medicine cat was killed, and he wishes that he could go back in time and prevent her death.
  6. Dark Side - OA is Kelly Clarkson. This is a Sasha and Tigerstar Songfic. Sasha remains unconvinced that Tigerstar has completely benign intentions, and he tries to reassure her, but realizes that he can't reassure his mate without believing in his cause himself.
  7. Summer Love - OA is One Direction. This is a Bluefur and Oakheart Songfic, describing Oakheart's feelings for Bluefur after she became deputy, and then leader, after leaving her kits with him.
  8. Satellite - OA is Tyrone Wells. Flora is oblivious to the spells she casts over some toms, enchanting them with her beauty. She's also completely oblivious to her beauty, but one special tom, Mason, tries to convince her of her radiance once her own true love vanishes.
  9. Over Again - OA is One Direction. This is a Leafpool and Crowfeather Songfic, describing Crowfeather's feelings about Leafpool after she went back to her medicine cat duties - leaving him.
  10. Forever and Always - OA is Parachute. This is a Redpoppy and Stormfall Songfic, describing Redpoppy after Stormfall's death.
  11. Paradise - OA is Coldplay. Hollyleaf's waking life is torturous, with cats breaking the rules all the time. In her dreams, however, everyone obeys the Warrior Code.
  12. Turning Tables - OA is Adele. They've had enough of each other, and now's their time to show it.
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